Sunday, August 28, 2016

New female orgasm technique

I just realized that it's been about 2 months since I last posted.  Everything's fine.  We've had some positive life changes and it has caused our normal flow to be disrupted.  How's that for ambiguity?  Plus, routines get out of whack during the summer.  It seems that we are getting close to being in a groove again.

I've been traveling a lot for work.  Before that started, Suzy teased me that she would deal with my absence by playing with a lover.  I was fairly excited about that idea, but frankly I got so focused on my job that I didn't even think about it much.  I didn't blog at all.

When I came home, we had some passionate sex.  Some new sex.  It's amazing to me that we can find new ways to enjoy sex after being married for as long as we have.

So here's what we did.

When we have intercourse, Suzy typically holds the Hitachi on her clit while I penetrate her.  She always tells me to go slowly.  I get super turned on that she tells me how to fuck her.  Anyway, I will slowly penetrate her and frankly with my cock inside her and the Hitachi on her clit, she comes in no time.  It's pretty awesome.

So a few weeks ago, she told me (yes, it was phrased like I had no choice in the matter, which excited me a lot!) that she wanted slow penetrations (as before) but during her orgasm, she wanted me to be fully inside her pussy but to stop the "in and out".  So during her climax, my erection is no longer thrusting, but filling her pussy.

She L O V E D this.  It's our new thing.  The first time we tried it, she came really hard and said "wow, we've got to try that again!"  I told her I was game.  So we have done that a few times, and she's had great orgasms every time.

I am not sure what made her think of this, and why it might enhance her orgasm.  No clue.  But WE like it and it is a lot of fun.  I have no problem figuring out when to stop thrusting.  I hold my cock still during her climax, I enjoy her orgasm and let her calm down a bit, and then I go back to penetrating her until I come.

I read a fair amount of sex articles and I've never heard of this technique being recommended.  I don't even know what to call it.  I appreciate any suggestions, and would love to hear about any readers' experimentation with this.


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    1. Thank you for the comment. Please stop by again... the water's warm :-)

  2. This is par for the course in my household. Having a solid, still object to clamp around creates small-massage type sensations, which are intensified if he is well-engorged and his heartbeat is feel-able. Similarly, I've always had more intense orgasms when he slows down as I approach climax (rather than speed up, which is what men seem wired to do), as that's when my soft tissues are most sensitive, and therefore the drag of his swollen head over my equally swollen insides is most intense.

    Besides the reason of personal preference, there are biological reasons this works so well. The clitoris is a large organ, and mostly internal. What was/is known as the g-spot is actually part of the clitoris, and the rush of blood to the area sensitizes the nerves. So if she's using a vibe on her outer clit and has the intensified sensations echoing inside along with her natural clenching flexes, it's going to be more pleasurable for her.

    Not sure what position(s) you are using for this, but I've found that for woman-on-top, I prefer next to no movement at all. It's the same concept as stopping to hold still except minus the initial thrusting. I'd much rather bear down and clench-release-repeat while using my fingers or a vibe on my outer clit. Also that helps me better control the muscle tension in my tummy and legs so I can relax enough to be *able* to cum.

    1. Wow, Mrs. Fever - thank you for that awesome educational reply. We will definitely be trying this again!

      She's always had more intense orgasms with vaginal and clitoral stimulation. Likewise, when she gives me a handjob, I enjoy having my scrotum and/or perineum stimulated in addition to my cock. The sensations are overwhelming!

      I'd love to try different positions with this technique! I'm all for advancement of knowledge of female (actually, Suzy's) sexuality, LOL!

      "rather than speed up, which is what men seem wired to do"
      I'm totally guilty of that! Probably Suzy's biggest complaint! Especially during cunnilingus, when she's approaching orgasm, I tend to speed up whereas she wants a constant pressure on her clit. Ugh, I need to fight that instinct!

    2. Good idea. I love ways to please wife MORE! Thank you )))))-----

  3. With the woman on top, there is always the temptation for the man to try and thrust. We found it much better for me to lie still and hold my hips steady making sure her clit had plenty of contact with my pubic bone. This is the best position to put the maximum pressure on her entire pubic area. Her vaginal opening is full, her thrusting motions back and forth pull and tug on her lips transferring it internally. Her thrusts are self regulating. Eventually, she'd be sitting upright grinding her pelvis into mine. I would try to hold out as long as possible, but it was hard not to cum from her thrusting.

  4. Chloe has almost always preferred this behavior from me when she comes. I'll thrust until she says "press!" At which time I will have my cock come to rest deeply inside her and stop my thrusting. I can often feel her pussy grasping and squeezing at my cock while she cums.

    After, I'll slowly relax my leg and ass muscles to let my cock pull from her a little and then we generally let me calm enough where I will simply fall out due to flaccid state or she will say "I'm done" and either demand I pull out or she'll roll over so I can rub her back.

    She often mentions that when she masturbates she misses having my cock inside her because there is nothing to grab. Sometimes she will masturbate when I am there and simply tell me that she needs something to grab and just have me enter her so she can - she won't allow me to thrust at all and will order me to "stop moving" if I try and thrust.

    I welcome her continued use of her toy in any way she likes. I love giving her pleasure in any way I can.

    I'm glad to hear you've found this wonderful tool for your sex life.

    1. Exquisite, thanks so much for your thoughts. I'm almost embarrassed that we have been having sex for so long and we never came across this idea (which was hers as mentioned in the original post).

      And, if she's going to deny me, my favorite way is to penetrate her at some point to get a sense of her wonderful pussy and I'm always turned on when I wake up that I have her scent on me. It turns me on to think that my cock is a human dildo for her pleasure! What a role reversal!

      So many things I want to try out with this now!

  5. Very interesting. I will try to do this with my wife, i.e. stop thrusting while she has her orgasm. I presume this will also help me NOT to come. I prefer not to come when I fuck my wife. I will sometimes go for 3 months without coming... If I do come, it is usual because I have, well, an accident.