Saturday, December 31, 2016

Her cuckold fantasy

I picked up Suzy from her out of state trip.  I did not masturbate, but I did a fair amount of email drafting of fantasies, and working on some blog posts.  I was horny to say the least.  We finally got a little time to be alone, and I was erect just about the entire time we cuddled and talked.  I really wanted something sexual to happen, but she delayed it until later.

As we cuddled, she gave me an update on some of her sexual fantasies.  I remember when we were first married, she claimed to never have any fantasies.  It's super exciting to me that she's driving some naughty sexual escapades now.  YES!

At any rate, Suzy is now comfortable with me watching her have sex with Friend #6; he is also comfortable with it.  Here's my understanding of the date:

Suzy and I will arrive at the hotel room and get settled in.  Her bull wants me locked up in chastity for the initial round.  They will have sex, with me watching.  He will likely be using a condom (reason follows).  Suzy is a little nervous about this, in the vein of "once you watch me having sex with another male, that can't be undone".  She does seem excited for me to observe his orgasm, she said his first one is very  intense.  When they are done, I will have sex with Suzy.  Curiously, there was some talk about her FwB being jealous of watching me having sex with my wife.  She explained why - not really important to describe here.  Anyway, he is comfortable with me watching them, but if he gets uncomfortable with me having sex with Suzy, he will simply leave the room, and will be summoned later for round 3.  The reason that he will wear a condom for Round 1 is that Suzy wants to give fellatio so that he can get it up for round 3.  Presumably, I am also allowed to watch again.  THEN, I am to be dismissed and they will have a "sleepover".  She expects that they will have more sex, presumably in the morning when they wake up.

That's the working script of how our first live cuckolding event will play out.  I do think some details need to be worked out, but the estimated time for this is later in January or February.  Friend #6 is traveling quite a bit.  There is a possibility of a solo playdate next weekend, but Suzy wasn't that optimistic on that.  I suspect it will be refined as the time approaches.

*  *  *  *  *
We "reconnected" after all this cuckold talk and Suzy wore her new VS PJ's.  While I wouldn't say it's overtly sexy/naughty (meaning, she could wear it around the house), it did give me easy access to everything I needed to get her motor running.  She had a lovely G-spot/fingering vibe on her clit orgasm.  I really felt her vaginal contractions nicely, and I could tell it was an intense climax.  She told me to roll over, and she gave me a long tease and denial session with some nipple pinching and cock and ball torture.  She then said that she wanted her clothes back on, so I put her panties and PJ bottoms back on, all the while still sporting my erection.  I played with her back as she fell asleep, and she said, "I love the cuddling and attention I get when you're denied.  I'm probably going to get breakfast in bed tomorrow, right?".  Yes, the Queen got breakfast in bed!

I sent her my email of fantasies I've been having, one of which nicely overlapped with HER fantasy above.  I expect that she will give me some feedback at some point, and there's a rumor that she may blog.  And, by they way, she liked/endorsed my 2017 sexual goals!  Yay!  

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

2016 Closing Thoughts, 2017 Sexual Predictions

I think I'm not alone in thinking that 2016 sucked, marked by an unusual number of gone-too-soon celebrity deaths, with Princess Leia passing away today.  Ugh.  There have been some personal/professional downs as well.  So, I am looking forward to 2017 and hoping it will be a much better year.  Suzy is out of town, adding to my sense of "blah", and frankly I expect to post more for that reason.  It turns out I have 60 draft blog posts on blogger (I have published 295).  Yikes!  That's a whole lot of unconfessed sexual fantasies!!

Fortunately, our sex life has been a lot better.  We did not reach the 2016 New Years resolution of having 100 female orgasms for Suzy.  The year started off well, but we couldn't quite keep the pace we had at the beginning.  Her's the orgasmic breakdown, after about 67 sexual encounters:

66 female orgasms (Suzy)
28 male orgasms (husband)
19 male orgasms (extramarital play)

At least that all adds up to over 100.  As I've stated before, those may under-estimate, because Suzy doesn't always report her orgasms via masturbation; and I could forget to record mine or hers when we play together.  Also of note is the male orgasm discrepancy between marital sex (28 male orgasms in 67 encounters = 41%) and cuckolding sex (19 male orgasms / 11 encounters = 172%).  I frankly think it's pretty exciting that Suzy still out-climaxes all the male talent combined, but clearly her other partners are able to go for additional rounds.

2016 was the year of major hotwifing exploration for us.  Suzy had a total of 11 playdates last year, with a total of 6 playmates.

I make the following sexual predictions/goals for 2017:

  • I will continue to communicate my fantasies to her, and she will incorporate some, ignore many others.  In doing so, our love and trust in each other will grown; she will feel great that she is the center of attention, and I will feel great because she shows she loves me in spite of my perversity.
  • She will have a full "date" with her lover, which may include dinner together and possibly involve an adult "sleepover".
  • I will get to watch Suzy fuck another male for the first time.  Can't wait.
  • Suzy will stop using condoms with her primary extramarital lover (if she hasn't already).
  • We will begin having more regular MFM threesomes, perhaps even going to a swinger party.  The possibilities are endless.
  • I hope that this year, Suzy will climax at least 100 times.

Again, I am hoping for a better 2017.  I appreciate your interest in the blog and our lifestyle, and may you all strive for the realization of your dreams.


