Saturday, March 5, 2016

Locked and cuckolded?

Suzy has a planned hotel playdate this afternoon with "Mike".  Since my last orgasm 12 days ago, Suzy has had 5 climaxes (last night she said, ,"that's all?") and I've been locked in chastity for 4 nights.  She's been doing a fair amount of teasing via text, especially yesterday afternoon.  Suffice it to say, we are really enjoying our sex life.

I woke up this morning and got her her hot cocoa (with whipped cream this time) and asked if she wanted me to serve her breakfast.  I made her breakfast in bed. I don't think I've fully explained to her how even doing that puts me into subspace.  I like being her slave/servant husband.  Eating breakfast in bed is not really my thing, so typically I will serve her and then make my own and eat it downstairs.  This gives her plenty of time to "phone" and I think as a busy parent she appreciates the time alone.  While she doesn't "make" me eat downstairs, it does make me feel more servant-like to give her that time - along the lines of "the slaves do not eat with the masters" (or in my case Mistress).  Suzy probably doesn't think about that at all, but I do.  When I am not tired from work, it's really fun to serve my Queen.

Suzy is concerned that Mike may cancel.  There's some potential weather around and he doesn't have a lot of time for the kind of play time she wants.  Nonetheless, Suzy is now in the shower getting ready for sex with him.  She's going to shave her pussy and will likely get to the hotel room first and greet him at the door in something sexy but just "for him".  This has become a major turnon for both of us ~ to have certain things like lingerie and sex toys that are not for me but her lover.

Assuming this goes forward, this will be the first time she will cuckold me while I'm locked.  So after she finished breakfast, she sent me this text:

Suzy can really hit my submissive buttons!

The "situation" is that if he does cancel, Suzy will be very upset, and I most likely will not get sex, and potentially will stay locked.  The rub here is that Suzy's period will start soon, so this may be the last time she can play for a little while.  So, our interests are aligned: we both want her to have sex with Mike!

I love you Suzy.  Hope you have fun!

Your submissive locked cuckold husband


  1. I love following your blog. We have discussed a cage for me and R known I'm willing to wear one until she wants it removed but even though we have looked a them on line she is concerned about some of the complaints such as chafing so for now no cage for me. Also she is not interested in having other lovers and I can only think how I'd feel knowing she was going out to have sex with someone else. There would be no jealousy as I know where her heart is it would just be play time for her. So I don't have what you do but love following you.

    1. Thank you for the kind words, archedone. We are having a lot of fun and her acceptance of my kinkiness really makes me feel close to her.

  2. Just to reassure you that your readers are alive and well... I am following this story closely and hope you both have a great time. My own fantasies tend toward threesomes, and Madam has said that she does not wish to take lovers, but I enjoy reading about your adventures.
    Waiting to be summoned, finding your freshly-fucked wife ready for you... mmmm.

    1. Thanks, Bear. Hopefully we are building up to me watching/participating. Right now she's more comfortable 1:1. It's been pretty exciting for me to hear about her adventures!