Sunday, February 28, 2016

Hubby Denied All Day

We had a very lazy day Saturday.  Didn't really get going until the afternoon, although I did make my Queen breakfast in bed.  I love serving my Queen, trying to figure ways to be loving towards her.  I don't always eat with her, but while she was eating breakfast in bed, I wrote my prior blog post.

We had a lot of communication around our sex life.  I feel that we are really connecting as to what pleases us.  We had an engagement - just the two of us - yesterday evening that involved a 1.5 hour drive.  As I was driving, Suzy started stroking my genitals in no time I got fully erect.  She then undid my pants (making a point of telling me how I still can't undo her bra with one hand) and stimulated me with skin-to-skin contact.  It felt great.  She's occasionally stimulate my balls.  I was a hot, horny mess.

After the event, we got home really late.  She came out and I began giving her foreplay.  She turned on her back and said, "are you going to penetrate me now"?  So, she got up in doggy position and I entered her.  She was fairly wet already.  She told me to slow down, I was pumping too fast.  I get so turned on when she TELLS me how to fuck her.  She also told me not to come.  So, I did as I was told and she was enjoying it.  As we had discussed, the downside of doggy is no face to face.  I really do love holding on to her hips though.  Anyway, I was getting close to orgasm (remember, I had been teased for probably 30-40 min earlier in the day), so we changed to missionary.  It was great to kiss her during the penetration, but she reiterated that I was not allowed to come.  I then pulled out and began applying our new toy to my wife's wet and eager pussy.

That was a case of trial and error: getting it insider her comfortably and then realizing that the speed could be increased.  She finally came.

I tried to get back inside her, and she said, "you had your chance".  Which isn't exactly true, because she had told me NOT to come.  But basically, she did not allow me back inside her and she was clear that I was not going to orgasm, that I had to wait.  She had worn thongs during the day, and told me that she wanted to wear "regular" panties to bed.  So I got those out, and put them on, and her PJ bottoms again.  I was rubbing on her the whole time, maintaining my erection, which I think we both enjoyed.  Then she said, OK, it's time for bed.  I cuddled her to sleep, then took some sleeping pills (I was way too excited) and phoned for a bit until they took effect.  Finally, I got to bed, my now flaccid cock coated with her pussy juices, but remaining horny and wanting.

It was a fun day.

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  1. What a great day. Thanks for giving us all the details.