Saturday, December 31, 2016

Her cuckold fantasy

I picked up Suzy from her out of state trip.  I did not masturbate, but I did a fair amount of email drafting of fantasies, and working on some blog posts.  I was horny to say the least.  We finally got a little time to be alone, and I was erect just about the entire time we cuddled and talked.  I really wanted something sexual to happen, but she delayed it until later.

As we cuddled, she gave me an update on some of her sexual fantasies.  I remember when we were first married, she claimed to never have any fantasies.  It's super exciting to me that she's driving some naughty sexual escapades now.  YES!

At any rate, Suzy is now comfortable with me watching her have sex with Friend #6; he is also comfortable with it.  Here's my understanding of the date:

Suzy and I will arrive at the hotel room and get settled in.  Her bull wants me locked up in chastity for the initial round.  They will have sex, with me watching.  He will likely be using a condom (reason follows).  Suzy is a little nervous about this, in the vein of "once you watch me having sex with another male, that can't be undone".  She does seem excited for me to observe his orgasm, she said his first one is very  intense.  When they are done, I will have sex with Suzy.  Curiously, there was some talk about her FwB being jealous of watching me having sex with my wife.  She explained why - not really important to describe here.  Anyway, he is comfortable with me watching them, but if he gets uncomfortable with me having sex with Suzy, he will simply leave the room, and will be summoned later for round 3.  The reason that he will wear a condom for Round 1 is that Suzy wants to give fellatio so that he can get it up for round 3.  Presumably, I am also allowed to watch again.  THEN, I am to be dismissed and they will have a "sleepover".  She expects that they will have more sex, presumably in the morning when they wake up.

That's the working script of how our first live cuckolding event will play out.  I do think some details need to be worked out, but the estimated time for this is later in January or February.  Friend #6 is traveling quite a bit.  There is a possibility of a solo playdate next weekend, but Suzy wasn't that optimistic on that.  I suspect it will be refined as the time approaches.

*  *  *  *  *
We "reconnected" after all this cuckold talk and Suzy wore her new VS PJ's.  While I wouldn't say it's overtly sexy/naughty (meaning, she could wear it around the house), it did give me easy access to everything I needed to get her motor running.  She had a lovely G-spot/fingering vibe on her clit orgasm.  I really felt her vaginal contractions nicely, and I could tell it was an intense climax.  She told me to roll over, and she gave me a long tease and denial session with some nipple pinching and cock and ball torture.  She then said that she wanted her clothes back on, so I put her panties and PJ bottoms back on, all the while still sporting my erection.  I played with her back as she fell asleep, and she said, "I love the cuddling and attention I get when you're denied.  I'm probably going to get breakfast in bed tomorrow, right?".  Yes, the Queen got breakfast in bed!

I sent her my email of fantasies I've been having, one of which nicely overlapped with HER fantasy above.  I expect that she will give me some feedback at some point, and there's a rumor that she may blog.  And, by they way, she liked/endorsed my 2017 sexual goals!  Yay!  

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

2016 Closing Thoughts, 2017 Sexual Predictions

I think I'm not alone in thinking that 2016 sucked, marked by an unusual number of gone-too-soon celebrity deaths, with Princess Leia passing away today.  Ugh.  There have been some personal/professional downs as well.  So, I am looking forward to 2017 and hoping it will be a much better year.  Suzy is out of town, adding to my sense of "blah", and frankly I expect to post more for that reason.  It turns out I have 60 draft blog posts on blogger (I have published 295).  Yikes!  That's a whole lot of unconfessed sexual fantasies!!

Fortunately, our sex life has been a lot better.  We did not reach the 2016 New Years resolution of having 100 female orgasms for Suzy.  The year started off well, but we couldn't quite keep the pace we had at the beginning.  Her's the orgasmic breakdown, after about 67 sexual encounters:

66 female orgasms (Suzy)
28 male orgasms (husband)
19 male orgasms (extramarital play)

At least that all adds up to over 100.  As I've stated before, those may under-estimate, because Suzy doesn't always report her orgasms via masturbation; and I could forget to record mine or hers when we play together.  Also of note is the male orgasm discrepancy between marital sex (28 male orgasms in 67 encounters = 41%) and cuckolding sex (19 male orgasms / 11 encounters = 172%).  I frankly think it's pretty exciting that Suzy still out-climaxes all the male talent combined, but clearly her other partners are able to go for additional rounds.

2016 was the year of major hotwifing exploration for us.  Suzy had a total of 11 playdates last year, with a total of 6 playmates.

I make the following sexual predictions/goals for 2017:

  • I will continue to communicate my fantasies to her, and she will incorporate some, ignore many others.  In doing so, our love and trust in each other will grown; she will feel great that she is the center of attention, and I will feel great because she shows she loves me in spite of my perversity.
  • She will have a full "date" with her lover, which may include dinner together and possibly involve an adult "sleepover".
  • I will get to watch Suzy fuck another male for the first time.  Can't wait.
  • Suzy will stop using condoms with her primary extramarital lover (if she hasn't already).
  • We will begin having more regular MFM threesomes, perhaps even going to a swinger party.  The possibilities are endless.
  • I hope that this year, Suzy will climax at least 100 times.

