Sunday, January 31, 2016

Goldilocks Hotwife

Female sexuality continues to fascinate me.  Suzy's suitors have to walk a very fine line that even I can't exactly figure out.  As an example, she described her "friend" as dominate with her during sex ("he would just flip me over").  It was hard to tell if she liked that, didn't like that, or was neutral.  It's obvious he was "different" than me and she said that she likes how I focus on her, whereas he was more selfish.  Likewise, in her discourse with potential lovers, there was a guy that seemed like a good match but he was "too persistant".  The "guy #1" from my last post was not persistent enough.  Alas, Guy #3 has the "just right" persistence that Suzy really likes.  Like the fable, she may have found the "just right" lover.

She met him for a coffee date yesterday.  She wore jeans and a low cut T-shirt that showed off her cleavage nicely.  He wore jeans and a leather jacket.  The date lasted about 45 minutes, and it "went well".  Suzy told me they hugged and kinda went for a kiss but since there was coffee breath, she didn't really want to kiss.  So, they physically touched and clicked.  She came home, we talked a bit about it, and then she helped with our dinner.  The main questions I asked her were:

Do you want to have sex with him?  Yes.
Does he want to have sex with you?  Yes.

That brought an instant erection.

We had a great (but long) dinner but we didn't get in bed until after midnight.  We were tired, but I believe both horny.  I took her clothes off and started playing with her pussy lips.  She had shaved, and it was awesome.  I love it when she is freshly shaved.  I needed no foreplay and she allowed me to slip into her.  She was SO WET.  It was awesome.  She started coming very soon with the Hitachi on her clit and me slowly penetrating her.  As is usually the case, her orgasm prompted my orgasm.  She told me she likes it when I thrust really hard into her when I am past the point of no return, and I do think it enhanced her climax.  It seemed like one of her best orgasms ever.  Long and intense.

Frequently after I come I have an "orgasm hangover", a bit of a letdown where I feel drained.  Not this time.  I woke up on time, finished some things I had to do, and pondered the situation of her having her third sex partner, with my wife's pussy juices still on my cock.  And I got an erection thinking about it.  To put this into perspective, there are some sex fantasies that seem so hot when I am horny but once I ejaculate, I feel a little disgusted at some of my kinkiest fantasies (she probably knows what i am talking about).  Not cuckolding.  Even after my balls are drained, I'm still aroused and excited by the idea.  Bear in mind that this pairing will be significant in that she will have had more sexual partners than me.

Suzy seems very happy and confident.  She's happy with her "find" and is really looking forward to playing with him.  She wants to play solo.  She is a sweetheart in that she asked me permission for that.  I love her so much.
*  *  *  *  *
Suzy has told me that she has a planned date Saturday afternoon.  Details not worked out (hotel?  time?) but it sounds like she will have one more notch than me as of Saturday.  Can't wait.  Love you babe!  You are one HOT WIFE!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Update on our cuckolding adventure

Don't mistake my lack of posting for a problem with our sex life or relationship.  I've had issues with logging on to blogger and I couldn't fix it.  I am using a different browser, which is working.  Our (her?) sex life has been going 90 mph.  I couldn't possibly cover it in one post.  So, I will summarize.

My last orgasm was two weeks ago Sunday night.  I'm super horny.  Last weekend, Suzy and I had a 1.5 hr uninterrupted discussion about sex, mostly about cuckolding and the various men that are pursuing her.  Suzy has had a LOT of men ping her about sex on her "dating" website, but I think it really ramped up when she posted a very sexy photo of her in red lingerie, one hand on her pussy.  I believe I have permission to post it on this blog.  When I figure out how to do so, I will.  It's smokin' hot.

There are essentially three main men she's interested in right now.  

Guy #1 is a much younger guy that lives about 1.5 hours away and can't host.  We were originally going to meet him last night and possibly get a hotel room.  Suzy seemed to want to go straight to sex - no chit chat, just straight sex, almost like an experiment to see if she can have sex with a relative stranger with no emotional attachment.  It all seemed like a go but he never called back to confirm.  In the meanwhile, Suzy got a little more interested in Guy #3.

Guy #2 is a married guy but older than us.  He is married and seems to "get" what we want.  He seems a little more directive in that he wants to meet for drinks, then go to his place.  Bonus: he can host.  He also lives in a different city but not quite as far away.  I think Suzy is attracted to him, even though he is older.  He could not meet this week, but I think he's available next week.  The problem we're having is that this is a busy month for us, so OUR availability is in question.  I think he's the guy that wanted sexy photos of Suzy, and he apparently wants more - which Suzy seems on board with, me being the photographer.

Guy #3 has a great body and lives about 40 min away and can host.  In his late 20s.  At one time I was pretty into weight training and suffice it to say that he has a body I was aspiring to have but never got.  Six pack abs.  Suzy finds him very attractive.  She seems to "click" with him via sexting and I think he is her top pick.  He has a girlfriend, but there is a bit of an intriguing twist that I think is kinda hot - I'll let Suzy explain that.

