Saturday, November 19, 2016

Suzy's Sugar Walls - Unbridled Female Sexual Pleasure

I will continue my thoughts about marital communication later.  Lots happening for the upcoming holiday.  Suzy's period started last Wednesday and she assertively told me that I would not have an orgasm until her new "friend" had intercourse with her.  So, that meant two criteria were at play: she had to finish her period and then she and her friend had to have a time that worked for their schedules.  Then, I could have an orgasm.  Of course, it was understood that the same restriction did not apply to her.  During our pillow talk, I asked her how many orgasms she thought she might have until I could come, and she said something like 6 or 7.

As of this writing, she's had (at least) five orgasms, and I've had FOUR tease and denial sessions.  Suzy woke me up one night and played with my cock and balls - basically teased me silly.  I had taken a sleeping pill and was simultaneously in deep, deep subspace and partially asleep.  I understand the gentlemen thing to do given our "situation" was to take care with an orgasm after she determined I was sufficiently teased.  But unfortunately, I passed out.  Husband Fail.

Last night we had a fancier than normal datenight and we talked about our cuckold relationship discretely but honestly and openly.  She lovingly told me what she had in mind for her upcoming meetings with her lover and checking in to make sure I was still OK with things.  More on that in another post.  Anyway, I am super horny for that hotwife and can't wait to see what happens.  We ended up going to bed relatively early and I was able to pleasure her before bed.  What a hot experience!  Here goes:

I asked her to come to bed without her panties and she said, no, you have to work for it.  Hot.  Have I mentioned how sexy her confidence is?  She is becoming more and more sexually confident by the day, which I am loving.  So, I had to give her nice foreplay, sucking her tits, kissing deeply, then taking her PJs and panties off.  She loved feeling my erection and my desire for her.  She asked that I be naked.  I fingered her with the Hitachi on her clit.  She did not want me inside her, wanting to be "fresh" for her lover.  I fingered that special G-spot and then during her orgasm - as I've been doing with my cock when it's wanted inside her - I stopped the vaginal thrusting/massaging and just let her vaginal wall contract against my finger.  Words can't describe how sexy that is to me.  Any longtime reader will get how much I love her orgasms, but the involuntary orgasm spasm of her womanhood is just the sexiest thing ever.  I suspect I can sometimes feel it with my cock, but much more so with my finger.  And I don't think she always does this, seems like the more turned on she is the more likely it is to happen.  Who knows, maybe she will "squirt" someday!

I dressed her after that, and she teased me - me fully nude and her fully clothed, just like she had done before.  Intense pleasure for me, but no sexual release.  I love my hotwife!

*  *  *  *  * 

To say my balls are blue is an understatement.  My last orgasm was Nov 6, so I have a two week+ load building up for her as soon as she has her second playdate with her older friend.


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  2. Wow..this is soo hot! ~sara

  3. Love that you have to wait for another man to enjoy your wife. I hope she teases you daily about it;)
    Such a lucky man to have this lifestyle. my love has had another man 3 times now and I can't wait for the next time.
    Keep posting please!

    1. Will do. Can you please share more of your experiences? How she and you feel? I'm always interested in the relationship dynamic of hotwife couples...

    2. lovetosubmit;
      I am a very sexually open male and she is also very open to trying new things. We first met on; a kink website. As you can imagine we made our sexually interests known to each other early on haha.
      Sharing my partner has been a fantasy not exclusive to my current love but she is the first woman I've been with that has engaged in the fantasy.
      We talked about it honestly many times for months before the deed. She wanted to know what it would do for me and expressed her concerns about if it would change the way I viewed her.
      Her interests in it was simply that it could be hot and if we had fun with it, we could add it into our lives.
      One day, a man that she knew from her past that was still mildly pursuing her for a one night stand. Messaged her asking if she was single yet haha. She said no but engaged in a little flirting after asking if I was ok with it. I actually got to suggest some things to say to tease him haha. At the end I was so turned on I couldn't contain myself and she and I made love that night. After that night she felt that it would be ok to try the next step. She arranged a play date for when I would be at work. After the deed she joined me for lunch and told me she had officially slept with another man thus ending our monogamous streak. She told me that seeing how open and loving I was abut the whole thing made her feel closer to me like a new form a trust and security had been created. She has since seen him about 4 more times and everytime she let's me know any details I might ask about how it went. Sometimes I just ask if she enjoyed herself as she doesn't always like to divulge all the details and step out of her comfort zone.
      Most recently we made love and I asked her what he did with her while. As I lay on top of her I asked how he trusted and tried to copy the act, speed, style, position. We both came strongly together at the same time. Anyway, that's enough ranting for now. I'll be sure to follow and comment more as your stories unfold.
      Best regards,


  4. CM, thank you for sharing your story. I hope you do comment further. My Suzy always progressively reveals things to me as she recalls them. So, she may remember something several days after the "tell all" session. I have a feeling that she takes on another sexual persona when she's with another partner, sort of like a Batman/Bruce Wayne dynamic. What can I say, we are having a lot of fun! I hope you do too!

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    trustNjesus ALWAYS, dear,
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