Saturday, February 6, 2016

The question of going back to "vanilla"

Patty of the cuckoldingnathan blog answered a reader question around if her partner decided he no longer wanted to pursue the cuckolding lifestyle.  I believe we are in sync with her response.  However, since we are pretty new to this - and Suzy's initial involvement was so exciting to both of us - it's not exactly a fair question just yet.

The question another way might be: what would be my reaction if Suzy wanted to stop kinky sex, and go back to "vanilla"?

Prior to our last play session, I had been really craving to be dominated.  It had been a while since she had a session with cock and ball torture, nipple torture, edging, and tease and denial.  I had been craving being kinky.  I asked Suzy about being tying me up and spanking me on our famous sex talk and she didn't seem that interested.  Then this:

She came to bed and she essentially initiated sex.  Which is AWESOME.  I was naked and she started stroking me and administered some pain to my boys.  Time stood still.  I didn't know if she was going to give me an orgasm or deny me.  Suzy even told me that my breathing pattern was telling her I was getting close, so she would stop stroking me and then play with my chest and nipples.  My erection would subside a bit but once she returned to my cock and balls, I would quickly get rock hard.  She edged me like that a few times and then she turned over and decided that it was time to go to bed.  While she was initially reluctant, I convinced her to have a Hitachi orgasm, which was nice.  I was so horny, but she decided to leave me denied.

It is such a rush for me to have her dominate me like that.  It almost feels like I'm in a trance-like state - others refer to it as "sub-space".  It gives me a tremendous amount of pleasure, to be hard for her and to receive the pain when I am sexually aroused.  I realize this may be hard for Suzy to "get" but I really do want to come.  But I also love it when she decides that she doesn't want me to orgasm.  Her pussy and my cock are both "hers".

Our kinks bring us together.  My "love language" is physical touch, and I really can't get enough all sorts of physical touches with her.  I think it's very hot that my loving soccer mom wife that wouldn't hurt a fly can get kinky and bust her husband's balls - and enjoy it (speaking of that, Suzy, I have been a bit curious about trying a humbler.  Only $30.  Thoughts?).  She makes it hurt so good.  It brings me really closer to her.

So, this is a long winded way of answering: I would be sad, but I would accept it.  Similar to how Patty answered the question around quitting cuckolding cold turkey.  I get a lot of enjoyment around the things we do, and I like it especially when she likes it.  I know she likes sex being about her.  I know she likes inflicting pain on me.  I know she likes being in control of my orgasms.  Our life is good.  I love you baby!

*  *  *  *  *
Her playdate was cancelled.  Bummer.  I can tell that Suzy really wants to play with "guy #3".  Since this seems certain to happen, I will introduce him as "Mike".  We'll see if he is "magic", LOL.  The bummer is that Suzy's period will be starting soon, so it may be another 2 weeks before she can play.

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