Sunday, March 13, 2016

Orgasm donor

Suzy's period was over, and she wanted to play last night.  During most of her periods, she will allow use of the Hitachi wand over her pad, but that was not the case this time.  So she was ready for an orgasm, and told me verbally that she wanted one NOW.

She enjoyed feeling the stiffness of my arousal as the foreplay progressed.  I took her PJ bottoms and panties off, but she did not want her top off.  She asked me dubiously if I "could handle" her pussy, meaning would I be able to last long enough for her to orgasm while inside her.  I thought so, and then she gave a clear direction that she wanted me to wear a condom.  I did as I was told and wrapped my cock up with a SKYN condom.  I entered her and then she applied the Hitachi to her clit.  She told me to slow down, she wanted the penetration to be nice and slow.  She came nicely, and I was able to hold off on my own orgasm.

I had a feeling she didn't want me to come, but she realizes that when I am inside her, I get very excited especially during her climax.  She has told me that her own orgasms are better with me inside her, which I appreciate.

So, she was in her post orgasm bliss, and I was still inside her as we discussed her orgasm.  I moved very slowly to maintain my erection, and then asked her if she wanted me to come.  She said "no", she'd prefer me to be denied.  So, I withdrew and took the un-soiled condom off and threw it away, then put her clothes back on, horny and erect the whole time.  We then cuddled as she fell asleep.

*  *  *  *  *
What turned me on about the session was how assertive she was about using a condom and, given my sexual stamina, telling me very clearly that she wanted me to be be denied.  So, I was an orgasm donor, but not a recipient.  Why did she want me to wear a condom?

I think two reasons: I can last longer with a condom.  But, she also has a "playdate" with "Mike" and part of me thinks that she didn't want me to release a load inside her so that she was "fresher" for him.  Only Suzy knows.... but it was hot in that as a submissive husband, I do enjoy being told how to engage with sex with her, in this case, to wear a condom, to penetrate her slowly until she came, and then ultimately to withdraw my cock from her pussy.  

But, as you can imagine, I'm very horny.  In any case, Suzy is preparing for her "encounter" with Mike.  Hotel room sex this afternoon, she will have a couple of hours to spend with him.  I am in the process of doing laundry, including cleaning our bedsheets while she will have some well-deserved play time with Mike.  She may call me over to take more complete advantage of the hotel, for some reclaiming sex.  But of course at that point, I am not sure how long I will last.  And, it's not a given, she may have a bad time, she may be too sore, etc.  We shall see...


  1. I have read about couples using condoms and sometimes desensitizing creams to allow the man to hold back from an orgasm. Are there any other techniques you have found effective? I'm sure that my ability to control myself will be pretty weak, especially in the first while after Madam and I have met, so I am looking for good ideas.

    1. I have read and I think we have tried using Anbesol to desensitize. I think it's the same stuff as in the "delay" condoms. Suzy definitely does not want the numbness transferred to her. There's also a product I've seen called "Promescent" that claims to absorb into skin of the male, thus allowing skin-to-skin contact. I'm interested in trying that out, but it's hella expensive.
      I think these products do work, but Suzy doesn't seem too keen on them. Interested in her thoughts on this.

  2. Wow...lovely story of your day. Very loving of Suzy to have you like that, and tell you just what She wanted! i'm sure She enjoyed the power of it all. And i do agree She probably wanted to feel "cleaner" with her upcoming date with Mike. Hope you got to get over there for the "after-party." :) sara

    1. Thanks for the comment. I just posted the "after-party" details, and possibly my misconception about the condom usage. Hope you find the part 2 arousing... yes, we are very much in love :-)