Sunday, March 20, 2016

The afternoon of five orgasms

Last Sunday, Suzy had a hotel playdate with "Magic Mike".  I've been mulling over the events and in my mind, "The afternoon of five orgasms" is the most appropriate title for the events that transpired.  To cut the the chase, it was a great time for all three participants.

She was to meet him around 3:00 at a local hotel.  She was nervous that he would cancel and demanded that he give a yes/no by 2:00.  He said he could do it, so she left around that time to "setup".  She had fantasized about greeting him at the door in the red lingerie that was on a few posts ago.  She had her toybag ready to go, I kissed her and told her that I loved her and wanted her to have a good time.  Suzy texted me a play-by-play of her feelings and the status of his arrival.  The last text I got was something like, "he's here", and at that point I didn't disturb her.  I was watching our child and doing laundry while she was literally in bed with a younger lover.  I thought about things a lot, but me doing the laundry both kept me occupied and made me feel a little extra submissive.

The details of the playdate are probably best left to her.  At a high level, he came fairly quickly in the missionary position.  Suzy did get him erect for a second round of doggy style sex - he lasted a lot longer for round 2.  She seemed "proud" that she got him erect.  He came a second time; somewhere in the mix Suzy had an orgasm with one of her toys.

I got a text from her around 5:00 and she said to come over to the hotel, "we might as well get our money's worth".  I asked her if she had a good time and she said, "Yep, very happy".  I got there as fast as I could.  Got into the hotel room, kissed her, then got naked.  She was still in her red lingerie.  I was super excited.

Suzy gave me some details of her playdate and I was getting more and more turned on.  I brought our Hitachi from home and gave her an orgasm.  After a while, I got on top of her and she said she wanted me to wear a condom*.  Fully erect, I asked her to roll it on me, and she said no, she wanted to watch me put it on.  That was super arousing for me, getting my CFNM fetish in.  I was fully naked and hard, condom covered, and she was still in her red lingerie.  She did not get fully naked with Mike either.  Hot.  I knew I wasn't going to last long.

Entering her felt different than normal.  It did feel like my cock just slide right in.  I don't know if Mike "loosened" her, or if it was a matter of she was already well excited.  But that was hot.  She did some awesome dirty talking and then I came in a matter of only a few strokes.  The ejaculation felt like my semen couldn't shoot out fast enough, like it was blocked somehow.  It was a great orgasm.  She made a few jokes as I was coming (I think she said, "that's the fastest you've every come") and once it was over, I crashed beside her and caressed her body.  It was a hot experience.

One surreal detail that I can't get out of my mind was that after my erection subsided, I walked over to the bathroom to "clean up".  It was a weird experience withdrawing my semen-filled condom and putting it in the same trash can as two other semen-filled condoms from her lover.  So, there was the physical evidence of two orgasms from her lover and one from me; plus the two she had from the vibrator.  Amounts to "the afternoon of five orgasms".

*  *  *  *  *

* <Warning: this may be TMI for some readers>
So, I had read the condom thing wrong.  From our Saturday night play and then on Sunday for the three penetrations she received, Suzy wasn't fully "clear" from her period and was concerned about cleanliness.  I misread that - when she has gyno appointments, she either won't let me come in her, or makes me wear a condom so as to be "clean" for the exam.  I thought that was what was going on with Mike, but it sounds like it was just out of hygienic concern.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Orgasm donor

Suzy's period was over, and she wanted to play last night.  During most of her periods, she will allow use of the Hitachi wand over her pad, but that was not the case this time.  So she was ready for an orgasm, and told me verbally that she wanted one NOW.

She enjoyed feeling the stiffness of my arousal as the foreplay progressed.  I took her PJ bottoms and panties off, but she did not want her top off.  She asked me dubiously if I "could handle" her pussy, meaning would I be able to last long enough for her to orgasm while inside her.  I thought so, and then she gave a clear direction that she wanted me to wear a condom.  I did as I was told and wrapped my cock up with a SKYN condom.  I entered her and then she applied the Hitachi to her clit.  She told me to slow down, she wanted the penetration to be nice and slow.  She came nicely, and I was able to hold off on my own orgasm.

