Friday, April 8, 2016

When hubby can't wait for seconds... anticipated "reclaim" sex of a hotwife

As you can see by my hotwife's latest blog post, we are going more and more into the cuckolding lifestyle.  Suzy has so far had 7 playdates with two different younger males.  Most of them were planned; one of the surprising issues we are having is the flakiness of the playmates.  You'd think that a horny guy would go more out of his way to remove obstacles such as girlfriends or work/family schedules to have no strings attached sex with a sexy MILF!

For me as the cuckold, being denied for the dates makes it more intense.  She had one date (with lover #1) that was somewhat spontaneous and we had actually had sex the night before (I'll never forget that orgasm, because I entered her missionary but her legs were completely closed - new sensation for me!)  While it turned me on a lot that she was playing, my balls were pretty drained and I was no longer horny.  I guess what I'm trying to say is that from my perspective, being denied (and therefore super horny) leading up to a playdate is pretty intense.  Our first cuckolding experience involved intense tease and denial and I was practically begging for her to get pounded by strange dick.

And that is our current situation.  Suzy has told me that I cannot have sex with her until she has sex with another male.  She said something to the effect that, "you get seconds, husband".  We had a sexy play time last night - she came out fully nude and fed me her nipples as part of foreplay.  She came nicely from fingering/Hitachi and I played around with her a bit, us both nude.  I was erect, and I asked her if I could enter her, and she assertively said, "no, not until I've had another lover".  What struck me is how confident and assured she was in her decision.

So, I'm practically craving her to get laid, so that I can "reclaim" her with some marital sex.  She has a "meet and greet" tonight, and therefore there is a possibility that she will click with him and possibly have intercourse.  Of course, I am rooting for both of them to have a good time.  Cuckolding is a team sport.

She has a tentative date this weekend with lover #2 ("Mike").  But he has been very flaky, and I'm not holding my breath (or should I say "cock"?  Not sure here).  So if it doesn't work out tonight, it may be a while longer until I enjoy Suzy's warm tight pussy.  She needn't worry, though, because I am more than willing to take care of her physical needs until that time comes.

So, wish us luck tonight!  She does have her sexy top, sexy thongs, and toy bag with condoms packed and ready to go.

Love you Suzy!



  1. Good luck tonight. Let us know what happens.


  2. That is such a wonderfully dominant act, telling you that you cannot have her until another man has done so! It certainly must contribute to your motivation and arousal.

  3. Indeed. It appears that it is still hotwife happy hour. Sounds like we're getting lucky ;-)

  4. I'm over the other side of the world laying in a lounge chair under some trees shading the sun dreaming of your challenge with your lady ,so amazing can't wait

  5. My goodness this sounds so hot! I can see the visions of pussy dancing around in your head as you endure this period of denial. I simply can't imagine seeing/playing with my naked wife with zero prospect of knowing her pussy again until another man has taken it! Bulging in my panties just thinking of it....