Monday, May 30, 2016

Lost Mojo?

For the past few weeks, I have uncharacteristically had an almost non-existent sex drive.  In spite of some inevitable middle age health issues (fewer and lower quality erections, "procedures"), I haven't lost much libido compared to my horny teenage years.  Call it "life getting in the way".  Well, and Suzy has herself had a lot of stressful events.  It's just been a crappy few months.  I am confident it will get better.

Meanwhile, I wanted to use the long weekend as a way to get my mind of those things, to enjoy and not stress.  On Saturday night - seemingly the first time in a while - we had a quality cuddle.  We had some pillow talk about how un-horny I was, and Suzy (jokingly?) said that it's been a relief that I haven't been after her, sexually.  She made it clear that she didn't want to play, but we CUDDLED all night and I groped her body.  This usually does increase my desire for her, and as I was half-waking up on Sunday morning, hands all over her, I envisioned the fact that other more virile men have enjoyed my wife's body.  I still get a rush in knowing that there are a few other men that have or are trying to enjoy my wife's sexuality.  My desire for her shot up quite a bit.  Plus, I had also been reflecting on our photo shoot that I discussed in my last post.

By that time I was super horny, my "mojo" back, and wanted her.  She gave me a rundown on where things stand with her, some banter as to how she "liked" me in my lost mojo state, and then had a heavy insinuation that she would "take a long shower", our euphemism for a shower-head induced solo female orgasm.  I wish she understood how hot I think female masturbation is, from my perspective.  It's a matter of perspective: the thought of me jerking off is disturbing to her, but the thought of her climaxing solo is very arousing to me... the whole "my wife NEEDS to come" thing.

So, we had a bit more info exchange and then we played VERY late last night.  Too late.  Naked, I got on top of her and darn near rubbed myself to a climax while I was giving her foreplay (sorry about all that pre-come on your PJ's hon!).  She had an intense Hitachi orgasm - it was very exciting for me to watch her experience that level of pleasure.  She treated me to a nice teasing session with nipple pinching, cock stroking, and ball torture, and I came very close to orgasm, but she backed off.  Orgasm denied.  At that point, I was super tired and crashed with her naked with the knowledge that my wife came twice within a 24 hour period.

*  *  *  *  *  
As I have said before, I get a bit depressed if I don't have a solid erection for a few days.  Suzy's tease and denial session have lifted my spirits up a bit.  I do have some pretty good cravings for some kinky sex play, and I am not sure where Suzy stands with this.  She implied last night that I was "topping from the bottom" (giving her too many "suggestions") but I am struggling to communicate my most current fantasies (many of which we've acted on several times, but not for a while) with some newer ones (again, most of which she knows about) - in light of Suzy wanting me to be more dominant or less submissive.  Maybe Suzy would be willing to try try this?


  1. You need a dam good spanking :)

  2. LOL I agree with submanhub :) But I am happy you got your mojo back... even if it was kind of put in a jar on the shelf for a bit :)

    1. haha, I think that's a reference to Austin Powers! Pretty funny movie!