Thursday, September 29, 2016

Note to my Hotwife

I realize I've been quiet lately when you've talked about "the lifestyle".  I know you want my thoughts.  It's been hard to sit down and think of them.  Here goes:

I enjoy the hotwife lifestyle.  A lot.  I am not anywhere near invoking a "veto".  I suppose that blogging and checking out forums is my way of trying to figure out that my abnormalcy is "normal".  Haha.  The truth is that many married men fantasize about their wives fucking.  I just happen to be among those that do.  As strange as it may seem, the more you've played, the more exciting it's become.  I don't feel jealous.  When you play, I get antsy that you are safe, and that you are having a good time.  I want you to have a good time.  It excites me a lot.  I definitely feel an "angst" but I don't think of it as jealousy.  I like to share :)

The fact is, if you never fucked another man besides me again, I would be fine, and it would still be exciting for you to tease me about it.  I really do love it during sex when you dirty talk about your naughty exploits, all the virile studs that want your naughty MILF cougar pussy.  No regrets.

Hotwifing is intended to boost your self esteem.  That's a big benefit of it.  I think it works wonders on your confidence when things are working right. I don't want to see you so bummed out about some bum.  I really don't understand why all the flakiness.  From the blogs and forums I've seen, it sounds pretty common, if that makes you feel any better.

I had sort of envisioned a scenario where you have multiple play partners to overcome the flake situation.  That way, you get a variety of men to sample from, all the while exciting me as the cuckold husband.  I feel better about that from the standpoint of you getting less chance of "attaching".  I take your word for it that you will talk to me if you ever feel like you are getting too close emotionally, and we would do something about it.

I have a lot of fantasies running through my head.  I really do like the idea of you sending me naughty photos from your "dates" and - I think <previous lover's> idea of me driving you around while you play in the back is very hot, and I didn't even think of it!  Someone as perverted as me!

I obviously really, really want to watch you fuck.  I like the idea of the swinger party.  Just watch and see if the vibe (haha) is right.  Maybe meet a former lover there?  For a convenient place to play?

So, I am not sure I'm really helping.  I like you owning and exploring your sexuality.  I can see the confidence in you grow, and I really like that since confidence is so sexy.

I am enjoying this journey.

I have a lot on my mind.  I am conflicted about a few things.  I have concluded that I clam up when you talk about your lovers because it excites me so much that I feel a need to restrain myself so that I do not "top from the bottom" (or is that cuckold from the bottom?).

My other main conflict has to do with dominance and submission.  Another post.

Love you my dear Queen Suzy.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Suzy's Playdate... Going all the way

Suzy followed up her "no sex" playdate last Friday.  It was a start and stop kinda thing, he originally cancelled on her for Wednesday, and there was some back and forth but Thursday night, as Suzy and I were playing, she said they were getting together for sex Friday.  We had some playful sexting banter during the day - I recall I texted her that I hope she's as wet as I am (from my pre-come thinking about it).

She said she'd be back by 8 or so, so I started to get a little concerned when it was past 8.  I took care of some domestic things, then shook a martini while I screwed around looking at cuckold blogs and forums.  She finally texted me and said she was done and heading home.  She explained to me that because her "cover" was going out with the ladies for dinner, she had to stop by and get some fast food before coming home.  I realized that I should go meet her at said fast food place.  She was eating in her vehicle alone, and told me the high level naughty details.

I asked about condoms, and she said they didn't use them.  He came inside her twice.  I was caught off guard by that.  She told me that he was snipped, and so I thought that down the line, if he works out, going bareback was a possibility.  But he came inside her.  Twice.

The bad news is that she did not orgasm.  She seemed a little "meh" about the encounter because she didn't come.  All I could think about was rectifying that situation.

When we finally had some adult time, she came out and I practically ripped her PJs off her.  She had to be expecting that.  We both wanted her to come.  Bad.  I hadn't gone done on her in a long time, so I suggested cunnilingus.  She gave me this look, but I just thought I'd go for it.  The fact that two loads of another man's semen were inside her, near where I was licking didn't seem to register at the time.  I was horny, and I'm pretty sure she wanted to come badly.