Again, I am hoping for a better 2017.  I appreciate your interest in the blog and our lifestyle, and may you all strive for the realization of your dreams.


Sunday, December 11, 2016

Three Strikes and You're Out

Last week, Suzy had her third playdate with "Friend #6".  This was basically a make it or break it date for him.  In their prior dates, she thought that he didn't spend enough time on her.  Perhaps Suzy is used to the Female First attitude prevalent in our bedroom.  He has never gone down on her (maybe that's exclusively my job?).  She said he was better this time.  She did come from a vibe during the second round of penetration.

During her playdate, I fed the kids, but she couldn't join us because her excuse for being away was a dinner with her girlfriends.  So I met her at a fast food place where l tried to get the details from her date.  Kinda frustrating because she was eating most of the time.  I guess she needed to replenish the energy expended from her date!  It was super hot seeing her hair a bit messed up from her "workout".

She did the mom thing (I posted on an OHW thread about this, and showed her, and she teased me about it before reclaim sex), and then she came out (it was around midnight!) with the matching bra and panties she wore for her date.  AMAZING.  Very sexy.  I loved seeing her sexy body in those matching undergarments.  I know what I'm buying her for Christmas!  It was so hot to greet her scantily clothed body, me nude, and begin foreplay outside of the bed, having my erection on display for her, and caressing her body, holding her while standing.  A great experience!  She gave me some more knowledge about her date, and told me that he really enjoyed taking her clothes off.  The thought that another male had enjoyed her D-cups just a few hours before was a big turn on.

As we were talking about our experience, my erection was poking at her crotch, but not inside yet, as she still had her panties on.  I must confess that all this talk and foreplay made me very close to orgasm without even penetrating her.  I had to back off a few times because I was getting close.

She wanted another orgasm, and I wanted to take care of her separately.  By this time, it was very late, and I don't do well with minimal sleep.  Hitachi with fingering.  At that point, it was 2 male orgasms, 2 female orgasms.  We had some discussion about how I should come, and she decided she wanted wanted me to ejaculate inside her.  I'm super embarrassed at how little I lasted.  Not long.  She thinks it's hot that I come so fast, because it shows how exciting this all was to me.

*  *  *  *  *
Well, it turns out he didn't whiff at strike 3.  He got on base, but didn't exactly knock it out of the park.  Suzy enjoys playing with him, and she has wanted to have a "regular" playmate.  It's a long drive, and their schedules don't always line up.  She has actively been talking about involving me in their play lately.  Super excited.  I love my hotwife!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

New Page - Cast of Characters

Dear readers,
Please note that I finally published a new "page", "Cast of Characters", that tracks players in our journey.  You will note that except for the star of the show, they are all males.  This has been drafted for a while, and I thought I'd write it up to avoid confusion.  Funny enough, half of them have gone by the same name, so things have been a bit confusing when discussing past playmates.  I think there's enough detail for Suzy to readily identify who I'm talking about, while still using some discretion.  I've tried to add some things she liked about each of them, although I'm pretty sure that the ages aren't exactly correct.  I'm happy to edit based upon her input.

Have I left anyone out?  Any that want to be identified?  I thought to include is a male friend of mine from long ago that definitely knew about our early female dominance / male submission play but unfortunately I cannot get in touch with (I've tried).  If Suzy ever does discuss our lifestyle with other females, I will probably include them because frankly that does turn me on, although I "get" that could be a can of worms.  The thought of being teased about my wife's escapades by another female remains quite a turnon, and I think she'd like to have a woman she could confide in - unfortunately, most of our cohort would definitely not be ok with hotwifing.

By the way, I added a "search" bar into my page a few months ago.  It works pretty well.


Sunday, December 4, 2016

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!

Suzy returned from her playdate unsatisfied - no female orgasms.  She told me that her new friend came THREE times but unfortunately he did not get her to climax.  She coyly said she had "blue ovaries" and needed an orgasm.  We were able to get a few minutes to ourselves and finish the job with a fully clothed vibrator orgasm.  Suzy was then sexually satisfied - I had to wait a couple of more hours.

To put what I'm about to say in perspective, realize that I had been denied for a little more than two weeks and Suzy had done at least 4 tease and denial sessions.  Following one of the more intense sessions, I confessed to her a fantasy that she conducted a tease and denial session on me in front of her friend, and that once she thought I'd had enough teasing, they would have sex and I'd have to wait until the next round.  To my surprise, she thought that was a hot fantasy.

With that context in mind, Suzy emerged from the bathroom for my well deserved "reclamation".  She didn't want intercourse, and I had discussed with her previously that a handjob might be better for me seeing as I probably would only last two strokes or so inside her pussy.  So there I was, fully naked and horny as I've ever been, and Suzy began stroking my raging hard erection, with occasional pauses to play with my balls.  During this time, I began to think of the above mentioned fantasy, of being openly teased in front of her lover.  And then I began to sink into as deep of a sub-space I've ever been in with the thought that Suzy's lover had entered her hot pussy three times and that I was *only* getting a handjob.

So to recap: 2 weeks without ejaculation, 4 intense tease and denial sessions, Suzy "saving" her pussy for her lover, him coming three times, me fully nude getting stroked by my bride fully clothed.

