Friday, March 10, 2017

Hubby Loves Cunnilingus...a little too much ;-o

I was hoping for sex last weekend, as Suzy and I have had overlapping illnesses.  She seemed finally getting better, and I *needed* some marital relations.  Friday night, we crashed early.  Saturday morning, she mentions that she is taking a "long shower", which in our household means she's shaving her pussy and/or using the showerhead for some female pleasure.  In this case, it was the former (as far as I know...).  So, I knew her pussy was nicely shaved, which makes me want to go down on her.  However, she went to a late movie with a child, so no sex Saturday.

The excellent book She Comes First gives a lot of tips on how to orally pleasure a female.  Maybe I'm not that great of a learner, as I've struggled to bring her to climax with my tongue.  However, a central premise of this book is that few women (I think it's been quoted as around 25%) can achieve orgasm through penetration.  So, the author argues that cunnilingus should not be considered as foreplay, but rather as the main event of the sexual encounter for the woman, resulting in her orgasm.  That part of the book I get.  In most circumstances, Suzy does come first, but given our busy lives, we frequently use toys to get her off.

In any event, I had in my head that I'd like to go down on her.  I really do believe that cunnilingus is the best representation of making love to her.  It feels loving.  It feels intimate.  People in general are very protective of what they put in their mouths, so it's a loving, trusting, sensual thing.

She came to the bedroom Sunday night dressing sexy, she climbed into bed, and I began groping her.  She was receptive.  I took my shorts off and she was more aroused than normal, she was more vocal with soft moans, which I was loving.  I pushed her PJ bottoms off, and I entered her, feeling very good about my stamina, considering how horny I was.  But then I was thinking about cunnilingus.

My theory is that the times we are successful with oral sex is when she is very aroused with lots of foreplay.  And I could tell she was aroused.  After about the second stoke inside her, I could feel her wetness on my cock.  I stopped after ~30 seconds of intercourse to go down on her.

She was receptive.  I love it when she's nicely shaved down there.  I love that she was wet before I started, and I usually have to tease her a bit before she's ready for clitoral stimulation, but it felt like I could go right in there to her pleasure center.  She tasted great.  She was moaning and seemed to be loving the attention.  I was very cognizant of my usual mistake, which is to speed up as she gets close to climax.  I kept a steady pressure on her clit.  Her moaning was getting more ardent, and sometimes she involuntarily bucks her hips as she gets close to orgasm.  Everything was going great.

Except, I felt a surge of excitement coming over my own genitals.  I was so aroused from her moaning, and so excited with the prospect of getting her off with my tongue, that I came.  I ejaculated.  I had an orgasm.  Except for the ~30 seconds of intercourse, she had not touched my body.

However, to my credit, I kept going instead of the other time this happened.  My premature ejaculation was probably seconds before hers.  Her orgasm was terrific for both of us.  She did buck her hips and her moaning was so erotic.

Frankly, I wasn't sure myself what had happened to me.  It wasn't an intense orgasm, and I thought maybe it was a "ruined orgasm".  I had full pressure on my penis, which was on top of the shorts I jettisoned.  I was hoping that it was a ruined one, and that I could continue with sex after her post orgasm down time.  I looked at my mess on my shorts, and it was a big load, a mess.  I didn't feel like I was going to be able to get hard again, and confessed to Suzy that eating her pussy was a little too exciting for me.

Her reaction was one of disbelief.  She didn't remember the time this happened before, and was very surprised.  I think she thought it was funny, and then said something about her having "power over men".  She asked if I was thinking about cuckolding, and I wasn't.  I was really just turned on by her moaning and obvious level of excitement.  In the following days, she teased me a bit about being a "fast husband", or something like that.  The reality was that it was embarrassing.  But I guess it proves that I enjoy going down on her....  a little too much?!  Perhaps we should do this more regularly so that I can learn to take the excitement better!  Love you, sexy wife!