I jumped in, going straight for her clitoris.  I didn't really notice anything unusual about her taste or smell, and I am pretty sure she was enjoying it... but she tapped out (which I really appreciated by the way) and then I moved to our quick, powerful new female orgasm technique.  I grabbed the Hitachi and then fingered her.  At this point, it dawned on me that there was another male's semen inside her that I was possibly coming into contact with.  Anyway, a man's gotta do what he's gotta do, and I needed my wife to orgasm.  It really didn't take her long - I'd like to think because of my cunnilingus - till I stopped the finger thrusting and then she came HARD.  I really felt her vaginal contractions on my finger.  This adds a whole new dimension to my enjoyment of her orgasms... that I can actually feel her come.  Awesome.

I gave her some post orgasm caresses, then really needed to take care of my own climax.  I know that I dropped a big load - her third of the night - inside her and then I think I passed out.

*  *  *  *  *
You might be asking: will Suzy play with him again?   She told me that she has a date with him on Friday, then glibly asked if I was jealous.  I think excited is a better word.  I'm curious to know Suzy's thoughts and am hoping she will respond.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Suzy's new playmate

Suzy's last foray into extramarital play was in late June.  She handles all the arrangements with her playmates and she will give me a download on the latest developments periodically, when there is news to report and we can have some adult conversations.  She has had some ups and downs with regard to planned playdates with boytoys she's already played with.

Long story short, she unexpectedly met another guy that she became interested in over the past week or so.  She has done lots of sexting with him and they seem like they would connect well.  She said that she couldn't decide if he was cute, so, the coffee meet and greet.  That also went well.  So, they scheduled a makeout date for tonight.  Hott!

She had placed a limitation that nothing could happen below the belt on her.  She wanted to makeout with him to see if he's a good kisser, and 2nd base seemed easily obtainable for him.  They were both a little nervous, but got going in his bedroom with some kissing and then his clothing came off and her top came off.  Nothing below her waist.

Anyway, I am not sure if I am privvy to tell all of the details.  Suffice it to say that she enjoyed it and he had an orgasm.  Suzy has been pretty firm about making me wait for a "full" playdate, which seems to be a given at this point - just a matter of time.  My last orgasm was Aug 20, sex with her with our new "no thrust during her orgasm" technique, which I really want to try again.  So, it's been a while.  I've not had a lot of teasing and I was even locked in the chastity cage for a few days last week.  We've talked and I think we both think it's exciting for me to be locked when she has penetrative sex with him on her next playdate.  I am so blue-balled that I hope she changes her mind.  I need to ejaculate, and bad.

Over the past few days, with the prospects for her to regain her status as a "hotwife" and me as a "cuckold", I have been spewing out a lot of pre-come.  Literally, my shorts have been wet to the point that I can feel it as I walk.  So, we had this sexting exchange:

Her: OK, I'm coming home.
Me: Did you have a good time?
Her: < some emojis that seemed positive >
Me: Wow, I think I am about to come in my pants!
Her: So was he.  Lots of pre-cum!

Obviously, I couldn't wait for her to come home to give the details.  She did, and she had a good time.

Clearly, I am excited by the combination of her exploring her sexuality and the confidence that it is bringing her.  I wouldn't recommend cuckolding to everyone, but it's really kicked things up a notch for us!  My poor prostate... I need to come BAD!!!

Love you Queen Suzy!!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Reaching our halfway mark - 50 female orgasms

A couple of days ago, Suzy nonchalantly asked me how we are doing on our sexual goal for the year.

You may recall that we have a 2016 resolution of Suzy having 100 orgasms.  We started out of the gates in spectacular fashion, but have tailed off since.  Last night - at least so far as my Orgasm Tracker is concerned, she had her 50th orgasm of the year.  I suspect that this is lower than the actual count, because I don't always remember to update the tracker, and she may or may not always inform me if she has masturbated (or, "taken a long shower" as it were).  Nevertheless, to quote Count Rugen, "let's just start with what we have":

50 female orgasms
19 male orgasms (husband)
7 male orgasms (play partner)

So, I need to get my act together.  There are 121 days left in 2016, so she needs to come every 2.4 days or about 3 times per week.  Three times per week is achievable!  Let's do this, Suzy!!

*  *  *  *  *

Suzy and I had a great date night last night.  We normally go out at least once a week, but we had a dry spell of about a month.  We spoke honestly and I think I helped sort her through some stuff she was unsure of.  She appreciated the comments made from my last post, as do I.  I didn't get through all the things i wanted to talk to her about.  What's on my mind lately is communication, so I suspect that I will have a series of posts on communication in marriage.