Sunday, June 25, 2017

Kink Reversals

I have read a few books by a particular author that will present a principle/strategy with one or two examples and then show how the "reversal" of that strategy can also work successfully.  Likewise, my kink interests can be reversed for sexy effect.  Last week Suzy and I found ourselves home alone around 5:30 or so.  She had to leave to pick up a child around 6:00.  When I realized this, I wanted sex.  I got naked and went downstairs.  She said no, we don't have time.  Fortunately, she changed her mind, went to the bathroom and joined me naked.  We did minimal foreplay - this was a quickie.  I got hard and rolled a condom onto my hard cock.  I inserted it inside her, and then slowly thrust with the Hitachi on her clit.  She came fairly fast.  She started to get me to come quickly with some dirty talking and tried to smack my nuts.  Not sure why this is, but with missionary, it's difficult for her to smack my nuts.  I moved my leg in an awkward position and she did swat them, it was just not sustainable for me.  Regardless, I came HARD.  Very intensely pleasurable orgasm for me.  My cock can "twitch" for a few minutes after a really intense orgasm, and that's what happened this time.  As I was in the post orgasmic basking, Suzy quickly got up and dressed and went to pick up the child.  No messy baby batter to contend with.

This is a "reversal" for many of my kinks and how I normally achieve a very intense orgasm.  Here's a rundown:

  • CFNM - yes, I walked around our house naked, but Suzy also got fully naked, and it was sexy to see her luscious tits during the sex act.  Plus, it was daylight and I am a visual guy.  It was nice seeing her naked body.  Reversal of CFNM kink.
  • Prolonged male arousal - I would say that my orgasm is usually more intense the longer I am stimulated.  When Suzy "edges" me close to orgasm repeatedly, that's when I usually have the most intense orgasms, and if she's giving me a handjob, sometimes I will shoot to my chest, or over my shoulders.  This was a particularly intense orgasm, but it was from a quickie.  Reversal.
  • Nighttime sex - we almost always have sex late at night.  Suzy is a night owl.  I really, really enjoy daytime sex.  I feel more refreshed and frankly I'm not really the stereotypical male that falls asleep right when I come.  Sex actually energizes me.  Perhaps this contributed quite a bit to the intensity of the orgasm.  Reversal.
  • Condom sex - most snipped men probably never foresee wrapping their cocks up again.  I do think condoms can be fairly sexy, though.  I thought it was really sexy how Suzy just jumped up and left as I was in the post orgasmic glow.  Normally, there's some ninja like moves to contend with the mess of my semen.  Reversal of what's expected.

The point that I'm trying to make here is to not be monolithic about sex.  It's always good.  And yes, I really do enjoy sex earlier in the day.  It would have been nice to have a long drawn out "session" but this quickie was just lovely.  It makes me wonder about other "reversals" we could try...


  1. Very interesting post here. I am not into the reversal type of thing, but it is interesting to hear how you enjoy this. I am more of a "same thing as before" guy. I like sex, full sex, but I prefer never to come. For instance, I have now been three months and one week without an orgasm. When I fuck my wife, at some point I simply pull out, when she is satisfied.

    That said, your idea here is an interesting one.

  2. Sorta had an extreme reversal the other day.... she stroked me while I was fully clothed, and I ejaculated all over my underwear, shorts, and shirt. We were both fully clothed and climaxed via "assisted masturbation".