Monday, July 9, 2018

Weekend Denial

Suzy and I had a romantic weekend up North.  We were able to check in early Saturday; when we got to the room, we moved our luggage up, then I rested a few minutes on the bed.  She went into the restroom, I got the Hitachi out and wanted it to be ready to go for when we played.  She lay on the bed and then seemed to be playful so I used the Hitachi on her; it didn't reach and I asked her to move and she pretended to protest.  I realized there was another outlet closer, so I quickly made my move to shift over to that one, and sorta reached between her legs (she was laying on her stomach).  She didn't protest any more, it had been a little while (too long!) since her last orgasm and she seemed to be enjoying it.  She kept getting kinda close, then I reached underneath her to add a little more pressure to her clit.  She came HARD.  One of her patented spectacular orgasms.  I made an innocent little comment that it had been too long, and as usual she sorta acknowledged how pleasurable it was and after a bit of "basking" got up and said let's go explore.

Long story short, we had a really good time together, but we drank much more than normal.  We had a fantastic dinner, eating too much, frankly, and then we went to some wine/beer bar with a musician.  That's where I should have stopped, but instead had a a few more beers and Suzy had another wine or two.  Well, it was basically too much.  We walked back to the hotel and played but Suzy later said she was not feeling good.  I put a condom on but had erection issues.  She came a second time and we basically just passed out together.

The next morning we had a CFNM cuddle fest.  She was wearing a sexy top from my alma mater; the reason why it's sexy is because it has a huge amount of access to her breasts.  I groped and grabbed her for hours.  She wasn't feeling well, and didn't want to play again.  However, I had some quality naked time with her, almost always being erect or at least semi erect.  I think she thinks my kink is very weird sometimes, but it's clearly something I enjoy and she seems ok with playing along with it; she would peak in to watch me shower, ask me to soap up my cock and balls, etc.  We've been talking a bit more about retirement and the topic naturally went to how often I'd be naked when that finally happens.  She seems pretty ok with it, for now.

Interestingly, on our way back, I brought up sex a few times and she quickly changed subjects.  She didn't seem to notice that I hadn't had an orgasm.  She sorta promised that we would play Sunday night, but I got cock blocked by a visitor, so I just went to bed horny again.  Maybe tonight.  I have a huge load, and very blue balls right now.

I love Suzy.


  1. I can relate to several things here. My wife enjoys sex when we are having it, usually the way she wants. Buth then she just does not want to talk about it at other times. Of course, I want to talk about it all the time!
    She also thinks my kink is very weird but she indulges me. I also love DFNM, but she worries that when I get older and senile I will be wandering the streets naked!
    She does appreciate the benefits of orgasm denial and we seem to have a pattern of cuddling on Sunday morning, edging me several times, maybe she has an orgasm, then I am at her service all day. Sunday evening arrives and we are all tired out and my hoped for sex play is postponed again. I still would not give up on the WLM and orgasm control/denial.

    1. Thanks MrBillSails,
      We had great sex on Monday night. I had a fantastic orgasm (as did she). As with you, wife doesn't want to discuss at all the next day. I have said that to me post sex discussion is like SportsCenter, where we review the highlights of the encounter!

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  3. My girlfriend is not so keen on having me completely nude. At home I wear just a pair of briefs most of the time, while she is fully dressed. She does not like thongs either, I have to wear full fitting briefs. When she spanks me, she often leaves them up for the first few smacks. It is always a relief to feel the cool air on my overheated bottom cheeks when she finally takes the briefs down.

  4. thanks for sharing. how often are you spanked?

  5. At present she is only here at the weekend so it doesn't happen as often as I would like. The last time she swatted me on the seat of my briefs in the bedroom and I asked if she was going to leave it at that. The next thing I knew I was across her lap with my briefs down being soundly paddled!