Wednesday, April 27, 2016

My "unicorn" hotwife

Things have slowed down a bit, due to some stressful family issues, Suzy having her period, and my libido being unexpectedly low (have I lost my "mojo"?).  We haven't been having a lot of sex lately, I think I got a handjob in last week, and used the vibe on her.

In spite of mother nature's "obstacle", Suzy continues to arrange for potential playmates when the time comes.  She had a meet and greet with a younger guy last week.  From what I can tell, it went quite well.  They did not do anything sexual, it was a ~2 hour coffee and I think he kissed her and hugged her.  She gave me the lowdown after the "date" and I was pretty excited (occasionally staring at her D-cups with a shirt specifically picked to highlight the "twin peaks".  Suzy basically said that she could see this guy being a regular playmate.  As most who have entered the hotwifing lifestyle will attest, good communication between the married couple is super important.  And when your hotwife looks you in the eye, unembarrassed, and says, "I'd like to have sex with him", you know you have a good amount of communication.

I am having a tough time keeping her potential playmates straight.  I don't really want to use their real names - it's possible she will let at least one of them on our blogging secret at some point.

Playmate #1 is totally out of the picture.

Playmate #2, "Mike" is still in the picture.  He is a super flake and she has had sex with him a couple of times.  She is open to meeting up with him again.  I kinda get excited at the thought that she needs more "practice" having sex with him.... sorta like she can't quite tell if she likes it so she needs to try again.

Playmate #3 (that is to say, her third extramarital sex partner) didn't contact her for a while after their carnal encounter, then said he wants to play again.  I am not sure how those discussions have gone.  She has said that he is the most likely "friend" to play in front of me (frankly, I don't know exactly what that means at this point - watching/tag-teaming/a full threesome with penetration from one male and her giving a blojob to the other... yes, please!), so naturally I am rooting for him.  Suzy has asked me a few times if I'd "really" be ok watching another male copulate with her.  I really do think I am!

She has a couple of other guys that she corresponds with by email/text/phone.  I believe she has one guy that likes her voice, and jacks off when (or after?) they talk.... phone sex!  At any rate, I don't have a solid understanding of where things stand with the men she hasn't yet met in person.

*  *  *  *  *
What I do know is that even though my sex drive has been down, the thought of her playing hit me today, and I am super excited about it (yes, I have pre-come in my underwear right now).  Suzy has confided to me that things were a little overwhelming with her on the number of men that try to connect with her on her dating site.  She is a bit of a "unicorn" on her dating site, in the sense that a single male can approach her without producing a female partner to "share" with me.  Thus, the many inquiries from single men.  For now, it seems that she is going to stick it out with these 4-6 men for the time being.  Happy hotwifing, darling!


  1. I wonder - I think I would be insanely jealous. On the otherhand my wife seems to be so non sexual that any off this sort of thing would be exciting.
    Enjoy the ride.

  2. So far out of our league but riveting to think about! I do hope things go as well as they can for you guys in these newly charted waters. Something I'm curious about, does she tease try to get you jealous and extra desirous for her with cuckholding talk? That seems like it would be a great side effect of what you guys are exploring now.


  3. She has teased me a bit about cuckolding. During sex, she will sometimes talk about her lovers, how different they are, things like that. I tend to lose it as it excites me a lot.

    She has also denied me sex, saying that her lover gets her before me. That turns me on quite a bit too.

    I don't think she's trying specifically to make me jealous, but it does excite me quite a bit.