Tuesday, December 27, 2016

2016 Closing Thoughts, 2017 Sexual Predictions

I think I'm not alone in thinking that 2016 sucked, marked by an unusual number of gone-too-soon celebrity deaths, with Princess Leia passing away today.  Ugh.  There have been some personal/professional downs as well.  So, I am looking forward to 2017 and hoping it will be a much better year.  Suzy is out of town, adding to my sense of "blah", and frankly I expect to post more for that reason.  It turns out I have 60 draft blog posts on blogger (I have published 295).  Yikes!  That's a whole lot of unconfessed sexual fantasies!!

Fortunately, our sex life has been a lot better.  We did not reach the 2016 New Years resolution of having 100 female orgasms for Suzy.  The year started off well, but we couldn't quite keep the pace we had at the beginning.  Her's the orgasmic breakdown, after about 67 sexual encounters:

66 female orgasms (Suzy)
28 male orgasms (husband)
19 male orgasms (extramarital play)

At least that all adds up to over 100.  As I've stated before, those may under-estimate, because Suzy doesn't always report her orgasms via masturbation; and I could forget to record mine or hers when we play together.  Also of note is the male orgasm discrepancy between marital sex (28 male orgasms in 67 encounters = 41%) and cuckolding sex (19 male orgasms / 11 encounters = 172%).  I frankly think it's pretty exciting that Suzy still out-climaxes all the male talent combined, but clearly her other partners are able to go for additional rounds.

2016 was the year of major hotwifing exploration for us.  Suzy had a total of 11 playdates last year, with a total of 6 playmates.

I make the following sexual predictions/goals for 2017:

  • I will continue to communicate my fantasies to her, and she will incorporate some, ignore many others.  In doing so, our love and trust in each other will grown; she will feel great that she is the center of attention, and I will feel great because she shows she loves me in spite of my perversity.
  • She will have a full "date" with her lover, which may include dinner together and possibly involve an adult "sleepover".
  • I will get to watch Suzy fuck another male for the first time.  Can't wait.
  • Suzy will stop using condoms with her primary extramarital lover (if she hasn't already).
  • We will begin having more regular MFM threesomes, perhaps even going to a swinger party.  The possibilities are endless.
  • I hope that this year, Suzy will climax at least 100 times.

Again, I am hoping for a better 2017.  I appreciate your interest in the blog and our lifestyle, and may you all strive for the realization of your dreams.



  1. Great goals! Something else for me to look forward to in 2017 haha!


  2. I am not sure I have deciphered correctly the meaning of those 19 male orgasms in extramarital play. Are those 19 orgasms, orgasms that Suzy had with other men? Or are those 19 orgasms, the orgasms that the men she saw had with her?

    1. Sorry if that wasn't clear - the latter - 19 orgasms that the men she saw had with her on a playdate.

  3. You predicted Suzy would stop using condoms with her primary play date. Will you be cleaning her with your tongue afterwards?

    1. It turns out, on her last playdate, he did come inside her without a condom. For various reasons, I didn't hear about that playdate until last night.
      No cleaning her. But she does like the idea of me having sex with her with his load already inside her. It turns me on too!