Wednesday, December 7, 2016

New Page - Cast of Characters

Dear readers,
Please note that I finally published a new "page", "Cast of Characters", that tracks players in our journey.  You will note that except for the star of the show, they are all males.  This has been drafted for a while, and I thought I'd write it up to avoid confusion.  Funny enough, half of them have gone by the same name, so things have been a bit confusing when discussing past playmates.  I think there's enough detail for Suzy to readily identify who I'm talking about, while still using some discretion.  I've tried to add some things she liked about each of them, although I'm pretty sure that the ages aren't exactly correct.  I'm happy to edit based upon her input.

Have I left anyone out?  Any that want to be identified?  I thought to include is a male friend of mine from long ago that definitely knew about our early female dominance / male submission play but unfortunately I cannot get in touch with (I've tried).  If Suzy ever does discuss our lifestyle with other females, I will probably include them because frankly that does turn me on, although I "get" that could be a can of worms.  The thought of being teased about my wife's escapades by another female remains quite a turnon, and I think she'd like to have a woman she could confide in - unfortunately, most of our cohort would definitely not be ok with hotwifing.

By the way, I added a "search" bar into my page a few months ago.  It works pretty well.


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