Sunday, May 14, 2017

Wife initiated sex is the best sex; a tale of multiple fetishes in a married early morning encounter

Just wanted to jot down a quick note about a sexy encounter we had a few nights ago.  If you recall, Suzy had a bit of a fetish about waking me up for sex.  This is obviously a big turnon for me, making me feel like I am her personal sex slave.  Very hot when she does that.  Well, a few nights ago, I was going on a business trip and had taken my sleeping pills since I had to wake up at a ridiculous hour.  I was sound asleep.  Wife waking hubby up for sex fetish - check!

I started waking up to the feeling of heavy petting on my cock outside my shorts.  Reminded me of our dating days, actually.  Lots of manual foreplay on my cock, before she allowed intercourse.  Anyway, I got really hard and it was feeling great.  It had been a long time since we'd played and since I had a solid, pleasurable erection.  Dopamine was flooding my brain.  Hubby feeling like a sex slave fetish - check!

She then reached into my shorts and began with manual skin on skin contact.  OMG wife initiated sex is just the best.  Wife in charge of sex fetish - check!

Did not know what she had in mind.  But I love her being in charge, setting the pace.  She said something like, "I want you inside me" (I was still have asleep, but rock hard).  She then said, "but I want you to wear a condom".  So there I was, having had a delicious amount of foreplay and a great erection, I think I asked her if she wanted to come first, she said no, so I undressed and walked over to get a condom, pulled her PJ bottoms off, unrolled the condom over my married-and-shooting-blanks cock.  Again, the thought of reverting to "boyfriend sex" with a condom went through my mind.  Wife dicktating [sic] how I fuck her (with a condom) fetish - check!  

I slid right in and we kissed a bit, I played with breasts some, even though she still had her top on.  I got turned on by the vulnerability of me being fully nude but teased by not experiencing her whole sexy chest (big breasts, hard nipples, swaying during the sexual rhythm, etc).  Clothed female, naked male fetish - check!

I knew I wasn't really going to last that long.  She was groping my body, kissing, and the sexual connection was feeling great.  I don't exactly know what she did next, it wasn't exactly an ass-spanking, kinda more of a playful slapping, something she hadn't done in a while, but we both knew it was turning me on and then I shot my load into the condom.  Wife being rough with submissive hubby fetish - check!

I then cleaned myself up and she got the vibrator out and finished herself off.  I vaguely remember playing with the skin just outside her vulva as she buckled her hips and came.  Female orgasm fetish - check!

*  *  *  *  *
By the way, I did make my plane flight.

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