I came HARD.

I shot my eye out.  Literally.  The first volley of semen landed directly on my eye (it was closed).  The next load landed somewhere on my chest, and I had a lot more closer in.  It was a big load.  For the sake of scientific knowledge, I measured the cock to eye distance, and it's close to 3 feet.

As a general rule, the farther I shoot and the bigger my load, the more intensely pleasurable the orgasm is.  And that was certainly true for this climax.  It took a lot of Kleenex to clean myself up.

*  *  *  *  *
Even though that was an intense handjob orgasm, as I've pondered this, I wonder what it would have been like to come inside her with that kind of ejaculation velocity.  Her poor cervix!  

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Suzy's Sugar Walls - Unbridled Female Sexual Pleasure

I will continue my thoughts about marital communication later.  Lots happening for the upcoming holiday.  Suzy's period started last Wednesday and she assertively told me that I would not have an orgasm until her new "friend" had intercourse with her.  So, that meant two criteria were at play: she had to finish her period and then she and her friend had to have a time that worked for their schedules.  Then, I could have an orgasm.  Of course, it was understood that the same restriction did not apply to her.  During our pillow talk, I asked her how many orgasms she thought she might have until I could come, and she said something like 6 or 7.

As of this writing, she's had (at least) five orgasms, and I've had FOUR tease and denial sessions.  Suzy woke me up one night and played with my cock and balls - basically teased me silly.  I had taken a sleeping pill and was simultaneously in deep, deep subspace and partially asleep.  I understand the gentlemen thing to do given our "situation" was to take care with an orgasm after she determined I was sufficiently teased.  But unfortunately, I passed out.  Husband Fail.

Last night we had a fancier than normal datenight and we talked about our cuckold relationship discretely but honestly and openly.  She lovingly told me what she had in mind for her upcoming meetings with her lover and checking in to make sure I was still OK with things.  More on that in another post.  Anyway, I am super horny for that hotwife and can't wait to see what happens.  We ended up going to bed relatively early and I was able to pleasure her before bed.  What a hot experience!  Here goes:

I asked her to come to bed without her panties and she said, no, you have to work for it.  Hot.  Have I mentioned how sexy her confidence is?  She is becoming more and more sexually confident by the day, which I am loving.  So, I had to give her nice foreplay, sucking her tits, kissing deeply, then taking her PJs and panties off.  She loved feeling my erection and my desire for her.  She asked that I be naked.  I fingered her with the Hitachi on her clit.  She did not want me inside her, wanting to be "fresh" for her lover.  I fingered that special G-spot and then during her orgasm - as I've been doing with my cock when it's wanted inside her - I stopped the vaginal thrusting/massaging and just let her vaginal wall contract against my finger.  Words can't describe how sexy that is to me.  Any longtime reader will get how much I love her orgasms, but the involuntary orgasm spasm of her womanhood is just the sexiest thing ever.  I suspect I can sometimes feel it with my cock, but much more so with my finger.  And I don't think she always does this, seems like the more turned on she is the more likely it is to happen.  Who knows, maybe she will "squirt" someday!

I dressed her after that, and she teased me - me fully nude and her fully clothed, just like she had done before.  Intense pleasure for me, but no sexual release.  I love my hotwife!

*  *  *  *  * 

To say my balls are blue is an understatement.  My last orgasm was Nov 6, so I have a two week+ load building up for her as soon as she has her second playdate with her older friend.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Marital Communication, Part 1

After 20+ years of marriage, I can honestly say that we have the very best communication that we've ever had.  But it hasn't always been that way, and there are times when I think I am the one that is having difficulty communicating.

Let me back this up.  I have always been an experimental type.  I'm the kind of person that gets annoyed that I only have three routes to go to work.  I like trying new things, new foods, new just about everything.  I rarely follow recipes (which means I don't bake!).

Even if you don't like something new, try it again, just to be sure you don't like it.  I was driving to work and I had a sip of my coffee and it tasted terribly soapy.  It was awful.  But I tasted it again, to prove to myself that it was in fact soap.  And probably a third or fourth time.  I convinced myself that the mug had not been fully rinsed.

I've always thought of myself as sexually "kinky".  When we were married, one of Suzy's friends got us a restraint set, intended as a joke - a gag gift.  I of course wanted to use that restraint with my bride.  For many years, we didn't do a lot of kinky stuff.  Suzy wasn't comfortable with it, and there are some things that she's still not comfortable with.

The most common sexual advice I've seen is to communicate your desires to your partner.  As I book I'm reading states, "love makes requests, not demands": I like it when you xzy... I like to do abc to you.  The general idea being that a partner may not know what you like and generally speaking will want to please the one they love but may not know how to.  Does that make sense?  So, I've been pretty vocal about that.  Just recently, I told Suzy that I missed being dominated by her.  Then she told me something that hit me like a ton of bricks: why don't you tell me what you want to do to me?  That gets her excited.  So, I'm going to work that level of communication into our bag of tricks.

We had a date-night of sorts last night, after a couple of days apart due to business travel.  It was as if we couldn't talk to each other fast enough, we wanted to catch up.  But it felt like love.  And I did miss her terribly, it's hard to communicate in a different time zone.