Sunday, December 11, 2016

Three Strikes and You're Out

Last week, Suzy had her third playdate with "Friend #6".  This was basically a make it or break it date for him.  In their prior dates, she thought that he didn't spend enough time on her.  Perhaps Suzy is used to the Female First attitude prevalent in our bedroom.  He has never gone down on her (maybe that's exclusively my job?).  She said he was better this time.  She did come from a vibe during the second round of penetration.

During her playdate, I fed the kids, but she couldn't join us because her excuse for being away was a dinner with her girlfriends.  So I met her at a fast food place where l tried to get the details from her date.  Kinda frustrating because she was eating most of the time.  I guess she needed to replenish the energy expended from her date!  It was super hot seeing her hair a bit messed up from her "workout".

She did the mom thing (I posted on an OHW thread about this, and showed her, and she teased me about it before reclaim sex), and then she came out (it was around midnight!) with the matching bra and panties she wore for her date.  AMAZING.  Very sexy.  I loved seeing her sexy body in those matching undergarments.  I know what I'm buying her for Christmas!  It was so hot to greet her scantily clothed body, me nude, and begin foreplay outside of the bed, having my erection on display for her, and caressing her body, holding her while standing.  A great experience!  She gave me some more knowledge about her date, and told me that he really enjoyed taking her clothes off.  The thought that another male had enjoyed her D-cups just a few hours before was a big turn on.

As we were talking about our experience, my erection was poking at her crotch, but not inside yet, as she still had her panties on.  I must confess that all this talk and foreplay made me very close to orgasm without even penetrating her.  I had to back off a few times because I was getting close.

She wanted another orgasm, and I wanted to take care of her separately.  By this time, it was very late, and I don't do well with minimal sleep.  Hitachi with fingering.  At that point, it was 2 male orgasms, 2 female orgasms.  We had some discussion about how I should come, and she decided she wanted wanted me to ejaculate inside her.  I'm super embarrassed at how little I lasted.  Not long.  She thinks it's hot that I come so fast, because it shows how exciting this all was to me.

*  *  *  *  *
Well, it turns out he didn't whiff at strike 3.  He got on base, but didn't exactly knock it out of the park.  Suzy enjoys playing with him, and she has wanted to have a "regular" playmate.  It's a long drive, and their schedules don't always line up.  She has actively been talking about involving me in their play lately.  Super excited.  I love my hotwife!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

New Page - Cast of Characters

Dear readers,
Please note that I finally published a new "page", "Cast of Characters", that tracks players in our journey.  You will note that except for the star of the show, they are all males.  This has been drafted for a while, and I thought I'd write it up to avoid confusion.  Funny enough, half of them have gone by the same name, so things have been a bit confusing when discussing past playmates.  I think there's enough detail for Suzy to readily identify who I'm talking about, while still using some discretion.  I've tried to add some things she liked about each of them, although I'm pretty sure that the ages aren't exactly correct.  I'm happy to edit based upon her input.

Have I left anyone out?  Any that want to be identified?  I thought to include is a male friend of mine from long ago that definitely knew about our early female dominance / male submission play but unfortunately I cannot get in touch with (I've tried).  If Suzy ever does discuss our lifestyle with other females, I will probably include them because frankly that does turn me on, although I "get" that could be a can of worms.  The thought of being teased about my wife's escapades by another female remains quite a turnon, and I think she'd like to have a woman she could confide in - unfortunately, most of our cohort would definitely not be ok with hotwifing.

By the way, I added a "search" bar into my page a few months ago.  It works pretty well.


Sunday, December 4, 2016

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!

Suzy returned from her playdate unsatisfied - no female orgasms.  She told me that her new friend came THREE times but unfortunately he did not get her to climax.  She coyly said she had "blue ovaries" and needed an orgasm.  We were able to get a few minutes to ourselves and finish the job with a fully clothed vibrator orgasm.  Suzy was then sexually satisfied - I had to wait a couple of more hours.

To put what I'm about to say in perspective, realize that I had been denied for a little more than two weeks and Suzy had done at least 4 tease and denial sessions.  Following one of the more intense sessions, I confessed to her a fantasy that she conducted a tease and denial session on me in front of her friend, and that once she thought I'd had enough teasing, they would have sex and I'd have to wait until the next round.  To my surprise, she thought that was a hot fantasy.

With that context in mind, Suzy emerged from the bathroom for my well deserved "reclamation".  She didn't want intercourse, and I had discussed with her previously that a handjob might be better for me seeing as I probably would only last two strokes or so inside her pussy.  So there I was, fully naked and horny as I've ever been, and Suzy began stroking my raging hard erection, with occasional pauses to play with my balls.  During this time, I began to think of the above mentioned fantasy, of being openly teased in front of her lover.  And then I began to sink into as deep of a sub-space I've ever been in with the thought that Suzy's lover had entered her hot pussy three times and that I was *only* getting a handjob.

So to recap: 2 weeks without ejaculation, 4 intense tease and denial sessions, Suzy "saving" her pussy for her lover, him coming three times, me fully nude getting stroked by my bride fully clothed.

I came HARD.

I shot my eye out.  Literally.  The first volley of semen landed directly on my eye (it was closed).  The next load landed somewhere on my chest, and I had a lot more closer in.  It was a big load.  For the sake of scientific knowledge, I measured the cock to eye distance, and it's close to 3 feet.

As a general rule, the farther I shoot and the bigger my load, the more intensely pleasurable the orgasm is.  And that was certainly true for this climax.  It took a lot of Kleenex to clean myself up.

*  *  *  *  *
Even though that was an intense handjob orgasm, as I've pondered this, I wonder what it would have been like to come inside her with that kind of ejaculation velocity.  Her poor cervix!