Monday, May 15, 2017

Cuckolding experiment over (?)

Anyone reading my past few posts may have seen that Suzy made a rare appearance in response to a reader comment about her blog.  She was pretty clear in her response that she deleted her blog and that our foray into the world of cuckolding is over.

If you recall, Suzy had settled on one longterm play partner, and she was feeling comfortable enough with him to envision a cuckolding fantasy where I would watch them have intercourse (round 1) and then I would reclaim her (round 2) while he was in his refractory period, followed by a second coupling with him (round 3).  She would then dismiss me and they would have their first "sleepover".  That was her fantasy, and it seemed like it would happen since all parties were on board with it.  But alas, it never happened.

Suzy mentioned several reasons for it and while I have a solid idea on a lot of them, I won't go into all of them.  Suffice it to say, a big reason is that her playmates were unreliable.  We gave the cuckolding lifestyle the college try and we found that just as it was ego-boosting for her to be sexually sought after by other men, it was equally ego-bruising to have flaky playmates - especially when "Friend #6" seemed to be the long-term "boyfriend" that she wanted.

It turns out Suzy had a good opportunity to reconnect with "Friend #6" but he flaked out again and Suzy wasn't buying his excuses.  Such is life, but I will say this seems to be a common problem for cuckold couples.

My feelings on this?  Well, I must reiterate our cuckolding rules from the very beginning: that we both have veto power.  She has vetoed this lifestyle, and I respect that choice.

Secondly, no regrets on my part.  A surprising thing about this cuckold experiment is that I never developed feelings of jealousy.  When she had a playdate - especially with a new guy - I did feel "cuckold angst" but that was mainly around her safety and wanting her to have a good time.  And a strong desire to hear about what they did, and to reclaim her.  I did have some angst about all the sexting she'd do, but when I understood that the pursuing, the flirting was a big part of what appealed to her, I become OK with it.  I gotta be honest here, knowing my wife has caused other men to be sexually excited, to get hard and to ejaculate never got old.  Even married men uninterested in hotwifing would be proud to know that their wife turns other men on!  I happen to have proof!

Thirdly, I'm grateful for her for trying, for indulging in my kinks, and for doing this "for me" (LOL?).  I'm proud of her.

Lastly, in my minds eye, my kink around her cuckolding me need not go away entirely:
  • Her "hall pass" is still valid (e.g., I have not vetoed her having sex with other men).  If she randomly sees a guy that she wants to play with, she has my permission - whether that be the local cougar lounge, a swinger event, or one of her prior playmates.  I still DO need to hear about it, that has not changed.  
  • I would prefer to not sweep this under the rug.  We both enjoyed this experiment (perhaps me more than her?) and if nothing else, would enjoy being reminded of her escapades from time to time (not going to lie, when I am going down on her, the fact that she has had six other cocks enter where I'm licking definitely does cross my mind!)  
  • To be clear, I'm not pressuring her in any way, I'm just saying that I'm essentially reverting back to being a wannabe cuckold again, which can offer a plethora of opportunities for sexy teasing and dirty talk.  I'd welcome her talking to me about her thoughts of uncircumcised cocks, what it was like to be in bed with younger studs that were turned on by her MILF-ness, teasing me that she's had more sex partners, comparing her lovers' attributes, etc.  There are of course lots of opportunities for cuckold role playing, and I'm game for that.  I hope she's ok with that, instead of quitting "cold turkey".  
  • And - perhaps at this point stating the obvious - if our life circumstances change (e.g., when we become empty nesters) - it may make sense for us to revisit this as a couple.  Maybe she just needs to find the right lover...


  1. I would say that from my perspective, you two have accomplished what so many couples who try this fail at - communication.

    Her disappointment is understandable. Men in general are flakes when it comes to this sort of arrangement. I think you both have a healthy attitude about the future and that is, it is over for now, but the opening remains.

    I can tell you that my wife closed the door for close to a decade before she resumed any of our "games" with other guys. In the last year, the arrangement we have has worked out wonderfully, but it has been based upon patience and the aforementioned communication in order for her to get what she desires from the arrangement, and for me to have my enjoyment (watching, participating, or at least the details). Every couple has their own methods, requirements and way ahead. Consider this a long term break, but I suspect that once she has felt that freedom to enjoy, she may find an opportunity with a guy who won;t flake out and take it.

    Best of luck to you both.

  2. JFBreak,
    Thanks so much for the thoughtful comments. Both Suzy and I thought they were spot on. I am truly grateful that Suzy indulged me into this kink. We certainly both enjoyed it and as you suggest, we may revisit this again.

    We had some follow up discussion about it and Suzy did seem happy about having a permanent "hall pass". Meaning, that she has my full permission to have sex with other men should the opportunity arise. That could be a prior lover, a chance encounter, or possibly being hit on at a bar. And a lightbulb went off in her head when we discussed how the dynamic would be different once we are empty nesters, which isn't all that far away. Hosting always seems to be a problem, especially given that most of the men she's played with are younger and can't host.

    While I still do fantasize about watching her have sex, and participating in a MFM, being a wannabe cuckold isn't so bad. She found the guy that took our order on our date night "cute" (yes, he was much younger) and oogled him a few times during our date. That excited me quite a bit! I can think of a number of ways to tease me...


  3. I can only say that when my second wife slept with other men, I would be in a state of profound rapture and ecstasy. Yes, sheer ecstasy, my body shaking with pleasure. There was nothing, absolutely nothing like it. But that was so long ago. My present wife whom I love dearly is not at all into cuckolding--alas.

    My second wife and I ended up divorcing, but not because of any cuckolding. Sex was the only thing we had in common--here again, I say: alas.