*  *  *  *  *
Alas, we got to bed fairly early last night "to cuddle".  I was so horny.  I told her that I wanted to masturbate on my trip, and she seemed pleased that I didn't.  It turns out, she masturbated twice, which made me very excited.  Suzy is on her period.  She can orgasm quite nicely, but it requires a lot of pressure with the Hitachi.  So, I put the vibe in its proper place, and sandwiched it with our bodies, being careful not to have any stimulation on my own genitals.  She loved the pressure, and her clit was very well satisfied.  I took my shorts off and she stroked me, played with my chest, and balls, and she fell asleep with her hands on my genitals.  I felt loved.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Playdate with Photos; Confident Hotwife

Sunday was a hot, intense experience for me.  Suzy had sex with her first "older" guy after he had flaked on her earlier in the week.  I locked myself in chastity Saturday night.

She was still feeling the sting of rejection from "don" the guy who fucked her and never returned calls and texts.  I told her to forget don, there's something wrong with him, not her.  It is surprising to me that he could make her feel so down on herself.  I told her that hotwifing is intended to build up her self esteem, not bring it down.

Prior to her date, Suzy did not exactly dress up due to child reasons (would have freaked out seeing mom in a fuck me dress).  I think we both like the idea of me helping her get dressed for her dates.  She did ask if she she wear the anklet (hell yes!) and she later said that he liked it, it was a good call to wear it.  I helped her pick out panties that matched her bra.  She told me that her lover liked lipstick and heels.  I took my pants down so she could see my locked state, with my head busting out of the slit very obviously.  I was trying to get hard as best as I could.  She really does like to tease me that "you can't get hard in that thing", "no erections for you", things like that.  Most of the day, my hands were visibly shaking.  She had my chastity key, which she usually carries safety-pinned to her bra, instead attached to her "bag of tricks" (which contains her condoms, and an assortment of lovers-only sex toys). I am certain that he knew I was locked up.

She left.  I got a text from her that she was at his condo.  She was a bit nervous.  I watched football and checked some hotwife forums.  I noticed a good bit of pre-come oozing throughout the date.  I was sort of expecting to get the photos in real time.  But I guess when you think about it, it would be distracting to stop sex for that.  So, she texted me that she was done and would be coming home soon.  Of course, I asked a ton of questions.  She didn't answer a lot of them, but then said "photos to follow".  I got three photos:

  • One of both their asses and his balls.  it's obvious he is inside her.  Hawt.
  • One of her cowgirl style.  It's a hot photo.  It really shows off her big tits well.  But it's not a selfie, it's obvious her "friend" took it.
  • One of her sucking his dick, wedding rings CLEARLY showing, grabbing his cock while she sucks it.  Out of this world hot photo.  Again, it's obvious her playmate took it.
  • I'll ask if I can post them.

She started home, telling me she was hungry, so I tried to time some dinner when she got home.  I went to the car and we talked about it.  He had offered to take her to the hot tub (presumably as he was in his refractory period for the next round), but she didn't do that.  He came twice, she didn't come.  She said she got close when she rode cowgirl.  He did oral on her as well.  She said his first orgasm was intense, second one not as much.  Not sure if he used his own condoms or the ones I gave her.  She was pretty happy how it went, although obviously we would have preferred her to orgasm.

I kissed her in her car, then we went to eat dinner.  Throughout the night, she made some comments that only I could get, which was pretty funny.  She got ready for bed at a reasonable time, and she unlocked the lock, I took the device off and went downstairs to clean my penis as best I could in the sink.  She came out in lingerie, which I specifically asked for, but frankly she very seldom wears.  She talked a little bit more about her encounter, which was hot, and she asked that I get a condom.  Anyway, as we're doing foreplay "Louis" texts her and asked her to come over and play (it's 9 - 10 o'clock at this point).  I said, "ill drive you".  She was too tired.  In fact, she kept telling me that her legs were sore, which was really giving me some nice cuckold feelings - that the other male wore her out and it wasn't a given that I was going to lay my own wife.  For her playdate with "Nick", she straight up told me, "i'm too sore for any more sex".  Anyway, it's kinda hot to hear your wife imply that she might not have enough left in the tank to fuck you.  As an aside, she complained about her soreness the next morning as well.

So, I put the condom on, began penetrating her.  She has a certain style of fucking she *demands* of me.  Really slow, deep strokes, and then she tells me when to stop thrusting when the Hitachi wand has put her clit over the edge.  I can usually figure out when she's coming, and I just hold my cock as far inside her as I can during her orgasm.  This time, she told me to stop.  That was really hot.  I really, REALLY like it when she tells me what to do during sex.

After her intense orgasm, I knew I wouldn't last that much longer.  But the condoms do help me with that stamina, frankly.  Anyway, she started talking really dirty, I asked her to call me a cuckold and she did, and it was all too much, so I came.  My wife had caused three male orgasms that day.  Unfortunately, she only came once.  Still super hot.

The next morning, she said she felt super confident.  That's a big benefit of hotwifing.  It appears she will play with him again.  It is possible that "Louis" will also play with her again.  As far as i know these men are in her little black book of friends with benefits.  Then, she teased me and said something to the effect that, "he came up with some ideas for what we can do next time to include you in our play".  WHAT?  He's colluding with her on her hotwife activities?  I like the guy already.  I asked her what they had in mind, and she said, "that's on a need to know basis".  She won't tell me.

