Cast of Characters

Names (somewhat) changed to protect the innocent.  Here are the cast of characters in our journey in the hotwife lifestyle:

Suzy - the super sexy star of the show; my partner for 20+ years in marriage and the love of my life.

Paul - the cuckold husband, or hotwife husband, depending on your connotation.  Always been a bit kinky, enjoying our journey into our kinks.

Friend #1 - a late 30s coworker at Suzy's work that officially made Suzy had a hotwife.  He no longer appears to be in the picture, for a variety of reasons, although he occasionally texts her for birthdays and such.  He thought she was cheating on me.  They had sex 3 or 4 times, mostly in her vehicle.  He had a difficult time coming in a condom.  Suzy liked his kissing skills most of all. (4)

Friend #2 - a late 20s SLS find in a sexless long term relationship.  He had poor endurance.  A few van dates, one hotel date where I reclaimed her afterwards (and threw away my condom on top of his two).  Out of guilt with his GF, called it quits with Suzy.  Not sure what she liked most about him sexually. (3)

Friend #3 - a late 20s SLS find with some MFM sexual experience.  Only one playdate in a hotel.  Suzy said he had very good cunnilingus skills - she couldn't figure out what he was doing differently but she liked it.  She has been pretty clear that he had the biggest cock of anyone she's played with (I think she even used the words "by far").  He had a lot of endurance, and Suzy thought that he was a little aggressive/sweaty.  They had plans for a second playdate, but Suzy cancelled on him (rare, usually the playmate cancels), and I think she never reconnected after that because she felt so bad about that.  Still a possibility, she typically says, "I can always call him". (1)

Friend #4 - a late 20s guy with the ability to host, and not too far from us.  This was the guy that made her come three (and almost 4) times with his fingers.  He couldn't come in her pussy, because she was "too wet" and he commented that her pussy was "very tight for a MILF".  When she talks about him, she clearly has affection for his sexual skills.  No question she would get together with him.  He is "nice", occasionally checking up on her and has invited her for more playdates often, but has no ability to plan ahead.  If he did, she would play with him again. (1)

Friend #5 - a mid 30s guy from SLS that Suzy thought would be a long term sex partner.  Had a lot in common with her outside of sex, and she thought she could have some "feelings" for him down the road.  Only male that has ejaculated inside her bareback (twice, on the same date).  Sadly, he ignored her after the first playdate.  The only playmate that did not "know" Suzy was married, but most likely figured it out.  Out of the picture. (1)

Friend #6 - an early 50s wealthy separated guy with adult kids.  Suzy usually casts aside older men, but somehow he was persistent or charming and broke through the age barrier.  Has his own place, but lives pretty far away.  Suzy enjoys talking to him between rounds, but doesn't hold the same "feelings" that could have developed for Friend #5.  Currently sexually active with Suzy and her primary extramarital lover. (4, and counting)

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