Sunday, February 21, 2016

What I get from being a hotwife/cuckold husband

We still are enjoying the "hotwife lifestyle".  I thought I'd post a note about what I get out of my wife having sex with other men.

Validation - I think my wife is super sexy.  I think her face is very pretty.  Plus, she's got D-cup breasts that even after 20 years of marriage still make my heart beat faster when she wears a revealing outfit.  Her ass is super hot too.  And her pussy.... Fuck it, I think everything about her is sexy.  But here's the thing - I'm the husband.  Of course I think she's sexy.  But other men admiring her, getting hard for her, climaxing with her.  Just as it is a validation of her, it's a validation of me.  I have a sexy wife, and other men think so too.  What husband does NOT want other men turned on by his wife?

Variety - I made the varsity basketball team, but did not play much.  I could not claim that I was the best player.  Likewise, I don't think I can claim that I am the best lover for my wife.  There are likely other men that are more skilled at sex than I am.  That have better "attributes" in terms of youth, sexual stamina, cock size, six pack abs, etc.  I don't want to deprive my wife of those experiences.  I am equally "jealous" of that than I was over ball players that were better than me.  Some are just gifted with more ability.  Not everyone can be Michael Jordan.  I do expect that her increased experience will pay dividends for us, will improve our intimacy.

Voyeur - Hotwifing is a team sport.  I really do get turned on when she tells me how many "suitors" are pursuing her and her telling me which ones are turning her on.  A major hump to this lifestyle was when she felt comfortable verbally telling me which men turned her on.  First, it was Brad Pitt, her celebrity crush.  Then, it was "Cory" the young, studly, tattooed waiter.  I would swear she skipped a heartbeat when she saw him.  I admit that I was a little embarrassed about this due to it being in front of our kids, but I value her raw sexual reactions.  I do not feel bad about myself if she is attracted to others.  But being a part of the story is extremely exciting.  Rather I value the honesty.  She is a sexual being, and can be aroused by other men.  I like her being honest with me and telling me about it.  

Compersion - Dangit, not everything starts with a 'V'.  I enjoy her being happy.  "Compersion" is defined as "an empathetic state of happiness and joy experienced when another individual experiences happiness and joy".  Basically, I'm happy that she's happy.  Her being pleasured sexually does not threaten me.  Rather, it's exciting to me.  Think about when it's someone you love's birthday.  Are you happy when they enjoy a gift they receive?  I sure am!  Basically, I'm happy when my wife is sexually satisfied.  When my wife denies my orgasm, but she is pleasured, I still am happy.  I love it when she enjoys sex.  I think her orgasm gives me more pleasure than my own.  I want her to be happy.

Well, here she is.  Enjoy!  I LOVE this woman!


  1. Love your analysis. I have often wondered why I enjoy fantasizing about Madam with another man or woman, and this is a good list. In my case, my fantasies are usually based on being there at the time and being able to see her pleasure - that's the most amazing sight in my world.

    1. After reflecting on this, I think there are some other pieces I've left out. Perhaps in another post. Suzy knows that I want to watch her have sex with another man, but she isn't ready for that yet. I think she wants to be more comfortable with her partner first. Cuckolding for us has been a series of "humps" that i think I'll blog about soon.

  2. PS fabulous photo, it's easy to see why Suzy has no trouble attracting men! Thanks from all your readers!

  3. Thanks for sharing you thoughts

  4. lovetosubmit .... being a submissive husband that wants only for my Mistress Wife to have ANY pleasure she may seek, I can completely understand how you feel and where it comes from. I just don't think I would be able to survive emotionally knowing that my beloved Wife shared such intimate, passionate moments with another man. Selfish? Perhaps. Jealousy? probably. I just can't help it although it is something I think about more and more. Hmmm .

    Excellent post and thank you brother sub!

  5. I have to say Thank You for posting a real photo! Bear and I have always posted real photos of ourselves, faces removed, and I appreciate this picture of Suzy. By the way, lovetosubmit, your wife is HOT and I just love this photo of her! More please!!!

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  7. Thank you Madam, I think she's HOT also! We've talked about doing some more photos! That was a selfie, but I'd like to be the photographer!