Anyway, he does live an hour away, but him hosting is nice.  Maybe old guys do rule?  We'll see what the next move is!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

New Old Playmate

We've had a lull lately, for a variety of reasons.  Suzy maintains her dating profile and will occasionally scour the area for younger studs to play with.  Suzy provides updates on her search sporadically, and will often dismiss someone slightly younger than me as "too old".  Ugh, I feel a little weird with that!  Anyway, even though her profile is explicit about this, older men still "apply".  One of them somehow got through the initial screening and she approached me about it.

"Maybe older men will be less flaky", was the only thing I could think of saying.  As some background to this, she had been chatting with a 22 year old (!) and another younger buck, who basically fell off the face of the earth.  So, that's where my head was at.

Anyway, Suzy and I had sex last week and she gave me some background around this guy.  Seven years older, didn't think he was "cute".  She went through a pretty extensive email discussion that they've had.  To summarize, he's "interested" in the cuckold lifestyle to the point where he asked a lot of questions, including if I wear a cock cage (Suzy: sometimes), am I excited by her play or do I "accept it", things like that.  They have been texting and emailing quite a bit.  She said that he plays with a cuckold couple regularly.  Suzy's view of "experience" in this area has been a little confusing to me, but she seemed turned off by the fact that he still plays with them, and presumably has sex with others as well.  I think Suzy prefers her partners to be monogamous to her - she certainly demands it of me!

Anyway, we had sex that night and she had a meet and greet planned for the next day, which she assumed she'd cancel.  She went ahead with it, and as usual was a little coy about things.  Told me she was shaving her pussy that morning.  She said that they talked about a lot of "stuff", but only the last part of the conversation was about sex.  She told me that as he got up to leave, he was "tented" so he obviously was turned on by her.  Which frankly is a huge part of the appeal of this lifestyle to me, that other men find her as hot as I do.  And the biological realities being what they are, men cannot hide their sexual arousal.

The bottom line, is that she has decided that she likes him and wants to play.  They have a date planned, and I fully expect Suzy will have sex with him.  He seems to like the idea of sharing photos with me, so it is entirely possible that during their date, I will receive a snapchat or a text of her sucking his cock, penetrating her, etc.  I'm clearly excited about this development.  So, this week we will get some sort of read on whether older men are more or less flaky, albeit with an n=1.

*  *  *  *  *
Suzy has used the term "lifestyle" a lot lately.  There have been ups and downs, for sure with our experiment into hotwifing, and at times she seems to want to give up.  I'm totally ok with that, if she decides that down the road.  Before we ventured into this, Suzy said that once she has sex with another male, it can't be un-done.  That's true.  Cuckolding is NOT for everyone.  But this adventure has been very exciting for us both, and I don't regret anything.  It's been a fun journey, it's really improved our communication, and I feel very close to her for sharing this fetish.  The question I have is: who is enjoying this more: me or Suzy?

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Note to my Hotwife

I realize I've been quiet lately when you've talked about "the lifestyle".  I know you want my thoughts.  It's been hard to sit down and think of them.  Here goes:

I enjoy the hotwife lifestyle.  A lot.  I am not anywhere near invoking a "veto".  I suppose that blogging and checking out forums is my way of trying to figure out that my abnormalcy is "normal".  Haha.  The truth is that many married men fantasize about their wives fucking.  I just happen to be among those that do.  As strange as it may seem, the more you've played, the more exciting it's become.  I don't feel jealous.  When you play, I get antsy that you are safe, and that you are having a good time.  I want you to have a good time.  It excites me a lot.  I definitely feel an "angst" but I don't think of it as jealousy.  I like to share :)

The fact is, if you never fucked another man besides me again, I would be fine, and it would still be exciting for you to tease me about it.  I really do love it during sex when you dirty talk about your naughty exploits, all the virile studs that want your naughty MILF cougar pussy.  No regrets.

Hotwifing is intended to boost your self esteem.  That's a big benefit of it.  I think it works wonders on your confidence when things are working right. I don't want to see you so bummed out about some bum.  I really don't understand why all the flakiness.  From the blogs and forums I've seen, it sounds pretty common, if that makes you feel any better.

I had sort of envisioned a scenario where you have multiple play partners to overcome the flake situation.  That way, you get a variety of men to sample from, all the while exciting me as the cuckold husband.  I feel better about that from the standpoint of you getting less chance of "attaching".  I take your word for it that you will talk to me if you ever feel like you are getting too close emotionally, and we would do something about it.

I have a lot of fantasies running through my head.  I really do like the idea of you sending me naughty photos from your "dates" and - I think <previous lover's> idea of me driving you around while you play in the back is very hot, and I didn't even think of it!  Someone as perverted as me!

I obviously really, really want to watch you fuck.  I like the idea of the swinger party.  Just watch and see if the vibe (haha) is right.  Maybe meet a former lover there?  For a convenient place to play?

So, I am not sure I'm really helping.  I like you owning and exploring your sexuality.  I can see the confidence in you grow, and I really like that since confidence is so sexy.

