Sunday, October 30, 2016

New Old Playmate

We've had a lull lately, for a variety of reasons.  Suzy maintains her dating profile and will occasionally scour the area for younger studs to play with.  Suzy provides updates on her search sporadically, and will often dismiss someone slightly younger than me as "too old".  Ugh, I feel a little weird with that!  Anyway, even though her profile is explicit about this, older men still "apply".  One of them somehow got through the initial screening and she approached me about it.

"Maybe older men will be less flaky", was the only thing I could think of saying.  As some background to this, she had been chatting with a 22 year old (!) and another younger buck, who basically fell off the face of the earth.  So, that's where my head was at.

Anyway, Suzy and I had sex last week and she gave me some background around this guy.  Seven years older, didn't think he was "cute".  She went through a pretty extensive email discussion that they've had.  To summarize, he's "interested" in the cuckold lifestyle to the point where he asked a lot of questions, including if I wear a cock cage (Suzy: sometimes), am I excited by her play or do I "accept it", things like that.  They have been texting and emailing quite a bit.  She said that he plays with a cuckold couple regularly.  Suzy's view of "experience" in this area has been a little confusing to me, but she seemed turned off by the fact that he still plays with them, and presumably has sex with others as well.  I think Suzy prefers her partners to be monogamous to her - she certainly demands it of me!

Anyway, we had sex that night and she had a meet and greet planned for the next day, which she assumed she'd cancel.  She went ahead with it, and as usual was a little coy about things.  Told me she was shaving her pussy that morning.  She said that they talked about a lot of "stuff", but only the last part of the conversation was about sex.  She told me that as he got up to leave, he was "tented" so he obviously was turned on by her.  Which frankly is a huge part of the appeal of this lifestyle to me, that other men find her as hot as I do.  And the biological realities being what they are, men cannot hide their sexual arousal.

The bottom line, is that she has decided that she likes him and wants to play.  They have a date planned, and I fully expect Suzy will have sex with him.  He seems to like the idea of sharing photos with me, so it is entirely possible that during their date, I will receive a snapchat or a text of her sucking his cock, penetrating her, etc.  I'm clearly excited about this development.  So, this week we will get some sort of read on whether older men are more or less flaky, albeit with an n=1.

*  *  *  *  *
Suzy has used the term "lifestyle" a lot lately.  There have been ups and downs, for sure with our experiment into hotwifing, and at times she seems to want to give up.  I'm totally ok with that, if she decides that down the road.  Before we ventured into this, Suzy said that once she has sex with another male, it can't be un-done.  That's true.  Cuckolding is NOT for everyone.  But this adventure has been very exciting for us both, and I don't regret anything.  It's been a fun journey, it's really improved our communication, and I feel very close to her for sharing this fetish.  The question I have is: who is enjoying this more: me or Suzy?