About this blog

I am a thirty-something (not for much longer!) submissive man married for over fifteen years to a loving wife.  Given my age and the proximity to age 40, I have been going through a bit of a mid-life crisis.  I am intellectually curious, the type of person that gets upset that there are only three ways to get to work.  I love Wikipedia because it is as tireless as my curiosity: everything links to something else, which links to something else, and so on.  In 2009 or so, I became interested in female dominance and male submission and what is known as female lead relationships, or FLRs.  I became more and more intrigued and frequented various discussion forums and blogs related to this subject.  I was surprised, for example, that I became so interested - and aroused - by discussions about the use of male chastity devices that prevent erections and "cuckolding", where a wife engages in extramarital affairs but her husband remains faithful to her.  I held this to myself for some time, and then got the courage to "come out" to my wife "Suzy".

Our FLR journey was thus begun.  After a bit of time exploring this dynamic together, I started this blog about our foray into male submission and female dominance.  The blog serves many purposes: to help me to think through my own relationship "issues" and desires; to communicate indirectly to my Queen Suzy; to satisfy my love of writing; to be a part of a like-minded community; and to discuss one of my very favorite subjects, sex.  I am somewhat introverted, not having many friends that I can discuss such topics with, so this is a good release for me.

We have had many ups and downs along the way.  I am trying to be a better man and a better husband.  At this point, I have a very strong interest in pursuing our FLR and submitting to Queen Suzy.  I can point to many instances during my development that made me "feel funny" around dominant women, so I think that I was born to be submissive to women.

I appreciate your visit to my blog.  I hope that you enjoy my writing and that you take some interest in our journey.  Comments are always appreciated, and I intend to reciprocate.