Saturday, June 25, 2016

Back in the Hotwife Saddle - Suzy 5, Playmate 1, Hubby 0

I'm regaining my lost mojo at a snail's pace, whereas Suzy put our sex life into hyperdrive this week.  The bottom line is that Suzy had been interested in hotwifing and finally had an opportunity to do so this past week.  Schedules lined up this week, so Suzy had sex with her fourth playmate since we began our hotwifing journey.  This is the guy that she met for a meet and greet a few weeks ago and letter regretting getting physical with.  He travels a lot but can host, so when the time came, she went for it.

The downside to this playdate is that I was asleep.  Part of my lost mojo, I guess, but that's what happened: she played while I was asleep, so no reclaim sex.  Apparently, he even suggested taking sexy photos and sending them to me, but Suzy decided against that.

Suzy came THREE times with him.  Her first orgasm (via fingering) was "very quick" according to her.  Suzy was a very aroused hotwife that night!  He told her he could not reach climax because "she was too wet" and wasn't getting enough friction on his cock to ejaculate.  I'll leave the rest of the details to Suzy, but suffice it to say that she enjoyed herself.  She went out of her way to mention that his attention was most definitely on her.

I was a bit aloof (I had a stressful event occur around this timeframe, so give me some slack with that!) and we didn't have a full conversation until our drive to a datenight last night.  She gave me all the details, and I was probably erect the entire time we talked about it.  In fact, when we got to the establishment, I was well "tented" and had to try to hide my arousal from vanilla passersby.  A lot of the conversation focused on hotwifing, although in less graphic terms since we were technically in public.  More talking about where things stand with other playmates, possible next rendezvous, things like that.

We were tired when we got back, and Suzy came out of the bedroom with me naked.  We did some foreplay and some more dirty talking.  In the "hot things your wife has said" category, Suzy said, "so you're the cuckold and I'm the hotwife!"*.  I did some breast stimulation and then finally took her panties and PJ's off, and gave her a solid G-spot fingering orgasm.  I enjoyed the after climax caressing (I think she did too!) and I was pretty determined to experience another female orgasm, which she seemed a little reluctant at first, but then enjoyed it.  She was clear that she did not want me to penetrate her and then later was clear that she did not want me to orgasm, but "maybe tomorrow if you're a good boy".

I put her clothes back on, took my sleeping pill (I was way too aroused at this point!) and then she enjoyed cuddling me with my erection poking her backside.  Husband denied.

*  *  *  *  *
* I do read a forum about hotwifing and the distinction among various lifestyle labels seems to crop up a bit.  Suzy has asked me about it, and I think at various times I've started a post.  The fact of the matter is: I think Suzy is a "hotwife" because she has sex with men other than me with my knowledge and approval (kinda hard to deny the "tenting").  I'm really turned on by the double standard, and part of our dirty talking was her teasing me about how many lovers she's had compared to me.  I believe I'm a "cuckold" in the sense that my wife has sex with other men with my knowledge.  In these forums and via google, there seems to be a bit of a consensus that a cuckold is more into humiliation, etc.  While we've occasionally played with humiliation, that's not a normal part of our sex play.  So, perhaps I'm not a "full fledged" cuckold, but I enjoy - during dirty talk - her referring to me as a cuckold (I enjoy being called "slave", for that matter; as well as her saying that my release is contingent on me being a good "boy"), and we both seem to like the idea of her being a "hotwife".  We have agreed that her extramarital sexual partners are not "bulls" because I certainly would not want to be humiliated by another male (which seems to be the nuance of the term bulls, that they humiliate the cuckold husband).  So, for now, I will refer to her as the hotwife, me the cuckold husband, and her partners as "playmates", "boytoys", "lovers".