Saturday, January 2, 2016

2015 Sexual Year in Review of a Loving Married Couple

New Years is naturally a time to reflect on things.  We went through lots of changes in 2015, but our relationship seems very strong right now.  I love her very much, and I believe she loves me too.  Very passionately.  We embarrass our kids at how loving and affectionate we are.  Just how loving are we?  Well a way is to look at how many orgasms we have.  Since I happen to track our play sessions, I can total them up over the years.  Here are the data:

2011 (December only): 10 Female orgasms, 1 male orgasm
2012 (9 months only): 73 Female orgasms, 23 male orgasms
2013 (10 months only): 56 Female orgasms, 25 male orgasms
2014: (11 months only) 75 Female orgasms, 30 male orgasms
2015: 59 Female orgasms, 20 male orgasms

The data aren't perfect.  But it's what I have, and that translates into a monthly rate of:

2011: 10 female orgasms, 1 male orgasm; ratio 10:1
2012: 8.1 female orgasms, 2.5 male orgasms; ratio 3.2:1
2013: 5.6 female orgasms, 2.5 male orgasms; ratio 2.2:1
2014: 6.8 female orgasms, 2.7 male orgasms; ratio 2.5: 1
2015: 4.9 female orgasms, 1.7 male orgasms; ratio 3.0: 1

For a long term 273 vs. 99 in Her favor.  As stated, I wouldn't say this is IRS audit-able and probably understates our sex play to some extent.  If it appears that Suzy's orgasms are getting less frequent, there are two things at play here: She used to have more sessions with multiple orgasms for her.  When we started our kinky femdom play, she would typically have one climax with me inside her and then (assuming I came), she would finish off with a second one.  Not any more.  She limits herself to one per session now.  Also, due to various changes in our lives, we don't seem to have as many playtimes.  Suzy works very hard and sometimes does not sleep until well past midnight.  I can't function without at least 7 hours of sleep, so sometimes we simply don't have time to play.

Suzy and I both have a goal to lose weight in new year.  That's our resolution.  I personally need to lose at least 15 pounds.  Not sure what Suzy's goal is.  I told her we should be supportive of one another.

But, don't you think a nice Sexual New Year's resolution is for Suzy to break the 100 mark?  That's two orgasms per week.  I think that's doable.  I hope she supports that goal!

For the record, Suzy had a vibrator induced orgasm shortly after midnight and I have not come yet in 2016.  She teased the heck out of me on NYD, but didn't want me to come.  Then she accepted her first orgasm.

*  *  *  *  *
But the most memorable sexual event from 2015 was Suzy taking a lover and thus officially becoming a "hotwife" and officially making me a cuckold husband.  She had 2 lovers in 2015 to my one.  I'm really curious how THAT will play out in 2016!  Stay tuned.  Love you Suzy!  Here's to a loving, sexy 2016!



  1. Happy New Year! Hope you have a fun and prosperous year.

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