Thursday, May 19, 2016

CFNM Nirvana - sexy photos of a hotwife

Suzy has been sending some sexy selfies to her potential playmates, sometimes while I am asleep and then after the fact she tells me about it, and shows me what she sent.  I usually ask, "what was his reaction", and its usually something positive, and they send back sexy photos of them.  This is pretty far outside her comfort zone, which was sorta solidified when we saw this movie in the theater.  So, she's changed her position on that.  Well, she and I had talked about me being the photographer so that she can have "better shots" than she can do alone with selfies.

We finally had our photoshoot a few days ago.  I helped retrieve some of her sexier undergarments/accessories and she sorted through what thong and bra she wanted.  I felt it was only right for me to be fully nude, to make her feel more comfortable.  So even though she was very exposed, I was still more exposed.

What a session!  I was in CFNM nirvana.  Here's what got me going:

  • Me composing a shot, sometimes getting on the floor, just trying to maximize the sexiness.
  • The degree to which we partnered in this effort, she and I both suggesting different angles/poses.
  • At least for me, the lack of shame around a married couple being comfortable with nudity sexiness even though we weren't initially directly engaging in sex.
  • The fact that the photos were intended for "her lovers", and after the shoot was done, she cropped and sent the ones she liked and deleted everything on my phone.  So no, I don't have a copy to share.
  • My personal favorite photo was one including my own erection at the entrance to her pussy.  I would love to have more photos of my own body as well.  Unfortunately, given the intended audience for the photos, I think that one was deleted.
  • After we were done and getting ready for bed, she allowed me to enter her, with a condom.  So hot for her to watch me roll the condom on.
  • As she was readying herself for penetration, she nonchalantly put on a sexy black camisole.  What a rush!  She had just taken several topless photos for her lovers, but for sex with me, she covers up.  I have no idea if she did this to satisfy my CFNM fetish, or she was just cold.  But it was so hot, me still being fully nude.  I believe she had on her stockings.
  • All told, I was fully nude for maybe like an hour?  My cock had varying stages of hardness, but clearly I was at least partially erect the whole time.  It feels so good to be so open and exposed, LIGHTS ON, for such an extended period of time.  What a foreplay session!  It was one of the few sessions we've had where I came before her.

*  *  *  *  *
Suzy has a planned "playdate" tonight.  I can't wait how it unfolds.  As luck would have it, this playmate is open to taking sexy photos of their play time, so it is possible that I will get a snapchat or a text from her at some point... mind is reeling as to what sexy shots I will get!