Monday, March 7, 2016

Caged cuckold

Suzy's Saturday date with "Mike" was cancelled.  She had planned to only let me out of the chastity cage after she played with Mike.  Bear in mind that Suzy's period is just around the corner.  So I was facing a prolonged period of orgasm denial and/or lockdown in the cage.  I was starting to get antsy.

She then got an unexpected contact from her first "friend".  This "friend" is flaky, a bit self-centered during sex, has pretty good stamina, is more dominant in bed, and drives Suzy crazy.  She thinks that she was a "conquest" to him, and once he had sex with her he, became really flaky.  I thought that Suzy was done with him a long time ago.  Nevertheless, he saved the weekend in the sense that they did get together, had sex, and Suzy consequently unlocked me and allowed me to have sex with her.

Suzy seemed to be looking forward to the encounter (she was all smiles) and sprang into action by putting on a sexy dress, taking off her panties, brushing her teeth, and gathering the required materials (condoms, because he told her he did not have any on him).  Her pussy had been freshly shaved for the planned encounter with Mike.  Car sex ~ not my favorite for her ~ and while they went at it, I was locked in my cage watching a Bond movie.  I had not known this tryst was going to take place (he's all talk, so she says) so I had taken a sleeping pill.

So there I was, my cock trying to escape its polycarbonate confines, thinking about my wife getting banged by a dude with a lot of endurance, watching Bond and trying not to fall asleep.  Cuckolding doesn't alway work out the way you plan!  LOL

Anyway, I made sure Suzy had an extra condom, she said she didn't need any toys, and I told her to have a good time.  She looked super sexy.  She left for her "playdate" and about a half an hour later, she came back, her hair a little bit disheveled, and freshly fucked.  Unfortunately, neither she nor he made it to the promised land.  No orgasms.  She came in and I hugged her.  We went upstairs, I disrobed, and she unlocked me.  Photos follow:
Suzy, freshly fucked by her friend with benefits, unlocking her cuckold husband
Bummer I didn't get her wedding ring in the photo!  I was a little preoccupied!

After she unlocked me, I showered so my cock was "fresh" for her.  I had no problem getting hard and inserted my cock into her already fucked pussy.  She had asked me if she was "looser" and I guess she was.  It felt great anyway.  No lube necessary ~ I guess you could say her pussy was "pre-wet" for me.  I didn't last too long because it had been a while since I came and the events of the night were such a turnon to me.  She also gave me the rundown on the sexual encounter she just had.

My orgasm was fantastic.  It felt like I could not pump my semen out fast enough, like my plumbing was backed up (sorry if that's TMI).  I would imagine I released quite a load in her.  This was one of the few times I came first, and after I passed out from the pleasure, I handed her the Hitachi and she finished the job.

She did some pretty sexy talk that I won't detail here; just some possibilities for future play.  For me as her submissive husband, this cuckolding lifestyle/adventure is far more exciting than I thought it would be, and has gotten better.  I love this woman!


  1. Very exciting. Glad to see you posting some pics, too. I need to do the same!