Saturday, August 18, 2018

30 Day Summer Denial

Suzy planned a romantic weekend for us last weekend.  Her prior denial of me seems to have been to save up my mojo for this special weekend.  We got upgraded to a suite (sweet!) with a really nice sunset view; we watched the sunset with some bubbly.  We had fun, we each had an orgasm and had some great food and wine.

Right after that, Suzy said that she wanted me to wait 30 days before my next orgasm.  So, that would make it September 10.  It's weird being in the middle of the month thinking that I've had my last orgasm for the month; in fact, I think I will only have had a single orgasm in the month of August.  I may have to start updating the Orgasm Tracker again.

What's a little frustrating in this denial period is that I've not got to experience Suzy's orgasms.  I'm really wanting to go down on her but she's been blowing me off (LOL) and even saying she doesn't want to come.  What!?

On Monday, she did give me a good tease and denial session, stroking my hard cock for a bit, then saying it's time for bed, and her enjoying my hardness against her ass.  On Tuesday, she sorta did an erection check but didn't really stroke me.  And really nothing since then.  So I'm going off the charts horny at this time.  I'm getting plenty of erections thinking about having some play time, and the generous amount of cuddling we're doing.  Suzy's been pretty open to me playing with her D-cup boobs and grabbing her ass and playing with her clothed pussy. 

So, I'm on Day 7 of orgasm denial and my balls do feel full and I'm dripping pre-cum periodically.  I guess you could say, I've had some ups and downs.

Since revving up tease and denial recently, Suzy has asked me a lot: what are you thinking?  I feel that I'm a starving lion and she's a ribeye!  That's what I'm thinking!  Well, I do have a lot of fantasies lately, perhaps the subject of another post.

*  *  *  *  *

What I haven't told Suzy yet is that there is an outside chance that I will have a business travel on Sept 10.  It's somewhat optional, if I didn't want to travel, I could probably be conferenced in, but it's probably better visibility if I go.  I'll probably know on Monday.  Should I go, I'm curious to know how that plays into the dynamic.

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  1. Playing with tease and denial: I hate it and I love it :-) . I wonder how it went further?

    enrico, slave of Mistress Kate – Netherlands