Saturday, February 27, 2016

Exploring Female Sexuality

Suzy and I were playing this week and she said, "Didn't you just orgasm, husband?  I don't think it's time for you to come yet."  That kind of clarity is something that I appreciate as a submissive.  While I think she likes the idea of using my cock to enhance her pleasure, I don't think that I would have the stamina to avoid an orgasm, so there was an unspoken realization that I would not penetrate her with my cock.  It has been a long time since I've performed oral on her - and in spite of her control of my orgasms, she seems to like the idea of her sex partners being more "dominant" (more on this in another post).  Plus, I've read articles that discuss that a woman's probability of climax increases with the number of positions (while that was specifically talking about penetrative sex, it seems reasonable to me that could be applied to cunnilingus as well).

So, I wanted her to start the session with her on her knees and me underneath her, with the idea that we would switch to the classic woman on her back, husband between her legs.  She didn't like the idea at all.  Maybe next time.

I asked her if I could use a dildo on her.  I've used it on her before, but she seems a little skittish about penetration with non-human objects.  It is the feeldoe strapon that I bought years ago with the idea of her "pegging" me.  Anyway, it's a pretty large phallus, - much bigger than me - and she was a little concerned that I would hurt her.  I lubed it up and slowly entered her.  When I've used in the past, it turned me on a lot to watch her labia stretching to accommodate the thrusts.  In this case, the lights were very dim and I didn't see that, but she did have a fantastic orgasm.  Her pussy seemed to close up during her orgasm - what's that about?  She didn't talk much about it specifically, only that it was a great orgasm.  I wonder what she's thinking....

Well, there was a giant wet spot on the bed.  I think it was because of all the KY lube I used.  It is a huge turnon for me when I am denied to "clean up" after sex.  My Queen was only nude from the waist down and had even covered up her chest with the comforter.  I got my CFNM fetish in.  Then the clothes fetish.  i washed the dildo and wiped up the excess lube and loving put her panties on.  I really get turned on how she moves her legs and hips to get the panties on her, and I love how it's a team effort.  Then her PJ bottoms.  This was a slow process, with some sexual banter about our ongoing sexual activities.

The next time we played, she didn't come but she teased the shit out of me.  OMG, it was an intense session.  She would stroke me and then firmly grab my balls.  It turned my mind to mush.  I literraly felt paralyzed.  When she thought I'd had enough, she simply stopped and we cuddled.

*  *  *  *  *
Lastly, she had wanted to go to a sex shop for more toys.  It was fun going with her.  She wanted to buy some toys "for her lover only".  We spent a shitload of money.  We got two high end vibrators and I can't wait to try them out.

There was a heavy-set female cashier at the store, and I was wondering what Suzy was thinking about the interactions we had with her.  As Suzy was looking for some toys or outfits, I asked the employee: "do you have a vibrator that can go inside her but have enough room for me to do oral on her?"  She helps us get this toy.  It seemed weird - even to me but I think more to Suzy - to be so open with a complete stranger; it felt like she was our sexual consultant.  Well, I guess that's her job.  The other vibe we got also came recommended by her, "that's my favorite one".  LOL

LASTLY, I found an article that pointed to this website about female sexuality.  Interested Suzy?

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  1. lovetosubmit, thank you for the link to the new toy, I'm going to check it out. Bear and I have been using the We-Vibe and it is Fantastic! Gotta love technology!