Friday, January 27, 2017

Part 1: Birth Control Options for a Hotwife

Unfortunately, 2017 has not got off to the best start.  A number of reasons, most of which are unrelated to - although do impact - our sex life.  Suzy has three climaxes YTD, and I have one, although I will have to update the orgasm tracker to reflect.

Suzy made two (maybe three?) efforts to play with her "friend" but they did not work out.  In fact - paradoxically - they are both out of commission.

Out of commission - "Friend #6"
Her paramour unexpectedly had an intense medical procedure that will leave him out of commission for some time.  Nothing directly related to his genitals, but I think it's fair to say that the male needs to have certain physical dexterity to perform the sex act, and he may not have that for some time.  While I immediately thought Suzy might use this as an opportunity to do some role playing as a "nurse" or otherwise cheer him up, that isn't the case.  It seems that his recovery regimen didn't lend itself to the sort of care that Suzy would provide.  I personally don't know what his rehab program entails, but I suspect that they are still communicating.

Out of commission - Suzy
Well, Suzy is on her period.  Being a fertile female, that's not unusual, but I just saw some irony in the "out of commission" metaphor that I simply couldn't pass up.  It also happens to be the euphemism that Suzy and I employ most commonly.  In any event, around Tuesday of last week, Suzy seemed to be "in the mood" and she mentioned that she might be starting soon, so I figure there was a good opportunity for some marital relations.  While I don't remember the exact details of our foreplay, her outfit, etc., one aspect of our session caught me off guard.  I have some mixed feelings about it, and I've been processing them for a while.

For some background for this "two parter", you need to know that our primary birth control for the first decade or so of our marriage was her taking birth control pills.  We did the whole reproduction thing, then when we were done, I got a vasectomy.

*  *  *  *  *

So, as a couple, we've never relied on the use of condoms for primary contraception.  We have typically used condoms for "convenience".  Say we are having sex at a relative's house, neither of us want my load splattered in a loved one's home.  Bro Code.  Or, when we had sex in our vehicle.  How would we ever clean that stuff up?  It's just less messy for me to wrap it up.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

My Bride's thoughts!

I'm never going to whittle down my backlog of draft blog posts if I keep adding new ones.  Anyway, just wanted to give a shout-out to my hotwife's thoughts on our cuckolding adventure.  Always great to hear her perspective!  Love that woman!

We talked about it briefly today, and the major thing I got wrong in my writeup on the wife watching/hotel fantasy is that I will not be locked in chastity.  Anyway, she's pretty specific about her expectations in her post.

Happy New Year!