I had a feeling she didn't want me to come, but she realizes that when I am inside her, I get very excited especially during her climax.  She has told me that her own orgasms are better with me inside her, which I appreciate.

So, she was in her post orgasm bliss, and I was still inside her as we discussed her orgasm.  I moved very slowly to maintain my erection, and then asked her if she wanted me to come.  She said "no", she'd prefer me to be denied.  So, I withdrew and took the un-soiled condom off and threw it away, then put her clothes back on, horny and erect the whole time.  We then cuddled as she fell asleep.

*  *  *  *  *
What turned me on about the session was how assertive she was about using a condom and, given my sexual stamina, telling me very clearly that she wanted me to be be denied.  So, I was an orgasm donor, but not a recipient.  Why did she want me to wear a condom?

I think two reasons: I can last longer with a condom.  But, she also has a "playdate" with "Mike" and part of me thinks that she didn't want me to release a load inside her so that she was "fresher" for him.  Only Suzy knows.... but it was hot in that as a submissive husband, I do enjoy being told how to engage with sex with her, in this case, to wear a condom, to penetrate her slowly until she came, and then ultimately to withdraw my cock from her pussy.  

But, as you can imagine, I'm very horny.  In any case, Suzy is preparing for her "encounter" with Mike.  Hotel room sex this afternoon, she will have a couple of hours to spend with him.  I am in the process of doing laundry, including cleaning our bedsheets while she will have some well-deserved play time with Mike.  She may call me over to take more complete advantage of the hotel, for some reclaiming sex.  But of course at that point, I am not sure how long I will last.  And, it's not a given, she may have a bad time, she may be too sore, etc.  We shall see...

Monday, March 7, 2016

Caged cuckold

Suzy's Saturday date with "Mike" was cancelled.  She had planned to only let me out of the chastity cage after she played with Mike.  Bear in mind that Suzy's period is just around the corner.  So I was facing a prolonged period of orgasm denial and/or lockdown in the cage.  I was starting to get antsy.

She then got an unexpected contact from her first "friend".  This "friend" is flaky, a bit self-centered during sex, has pretty good stamina, is more dominant in bed, and drives Suzy crazy.  She thinks that she was a "conquest" to him, and once he had sex with her he, became really flaky.  I thought that Suzy was done with him a long time ago.  Nevertheless, he saved the weekend in the sense that they did get together, had sex, and Suzy consequently unlocked me and allowed me to have sex with her.

Suzy seemed to be looking forward to the encounter (she was all smiles) and sprang into action by putting on a sexy dress, taking off her panties, brushing her teeth, and gathering the required materials (condoms, because he told her he did not have any on him).  Her pussy had been freshly shaved for the planned encounter with Mike.  Car sex ~ not my favorite for her ~ and while they went at it, I was locked in my cage watching a Bond movie.  I had not known this tryst was going to take place (he's all talk, so she says) so I had taken a sleeping pill.

So there I was, my cock trying to escape its polycarbonate confines, thinking about my wife getting banged by a dude with a lot of endurance, watching Bond and trying not to fall asleep.  Cuckolding doesn't alway work out the way you plan!  LOL

Anyway, I made sure Suzy had an extra condom, she said she didn't need any toys, and I told her to have a good time.  She looked super sexy.  She left for her "playdate" and about a half an hour later, she came back, her hair a little bit disheveled, and freshly fucked.  Unfortunately, neither she nor he made it to the promised land.  No orgasms.  She came in and I hugged her.  We went upstairs, I disrobed, and she unlocked me.  Photos follow:
Suzy, freshly fucked by her friend with benefits, unlocking her cuckold husband
Bummer I didn't get her wedding ring in the photo!  I was a little preoccupied!

