Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Playdate with Photos; Confident Hotwife

Sunday was a hot, intense experience for me.  Suzy had sex with her first "older" guy after he had flaked on her earlier in the week.  I locked myself in chastity Saturday night.

She was still feeling the sting of rejection from "don" the guy who fucked her and never returned calls and texts.  I told her to forget don, there's something wrong with him, not her.  It is surprising to me that he could make her feel so down on herself.  I told her that hotwifing is intended to build up her self esteem, not bring it down.

Prior to her date, Suzy did not exactly dress up due to child reasons (would have freaked out seeing mom in a fuck me dress).  I think we both like the idea of me helping her get dressed for her dates.  She did ask if she she wear the anklet (hell yes!) and she later said that he liked it, it was a good call to wear it.  I helped her pick out panties that matched her bra.  She told me that her lover liked lipstick and heels.  I took my pants down so she could see my locked state, with my head busting out of the slit very obviously.  I was trying to get hard as best as I could.  She really does like to tease me that "you can't get hard in that thing", "no erections for you", things like that.  Most of the day, my hands were visibly shaking.  She had my chastity key, which she usually carries safety-pinned to her bra, instead attached to her "bag of tricks" (which contains her condoms, and an assortment of lovers-only sex toys). I am certain that he knew I was locked up.

She left.  I got a text from her that she was at his condo.  She was a bit nervous.  I watched football and checked some hotwife forums.  I noticed a good bit of pre-come oozing throughout the date.  I was sort of expecting to get the photos in real time.  But I guess when you think about it, it would be distracting to stop sex for that.  So, she texted me that she was done and would be coming home soon.  Of course, I asked a ton of questions.  She didn't answer a lot of them, but then said "photos to follow".  I got three photos:

  • One of both their asses and his balls.  it's obvious he is inside her.  Hawt.
  • One of her cowgirl style.  It's a hot photo.  It really shows off her big tits well.  But it's not a selfie, it's obvious her "friend" took it.
  • One of her sucking his dick, wedding rings CLEARLY showing, grabbing his cock while she sucks it.  Out of this world hot photo.  Again, it's obvious her playmate took it.
  • I'll ask if I can post them.

She started home, telling me she was hungry, so I tried to time some dinner when she got home.  I went to the car and we talked about it.  He had offered to take her to the hot tub (presumably as he was in his refractory period for the next round), but she didn't do that.  He came twice, she didn't come.  She said she got close when she rode cowgirl.  He did oral on her as well.  She said his first orgasm was intense, second one not as much.  Not sure if he used his own condoms or the ones I gave her.  She was pretty happy how it went, although obviously we would have preferred her to orgasm.

I kissed her in her car, then we went to eat dinner.  Throughout the night, she made some comments that only I could get, which was pretty funny.  She got ready for bed at a reasonable time, and she unlocked the lock, I took the device off and went downstairs to clean my penis as best I could in the sink.  She came out in lingerie, which I specifically asked for, but frankly she very seldom wears.  She talked a little bit more about her encounter, which was hot, and she asked that I get a condom.  Anyway, as we're doing foreplay "Louis" texts her and asked her to come over and play (it's 9 - 10 o'clock at this point).  I said, "ill drive you".  She was too tired.  In fact, she kept telling me that her legs were sore, which was really giving me some nice cuckold feelings - that the other male wore her out and it wasn't a given that I was going to lay my own wife.  For her playdate with "Nick", she straight up told me, "i'm too sore for any more sex".  Anyway, it's kinda hot to hear your wife imply that she might not have enough left in the tank to fuck you.  As an aside, she complained about her soreness the next morning as well.

So, I put the condom on, began penetrating her.  She has a certain style of fucking she *demands* of me.  Really slow, deep strokes, and then she tells me when to stop thrusting when the Hitachi wand has put her clit over the edge.  I can usually figure out when she's coming, and I just hold my cock as far inside her as I can during her orgasm.  This time, she told me to stop.  That was really hot.  I really, REALLY like it when she tells me what to do during sex.

After her intense orgasm, I knew I wouldn't last that much longer.  But the condoms do help me with that stamina, frankly.  Anyway, she started talking really dirty, I asked her to call me a cuckold and she did, and it was all too much, so I came.  My wife had caused three male orgasms that day.  Unfortunately, she only came once.  Still super hot.

The next morning, she said she felt super confident.  That's a big benefit of hotwifing.  It appears she will play with him again.  It is possible that "Louis" will also play with her again.  As far as i know these men are in her little black book of friends with benefits.  Then, she teased me and said something to the effect that, "he came up with some ideas for what we can do next time to include you in our play".  WHAT?  He's colluding with her on her hotwife activities?  I like the guy already.  I asked her what they had in mind, and she said, "that's on a need to know basis".  She won't tell me.

Anyway, he does live an hour away, but him hosting is nice.  Maybe old guys do rule?  We'll see what the next move is!


  1. Sounds like she enjoyed and wants more play. With the thoughts that he wants you involved you can let your imagination run wild and have fun with it and imagine the build up when it comes to a three some.

    1. I'm looking forward to that! She's always told me that she wants to feel comfortable with a partner before allowing me to watch! This is the most involved her partner has been with me so far...

  2. You nearly have me cumming in my pants! Loved you were shaking all day! ~sara

    1. Glad you liked that. Sara, are you male or female? Care to share your experiences? Thanks for reading and commenting!