Thursday, March 3, 2016


Suzy decided to lock me up in my cage Tuesday night, after she had an amazing orgasm.  She didn't want to play with any of our newer toys, but was open to some play.  I fingered her in that special way with the Hitachi on her clit and she came in buckets.  It was awesome - she even made a comment about it to me the following morning!  YES!

So after that, I was fully erect and asked to penetrate her - access denied.  Since I was going to be home, she told me to lock up.  I whipped that cage on in no time, and Suzy snapped the lock shut.  She teased called me her "dear locked sub" when I snapchatted her a photo of my caged cock; she complimented me for being "a good boy", which made me fill the cage.

My last orgasm was Feb 22, and it seems like she is going to deny me a bit longer.  She had some talk of a playdate with Mike but it's not 100% and her period is coming up.  Don't know what she has in mind, but I'm in full blown oxytocin fueled courtship mode right now.  In any event, I'm super horny.

I suspect that we will have some play time tonight, and perhaps I will get a little more info on when I might be unlocked and/or allowed to come.  Perhaps.... not holding my breath!

Suzy seems more open to posting sexy photos, so here's my contribution to illustrate my current state:

Locked sub ~ proof I've been a "good boy"
We are certainly having a lot of fun!  I LOVE that woman!


  1. Nice to see you in person, LTS! Is the elastic just to stop the lock from making noise? I'm also glad to see you have some hair down there, like me.

    1. Thanks, Bear! Yes, the rubber band is just to prevent clinking while I'm walking around. That would be tough to explain! LOL.
      I trim my pubes pretty short, I think I used a No 1 blade a week or so ago. I do shave my chest, which Suzy enjoys.