Sunday, December 4, 2016

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!

Suzy returned from her playdate unsatisfied - no female orgasms.  She told me that her new friend came THREE times but unfortunately he did not get her to climax.  She coyly said she had "blue ovaries" and needed an orgasm.  We were able to get a few minutes to ourselves and finish the job with a fully clothed vibrator orgasm.  Suzy was then sexually satisfied - I had to wait a couple of more hours.

To put what I'm about to say in perspective, realize that I had been denied for a little more than two weeks and Suzy had done at least 4 tease and denial sessions.  Following one of the more intense sessions, I confessed to her a fantasy that she conducted a tease and denial session on me in front of her friend, and that once she thought I'd had enough teasing, they would have sex and I'd have to wait until the next round.  To my surprise, she thought that was a hot fantasy.

With that context in mind, Suzy emerged from the bathroom for my well deserved "reclamation".  She didn't want intercourse, and I had discussed with her previously that a handjob might be better for me seeing as I probably would only last two strokes or so inside her pussy.  So there I was, fully naked and horny as I've ever been, and Suzy began stroking my raging hard erection, with occasional pauses to play with my balls.  During this time, I began to think of the above mentioned fantasy, of being openly teased in front of her lover.  And then I began to sink into as deep of a sub-space I've ever been in with the thought that Suzy's lover had entered her hot pussy three times and that I was *only* getting a handjob.

So to recap: 2 weeks without ejaculation, 4 intense tease and denial sessions, Suzy "saving" her pussy for her lover, him coming three times, me fully nude getting stroked by my bride fully clothed.

I came HARD.

I shot my eye out.  Literally.  The first volley of semen landed directly on my eye (it was closed).  The next load landed somewhere on my chest, and I had a lot more closer in.  It was a big load.  For the sake of scientific knowledge, I measured the cock to eye distance, and it's close to 3 feet.

As a general rule, the farther I shoot and the bigger my load, the more intensely pleasurable the orgasm is.  And that was certainly true for this climax.  It took a lot of Kleenex to clean myself up.

*  *  *  *  *
Even though that was an intense handjob orgasm, as I've pondered this, I wonder what it would have been like to come inside her with that kind of ejaculation velocity.  Her poor cervix!  


  1. I think you should make it a goal for her to have 3 play dates before you can orgasm next time around!

    1. Interesting suggestion. I got to come inside her after her playdate this weekend. Details forthcoming, orgasm tracker is updated!