I am enjoying this journey.

I have a lot on my mind.  I am conflicted about a few things.  I have concluded that I clam up when you talk about your lovers because it excites me so much that I feel a need to restrain myself so that I do not "top from the bottom" (or is that cuckold from the bottom?).

My other main conflict has to do with dominance and submission.  Another post.

Love you my dear Queen Suzy.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Suzy's Playdate... Going all the way

Suzy followed up her "no sex" playdate last Friday.  It was a start and stop kinda thing, he originally cancelled on her for Wednesday, and there was some back and forth but Thursday night, as Suzy and I were playing, she said they were getting together for sex Friday.  We had some playful sexting banter during the day - I recall I texted her that I hope she's as wet as I am (from my pre-come thinking about it).

She said she'd be back by 8 or so, so I started to get a little concerned when it was past 8.  I took care of some domestic things, then shook a martini while I screwed around looking at cuckold blogs and forums.  She finally texted me and said she was done and heading home.  She explained to me that because her "cover" was going out with the ladies for dinner, she had to stop by and get some fast food before coming home.  I realized that I should go meet her at said fast food place.  She was eating in her vehicle alone, and told me the high level naughty details.

I asked about condoms, and she said they didn't use them.  He came inside her twice.  I was caught off guard by that.  She told me that he was snipped, and so I thought that down the line, if he works out, going bareback was a possibility.  But he came inside her.  Twice.

The bad news is that she did not orgasm.  She seemed a little "meh" about the encounter because she didn't come.  All I could think about was rectifying that situation.

When we finally had some adult time, she came out and I practically ripped her PJs off her.  She had to be expecting that.  We both wanted her to come.  Bad.  I hadn't gone done on her in a long time, so I suggested cunnilingus.  She gave me this look, but I just thought I'd go for it.  The fact that two loads of another man's semen were inside her, near where I was licking didn't seem to register at the time.  I was horny, and I'm pretty sure she wanted to come badly.

I jumped in, going straight for her clitoris.  I didn't really notice anything unusual about her taste or smell, and I am pretty sure she was enjoying it... but she tapped out (which I really appreciated by the way) and then I moved to our quick, powerful new female orgasm technique.  I grabbed the Hitachi and then fingered her.  At this point, it dawned on me that there was another male's semen inside her that I was possibly coming into contact with.  Anyway, a man's gotta do what he's gotta do, and I needed my wife to orgasm.  It really didn't take her long - I'd like to think because of my cunnilingus - till I stopped the finger thrusting and then she came HARD.  I really felt her vaginal contractions on my finger.  This adds a whole new dimension to my enjoyment of her orgasms... that I can actually feel her come.  Awesome.

I gave her some post orgasm caresses, then really needed to take care of my own climax.  I know that I dropped a big load - her third of the night - inside her and then I think I passed out.

*  *  *  *  *
You might be asking: will Suzy play with him again?   She told me that she has a date with him on Friday, then glibly asked if I was jealous.  I think excited is a better word.  I'm curious to know Suzy's thoughts and am hoping she will respond.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Suzy's new playmate

Suzy's last foray into extramarital play was in late June.  She handles all the arrangements with her playmates and she will give me a download on the latest developments periodically, when there is news to report and we can have some adult conversations.  She has had some ups and downs with regard to planned playdates with boytoys she's already played with.

Long story short, she unexpectedly met another guy that she became interested in over the past week or so.  She has done lots of sexting with him and they seem like they would connect well.  She said that she couldn't decide if he was cute, so, the coffee meet and greet.  That also went well.  So, they scheduled a makeout date for tonight.  Hott!

She had placed a limitation that nothing could happen below the belt on her.  She wanted to makeout with him to see if he's a good kisser, and 2nd base seemed easily obtainable for him.  They were both a little nervous, but got going in his bedroom with some kissing and then his clothing came off and her top came off.  Nothing below her waist.

Anyway, I am not sure if I am privvy to tell all of the details.  Suffice it to say that she enjoyed it and he had an orgasm.  Suzy has been pretty firm about making me wait for a "full" playdate, which seems to be a given at this point - just a matter of time.  My last orgasm was Aug 20, sex with her with our new "no thrust during her orgasm" technique, which I really want to try again.  So, it's been a while.  I've not had a lot of teasing and I was even locked in the chastity cage for a few days last week.  We've talked and I think we both think it's exciting for me to be locked when she has penetrative sex with him on her next playdate.  I am so blue-balled that I hope she changes her mind.  I need to ejaculate, and bad.

Over the past few days, with the prospects for her to regain her status as a "hotwife" and me as a "cuckold", I have been spewing out a lot of pre-come.  Literally, my shorts have been wet to the point that I can feel it as I walk.  So, we had this sexting exchange:

Her: OK, I'm coming home.
Me: Did you have a good time?
Her: < some emojis that seemed positive >
Me: Wow, I think I am about to come in my pants!
Her: So was he.  Lots of pre-cum!

Obviously, I couldn't wait for her to come home to give the details.  She did, and she had a good time.

Clearly, I am excited by the combination of her exploring her sexuality and the confidence that it is bringing her.  I wouldn't recommend cuckolding to everyone, but it's really kicked things up a notch for us!  My poor prostate... I need to come BAD!!!

