Sunday, December 11, 2016

Three Strikes and You're Out

Last week, Suzy had her third playdate with "Friend #6".  This was basically a make it or break it date for him.  In their prior dates, she thought that he didn't spend enough time on her.  Perhaps Suzy is used to the Female First attitude prevalent in our bedroom.  He has never gone down on her (maybe that's exclusively my job?).  She said he was better this time.  She did come from a vibe during the second round of penetration.

During her playdate, I fed the kids, but she couldn't join us because her excuse for being away was a dinner with her girlfriends.  So I met her at a fast food place where l tried to get the details from her date.  Kinda frustrating because she was eating most of the time.  I guess she needed to replenish the energy expended from her date!  It was super hot seeing her hair a bit messed up from her "workout".

She did the mom thing (I posted on an OHW thread about this, and showed her, and she teased me about it before reclaim sex), and then she came out (it was around midnight!) with the matching bra and panties she wore for her date.  AMAZING.  Very sexy.  I loved seeing her sexy body in those matching undergarments.  I know what I'm buying her for Christmas!  It was so hot to greet her scantily clothed body, me nude, and begin foreplay outside of the bed, having my erection on display for her, and caressing her body, holding her while standing.  A great experience!  She gave me some more knowledge about her date, and told me that he really enjoyed taking her clothes off.  The thought that another male had enjoyed her D-cups just a few hours before was a big turn on.

As we were talking about our experience, my erection was poking at her crotch, but not inside yet, as she still had her panties on.  I must confess that all this talk and foreplay made me very close to orgasm without even penetrating her.  I had to back off a few times because I was getting close.

She wanted another orgasm, and I wanted to take care of her separately.  By this time, it was very late, and I don't do well with minimal sleep.  Hitachi with fingering.  At that point, it was 2 male orgasms, 2 female orgasms.  We had some discussion about how I should come, and she decided she wanted wanted me to ejaculate inside her.  I'm super embarrassed at how little I lasted.  Not long.  She thinks it's hot that I come so fast, because it shows how exciting this all was to me.

*  *  *  *  *
Well, it turns out he didn't whiff at strike 3.  He got on base, but didn't exactly knock it out of the park.  Suzy enjoys playing with him, and she has wanted to have a "regular" playmate.  It's a long drive, and their schedules don't always line up.  She has actively been talking about involving me in their play lately.  Super excited.  I love my hotwife!


  1. I'm sure it's super exciting hearing about her play dates. Has she given you an idea of what might take place if you are invited? Maybe you will have to play with him and get him ready or get her ready. the combinations of a three some are endless.

  2. Archdone,
    Thank you for the comment and your interest in the blog. I suspect an answer really depends on Suzy's preferences and could frankly be a "game time decision". The general scenarios we've talked about include me watching her (a bucket list fantasy for years) and then allowing me a go, then him finishing for round 3. Eventually, a full MFM threesome may be in the cards if all goes well.

    I've asked if I could take photos during their coupling (she said yes), and if I could finger her while she is being penetrated (also said yes, but I'm a little nervous myself about the proximity. But the idea of helping her climax while being penetrated by another male is a big turnon for me.

    I will not play with him directly, but I recognize that incidental contact is largely unavoidable. I DO like the idea of getting her ready for him, either via undressing her, or by prepping her orally to get her nice and wet to accept his cock. I agree, the combinations are endless. She does like the idea of being the center of attention for two horny men, e.g., having both her nipples sucked simultaneously, which clearly one male cannot do. Looking forward to further sexual experimentation!