After she unlocked me, I showered so my cock was "fresh" for her.  I had no problem getting hard and inserted my cock into her already fucked pussy.  She had asked me if she was "looser" and I guess she was.  It felt great anyway.  No lube necessary ~ I guess you could say her pussy was "pre-wet" for me.  I didn't last too long because it had been a while since I came and the events of the night were such a turnon to me.  She also gave me the rundown on the sexual encounter she just had.

My orgasm was fantastic.  It felt like I could not pump my semen out fast enough, like my plumbing was backed up (sorry if that's TMI).  I would imagine I released quite a load in her.  This was one of the few times I came first, and after I passed out from the pleasure, I handed her the Hitachi and she finished the job.

She did some pretty sexy talk that I won't detail here; just some possibilities for future play.  For me as her submissive husband, this cuckolding lifestyle/adventure is far more exciting than I thought it would be, and has gotten better.  I love this woman!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Locked and cuckolded?

Suzy has a planned hotel playdate this afternoon with "Mike".  Since my last orgasm 12 days ago, Suzy has had 5 climaxes (last night she said, ,"that's all?") and I've been locked in chastity for 4 nights.  She's been doing a fair amount of teasing via text, especially yesterday afternoon.  Suffice it to say, we are really enjoying our sex life.

I woke up this morning and got her her hot cocoa (with whipped cream this time) and asked if she wanted me to serve her breakfast.  I made her breakfast in bed. I don't think I've fully explained to her how even doing that puts me into subspace.  I like being her slave/servant husband.  Eating breakfast in bed is not really my thing, so typically I will serve her and then make my own and eat it downstairs.  This gives her plenty of time to "phone" and I think as a busy parent she appreciates the time alone.  While she doesn't "make" me eat downstairs, it does make me feel more servant-like to give her that time - along the lines of "the slaves do not eat with the masters" (or in my case Mistress).  Suzy probably doesn't think about that at all, but I do.  When I am not tired from work, it's really fun to serve my Queen.

Suzy is concerned that Mike may cancel.  There's some potential weather around and he doesn't have a lot of time for the kind of play time she wants.  Nonetheless, Suzy is now in the shower getting ready for sex with him.  She's going to shave her pussy and will likely get to the hotel room first and greet him at the door in something sexy but just "for him".  This has become a major turnon for both of us ~ to have certain things like lingerie and sex toys that are not for me but her lover.

Assuming this goes forward, this will be the first time she will cuckold me while I'm locked.  So after she finished breakfast, she sent me this text:

Suzy can really hit my submissive buttons!

The "situation" is that if he does cancel, Suzy will be very upset, and I most likely will not get sex, and potentially will stay locked.  The rub here is that Suzy's period will start soon, so this may be the last time she can play for a little while.  So, our interests are aligned: we both want her to have sex with Mike!

I love you Suzy.  Hope you have fun!

Your submissive locked cuckold husband

Thursday, March 3, 2016


Suzy decided to lock me up in my cage Tuesday night, after she had an amazing orgasm.  She didn't want to play with any of our newer toys, but was open to some play.  I fingered her in that special way with the Hitachi on her clit and she came in buckets.  It was awesome - she even made a comment about it to me the following morning!  YES!

So after that, I was fully erect and asked to penetrate her - access denied.  Since I was going to be home, she told me to lock up.  I whipped that cage on in no time, and Suzy snapped the lock shut.  She teased called me her "dear locked sub" when I snapchatted her a photo of my caged cock; she complimented me for being "a good boy", which made me fill the cage.

My last orgasm was Feb 22, and it seems like she is going to deny me a bit longer.  She had some talk of a playdate with Mike but it's not 100% and her period is coming up.  Don't know what she has in mind, but I'm in full blown oxytocin fueled courtship mode right now.  In any event, I'm super horny.

I suspect that we will have some play time tonight, and perhaps I will get a little more info on when I might be unlocked and/or allowed to come.  Perhaps.... not holding my breath!

Suzy seems more open to posting sexy photos, so here's my contribution to illustrate my current state:

Locked sub ~ proof I've been a "good boy"
We are certainly having a lot of fun!  I LOVE that woman!