Love you Queen Suzy!!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Reaching our halfway mark - 50 female orgasms

A couple of days ago, Suzy nonchalantly asked me how we are doing on our sexual goal for the year.

You may recall that we have a 2016 resolution of Suzy having 100 orgasms.  We started out of the gates in spectacular fashion, but have tailed off since.  Last night - at least so far as my Orgasm Tracker is concerned, she had her 50th orgasm of the year.  I suspect that this is lower than the actual count, because I don't always remember to update the tracker, and she may or may not always inform me if she has masturbated (or, "taken a long shower" as it were).  Nevertheless, to quote Count Rugen, "let's just start with what we have":

50 female orgasms
19 male orgasms (husband)
7 male orgasms (play partner)

So, I need to get my act together.  There are 121 days left in 2016, so she needs to come every 2.4 days or about 3 times per week.  Three times per week is achievable!  Let's do this, Suzy!!

*  *  *  *  *

Suzy and I had a great date night last night.  We normally go out at least once a week, but we had a dry spell of about a month.  We spoke honestly and I think I helped sort her through some stuff she was unsure of.  She appreciated the comments made from my last post, as do I.  I didn't get through all the things i wanted to talk to her about.  What's on my mind lately is communication, so I suspect that I will have a series of posts on communication in marriage.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

New female orgasm technique

I just realized that it's been about 2 months since I last posted.  Everything's fine.  We've had some positive life changes and it has caused our normal flow to be disrupted.  How's that for ambiguity?  Plus, routines get out of whack during the summer.  It seems that we are getting close to being in a groove again.

I've been traveling a lot for work.  Before that started, Suzy teased me that she would deal with my absence by playing with a lover.  I was fairly excited about that idea, but frankly I got so focused on my job that I didn't even think about it much.  I didn't blog at all.

When I came home, we had some passionate sex.  Some new sex.  It's amazing to me that we can find new ways to enjoy sex after being married for as long as we have.

So here's what we did.

When we have intercourse, Suzy typically holds the Hitachi on her clit while I penetrate her.  She always tells me to go slowly.  I get super turned on that she tells me how to fuck her.  Anyway, I will slowly penetrate her and frankly with my cock inside her and the Hitachi on her clit, she comes in no time.  It's pretty awesome.

So a few weeks ago, she told me (yes, it was phrased like I had no choice in the matter, which excited me a lot!) that she wanted slow penetrations (as before) but during her orgasm, she wanted me to be fully inside her pussy but to stop the "in and out".  So during her climax, my erection is no longer thrusting, but filling her pussy.

She L O V E D this.  It's our new thing.  The first time we tried it, she came really hard and said "wow, we've got to try that again!"  I told her I was game.  So we have done that a few times, and she's had great orgasms every time.

I am not sure what made her think of this, and why it might enhance her orgasm.  No clue.  But WE like it and it is a lot of fun.  I have no problem figuring out when to stop thrusting.  I hold my cock still during her climax, I enjoy her orgasm and let her calm down a bit, and then I go back to penetrating her until I come.

I read a fair amount of sex articles and I've never heard of this technique being recommended.  I don't even know what to call it.  I appreciate any suggestions, and would love to hear about any readers' experimentation with this.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Back in the Hotwife Saddle - Suzy 5, Playmate 1, Hubby 0

I'm regaining my lost mojo at a snail's pace, whereas Suzy put our sex life into hyperdrive this week.  The bottom line is that Suzy had been interested in hotwifing and finally had an opportunity to do so this past week.  Schedules lined up this week, so Suzy had sex with her fourth playmate since we began our hotwifing journey.  This is the guy that she met for a meet and greet a few weeks ago and letter regretting getting physical with.  He travels a lot but can host, so when the time came, she went for it.

The downside to this playdate is that I was asleep.  Part of my lost mojo, I guess, but that's what happened: she played while I was asleep, so no reclaim sex.  Apparently, he even suggested taking sexy photos and sending them to me, but Suzy decided against that.

Suzy came THREE times with him.  Her first orgasm (via fingering) was "very quick" according to her.  Suzy was a very aroused hotwife that night!  He told her he could not reach climax because "she was too wet" and wasn't getting enough friction on his cock to ejaculate.  I'll leave the rest of the details to Suzy, but suffice it to say that she enjoyed herself.  She went out of her way to mention that his attention was most definitely on her.

I was a bit aloof (I had a stressful event occur around this timeframe, so give me some slack with that!) and we didn't have a full conversation until our drive to a datenight last night.  She gave me all the details, and I was probably erect the entire time we talked about it.  In fact, when we got to the establishment, I was well "tented" and had to try to hide my arousal from vanilla passersby.  A lot of the conversation focused on hotwifing, although in less graphic terms since we were technically in public.  More talking about where things stand with other playmates, possible next rendezvous, things like that.

We were tired when we got back, and Suzy came out of the bedroom with me naked.  We did some foreplay and some more dirty talking.  In the "hot things your wife has said" category, Suzy said, "so you're the cuckold and I'm the hotwife!"*.  I did some breast stimulation and then finally took her panties and PJ's off, and gave her a solid G-spot fingering orgasm.  I enjoyed the after climax caressing (I think she did too!) and I was pretty determined to experience another female orgasm, which she seemed a little reluctant at first, but then enjoyed it.  She was clear that she did not want me to penetrate her and then later was clear that she did not want me to orgasm, but "maybe tomorrow if you're a good boy".