Suzy didn't seem that upset that Guy #1 flaked.  One of the surprising things about this lifestyle is how flaky men are.  Here my wife is, on a swinger site for no strings attached sex with hubby's full knowledge, and men flake?  I don't get it.

So, Suzy texts me after a very bad day at work and says, are you ok with me meeting him by herself for coffee?  I got a hard on.  I was trying to understand: does this mean coffee, then sex?  Just a meet and greet?  It sounded more like coffee then sex.  I said yes.  We are having a bunch of adults over for dinner tonight.  They sext this morning and decide that they want to meet "for coffee" at 3pm TODAY.  That means I will basically be cooking dinner alone while she is meeting a potential playmate.  Not gonna lie, that kinda turns me on, but I also could use some help with prepping the meal.  Ugh.  It is what it is.  Don't rush, Suzy, I can handle it.  It just hits my submissive buttons pretty hard.  I'd love to get Suzy's side of things, but I'm off to go buy food for dinner.  I'm hoping she will blog and fill in whatever details she chooses.

*  *  *  *  *
As we were waking up this morning, before some of what I described above was worked out, I asked her what her thoughts are on my next orgasm.  At that time, she thought she was going to meet with Guy #2 either today or tomorrow, it hadn't been worked out.  Then she said, "Well, if we don't meet this weekend, you can come tonight, but I'd like to have sex with him before sex with you".  Then, elaborating on the "coffee date" idea, she says, "I'm not really sure I'm comfortable having sex with him in front of you".  She knows that I really, REALLY want to play with her in the same room, and eventually a MFM threesome (in fact, I even outlined some of the possible scenarios with Guy #1, and she settled on one she was most comfortable with.  That's a hot post in itself, IMO).  Yet, I file this in the "Hot things your wife has said" category in the sense that - I'm the submissive husband and she is in charge.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

2015 Sexual Year in Review of a Loving Married Couple

New Years is naturally a time to reflect on things.  We went through lots of changes in 2015, but our relationship seems very strong right now.  I love her very much, and I believe she loves me too.  Very passionately.  We embarrass our kids at how loving and affectionate we are.  Just how loving are we?  Well a way is to look at how many orgasms we have.  Since I happen to track our play sessions, I can total them up over the years.  Here are the data:

2011 (December only): 10 Female orgasms, 1 male orgasm
2012 (9 months only): 73 Female orgasms, 23 male orgasms
2013 (10 months only): 56 Female orgasms, 25 male orgasms
2014: (11 months only) 75 Female orgasms, 30 male orgasms
2015: 59 Female orgasms, 20 male orgasms

The data aren't perfect.  But it's what I have, and that translates into a monthly rate of:

2011: 10 female orgasms, 1 male orgasm; ratio 10:1
2012: 8.1 female orgasms, 2.5 male orgasms; ratio 3.2:1
2013: 5.6 female orgasms, 2.5 male orgasms; ratio 2.2:1
2014: 6.8 female orgasms, 2.7 male orgasms; ratio 2.5: 1
2015: 4.9 female orgasms, 1.7 male orgasms; ratio 3.0: 1

For a long term 273 vs. 99 in Her favor.  As stated, I wouldn't say this is IRS audit-able and probably understates our sex play to some extent.  If it appears that Suzy's orgasms are getting less frequent, there are two things at play here: She used to have more sessions with multiple orgasms for her.  When we started our kinky femdom play, she would typically have one climax with me inside her and then (assuming I came), she would finish off with a second one.  Not any more.  She limits herself to one per session now.  Also, due to various changes in our lives, we don't seem to have as many playtimes.  Suzy works very hard and sometimes does not sleep until well past midnight.  I can't function without at least 7 hours of sleep, so sometimes we simply don't have time to play.

Suzy and I both have a goal to lose weight in new year.  That's our resolution.  I personally need to lose at least 15 pounds.  Not sure what Suzy's goal is.  I told her we should be supportive of one another.

But, don't you think a nice Sexual New Year's resolution is for Suzy to break the 100 mark?  That's two orgasms per week.  I think that's doable.  I hope she supports that goal!

For the record, Suzy had a vibrator induced orgasm shortly after midnight and I have not come yet in 2016.  She teased the heck out of me on NYD, but didn't want me to come.  Then she accepted her first orgasm.

*  *  *  *  *
But the most memorable sexual event from 2015 was Suzy taking a lover and thus officially becoming a "hotwife" and officially making me a cuckold husband.  She had 2 lovers in 2015 to my one.  I'm really curious how THAT will play out in 2016!  Stay tuned.  Love you Suzy!  Here's to a loving, sexy 2016!