Sunday, July 16, 2017

Vacation Sex Learnings

Suzy and I had a super romantic getaway last weekend.  Sex was high on the agenda.  She had just finished her period, was nicely shaved, and ready for some marital relations.  I was (as usual) horny.  As we were packing, Suzy made a comment about locking me up.  While I think this was a little late, and I didn't especially want to wear the cage driving 3+ hours, it did excite me knowing she thinks about the cage.  Maybe some chastity play is coming up?

I had not ejaculated inside my wife for some time.  Not really sure, probably over a month.  Lots of condom usage.  For the first round, I ate her pussy to orgasm.  She made some flattering comments after her climax about how much she enjoyed her orgasm and we had some playful banter about me *finally* becoming a good pussy eater.  For me in my journey as a cunnilinguist, I credit her feedback as helping me to finally navigate her womanhood.  I've probably said this before, but I really do feel that going down on her is "making love".  It is an intimate encounter with my life partner that I truly enjoy.  I like how I can focus on pleasuring her and I'd like cunnilingus to be a more regular part of our sex play, as we clearly both enjoy it.

Suzy then asked me to fuck her doggie style and to pull out and jerk myself off over her back.  I've never done this, and my expectations going in were low.  Reason being, that this is a common porn move, where the male jerks off and I never really "got" that.  My orgasms jerking off are significantly less intense than her giving me a handjob or coming inside her.  So how could this be good?  Well, it exceeded my expectations tremendously.  Firstly, Suzy was assertive that I was not to come inside her and I definitely got the sense from her that she would be disappointed if I did.  You must know by now what a turnon it is for me to be told what to do by her.  It really feeds my submissive desires, like I am a lowly worker bee that gets to fuck the queen, but only the queen's terms.  Secondly, I've never done the porn star pullout, so this was a novelty.  I wasn't sure if I could do it right.  Well, no problems, and my orgasm was intense.  I sprayed quite a bit of semen on her back.  I actually hit her in the cheek on one of the spurts, which she was not happy about, and we had a bit of a discussion about that after.  Generally speaking, semen volume and distance is directly correlated with my orgasm intensity.  Meaning, if I shoot a lot and far, I have a great orgasm.

Anyway, she teases me pretty regularly about my inability to go for round 2.  I admit, I enjoy this type of teasing (more on that later).  Like a challenge that I must rise above (pun intended).  My libido shot down due to the prolactin taking over in my brain.  This first session was in the early evening, so I did have some time to recuperate and I felt good about my chances to perform again later in the evening.

Here's my second big learning.  I can actually perform even if I'm not horny and not "in the mood" as I usually am.  I'll be honest with you, I probably would not have initiated sex for round 2.  I was sexually satiated.  But it was sort of a Suzy challenge, and this is vacation sex after all.  I was able to get it up.  Suzy came first, and she told me to put a condom on.  I believe she teased me about cuckolding me and once again I had a fantastic orgasm: Super intense.  So to be clear, my "learning" here was that I can perform sexually even if I don't have that horny drive.  Just do her.  Whoah.  Major breakthrough in my sexuality.  We'll see if Suzy actually allows this in non-vacation settings.  But I like that I have this ability and that it can also be very intensely pleasurable.

And third learning is verbal teasing.  Suzy said she was "confused" about verbally teasing me.  Don't have time, but this probably deserves its own post.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Bull Trainer

After an apparent hiatus from the world of hotwifing, Suzy gave me a download of some of her recent flirtations with other men.  I was (as usual) extremely horny, and her "cuckold conversation" made me that much hornier.

She's chatting with a new younger guy and a guy she chatted with before.  This amounts to an interesting race as to who will become "Friend #7".

In one corner, we have a young, fit stud that is less than half Suzy's age.  A few days ago, she showed me his photo and she seemed to have the same schoolgirl crush voice as she had with the waiter "Cory" several years ago, long before she was officially a hotwife.  I didn't know she was still actively looking for "bulls" and I was pleasantly surprised that she had chatted this young buck up.

It turns out that he is a student, lives at home only a few miles from us.  Definitely cannot host.  He has the "goldilocks" amount of sexual experience for Suzy (I think), meaning not too much, not too little.  He wants to explore having sex with a MILF and is fully aware of her cuckold fantasy of him taking her while I watch.  A plus (for me) is he likes the idea of having some naughty photos taken (will these be selfies/taken by Suzy/taken by me?).  Suzy let me in on her conversations with him, and I enjoy reading her convos with prospective lovers.  She made it clear about our situation, and was direct with him.  I found that hot, as does he.  Oh, and the parts she "left out": that he is a part time fitness trainer and masseuse.  I know that he has seen some photos of Suzy, understands what she wants, and is interested.  So the question is: who will train who?  The thought of Suzy "training" him to pleasure her is pretty hot to this husband!

Or in the other corner, there is a fellow that contacted her regularly when she was starting to find partners, had a girlfriend that was OK with him playing (allegedly) and now they are broken up and he has a condo to himself.  I don't recall a lot of the physical details of this guy, but Suzy does seem interested in getting to know him better.  And likes the idea of him being able to host, as the younger guys in our area are less able to do so.  I believe they share the same profession.  Maybe that's part of the appeal to her?  She can have a little monkey business, then talk business?!

As Suzy was (unexpectantly) giving me the low down on these potential lovers, I was rock hard and she was playing with my balls and cock while I was fully clothed (hey, remember my last post about kinky reversals?!?!).  She stroked me and I came, making a big mess of my shirt, shorts, and underwear.  I guess I had a big load from all this cuckold talk.  Of course, Suzy had her orgasm before this, and taunted me as to whether I'd be able to go another round.  Happy to report, I got it up and had a second handjob orgasm.  Yay Us!!