Sunday, April 3, 2016

Quarterly Sex Report

We've had some fun times lately, which I've captured in our orgasm tracker page at a high level.  I won't go into details at the moment, but it's fair to say that our sex life has been very enjoyable lately.

At the beginning of the year, I had tallied up our orgasm data from years past and proposed to Suzy that we have a 2016 New Year's resolution of 100 female orgasms.  It seemed like she brushed me off at the time, but it's come up here and there as the year progressed.  We've had a bit of fun with it via texting.  Since the first quarter is officially over, I thought it would be fun to tally it up and extrapolate to see if we are on target for our goal.

She has had 29 orgasms, putting her on pace for 116, well above the goal.  That's awesome!  I'm hoping that we can maintain this pace and find new and interesting ways for her to climax.

As a side note, I have come 12 times and she has been directly responsible for 4 extramarital male orgasms.

Which leads me to: where are we going, sexually from here?  Will we keep pace to accomplish the goal of 100 female orgasms?  Will cuckolding remain a part of our sex lives (she actually had sexted me that the goal of 100 is more easily obtained with additional sex partners... Hot!)?  What fantasies will we explore?  What is the goal for my orgasms?

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