I put her clothes back on, took my sleeping pill (I was way too aroused at this point!) and then she enjoyed cuddling me with my erection poking her backside.  Husband denied.

*  *  *  *  *
* I do read a forum about hotwifing and the distinction among various lifestyle labels seems to crop up a bit.  Suzy has asked me about it, and I think at various times I've started a post.  The fact of the matter is: I think Suzy is a "hotwife" because she has sex with men other than me with my knowledge and approval (kinda hard to deny the "tenting").  I'm really turned on by the double standard, and part of our dirty talking was her teasing me about how many lovers she's had compared to me.  I believe I'm a "cuckold" in the sense that my wife has sex with other men with my knowledge.  In these forums and via google, there seems to be a bit of a consensus that a cuckold is more into humiliation, etc.  While we've occasionally played with humiliation, that's not a normal part of our sex play.  So, perhaps I'm not a "full fledged" cuckold, but I enjoy - during dirty talk - her referring to me as a cuckold (I enjoy being called "slave", for that matter; as well as her saying that my release is contingent on me being a good "boy"), and we both seem to like the idea of her being a "hotwife".  We have agreed that her extramarital sexual partners are not "bulls" because I certainly would not want to be humiliated by another male (which seems to be the nuance of the term bulls, that they humiliate the cuckold husband).  So, for now, I will refer to her as the hotwife, me the cuckold husband, and her partners as "playmates", "boytoys", "lovers".

Monday, May 30, 2016

Lost Mojo?

For the past few weeks, I have uncharacteristically had an almost non-existent sex drive.  In spite of some inevitable middle age health issues (fewer and lower quality erections, "procedures"), I haven't lost much libido compared to my horny teenage years.  Call it "life getting in the way".  Well, and Suzy has herself had a lot of stressful events.  It's just been a crappy few months.  I am confident it will get better.

Meanwhile, I wanted to use the long weekend as a way to get my mind of those things, to enjoy and not stress.  On Saturday night - seemingly the first time in a while - we had a quality cuddle.  We had some pillow talk about how un-horny I was, and Suzy (jokingly?) said that it's been a relief that I haven't been after her, sexually.  She made it clear that she didn't want to play, but we CUDDLED all night and I groped her body.  This usually does increase my desire for her, and as I was half-waking up on Sunday morning, hands all over her, I envisioned the fact that other more virile men have enjoyed my wife's body.  I still get a rush in knowing that there are a few other men that have or are trying to enjoy my wife's sexuality.  My desire for her shot up quite a bit.  Plus, I had also been reflecting on our photo shoot that I discussed in my last post.

By that time I was super horny, my "mojo" back, and wanted her.  She gave me a rundown on where things stand with her, some banter as to how she "liked" me in my lost mojo state, and then had a heavy insinuation that she would "take a long shower", our euphemism for a shower-head induced solo female orgasm.  I wish she understood how hot I think female masturbation is, from my perspective.  It's a matter of perspective: the thought of me jerking off is disturbing to her, but the thought of her climaxing solo is very arousing to me... the whole "my wife NEEDS to come" thing.

So, we had a bit more info exchange and then we played VERY late last night.  Too late.  Naked, I got on top of her and darn near rubbed myself to a climax while I was giving her foreplay (sorry about all that pre-come on your PJ's hon!).  She had an intense Hitachi orgasm - it was very exciting for me to watch her experience that level of pleasure.  She treated me to a nice teasing session with nipple pinching, cock stroking, and ball torture, and I came very close to orgasm, but she backed off.  Orgasm denied.  At that point, I was super tired and crashed with her naked with the knowledge that my wife came twice within a 24 hour period.

*  *  *  *  *  
As I have said before, I get a bit depressed if I don't have a solid erection for a few days.  Suzy's tease and denial session have lifted my spirits up a bit.  I do have some pretty good cravings for some kinky sex play, and I am not sure where Suzy stands with this.  She implied last night that I was "topping from the bottom" (giving her too many "suggestions") but I am struggling to communicate my most current fantasies (many of which we've acted on several times, but not for a while) with some newer ones (again, most of which she knows about) - in light of Suzy wanting me to be more dominant or less submissive.  Maybe Suzy would be willing to try try this?

Thursday, May 19, 2016

CFNM Nirvana - sexy photos of a hotwife

Suzy has been sending some sexy selfies to her potential playmates, sometimes while I am asleep and then after the fact she tells me about it, and shows me what she sent.  I usually ask, "what was his reaction", and its usually something positive, and they send back sexy photos of them.  This is pretty far outside her comfort zone, which was sorta solidified when we saw this movie in the theater.  So, she's changed her position on that.  Well, she and I had talked about me being the photographer so that she can have "better shots" than she can do alone with selfies.

We finally had our photoshoot a few days ago.  I helped retrieve some of her sexier undergarments/accessories and she sorted through what thong and bra she wanted.  I felt it was only right for me to be fully nude, to make her feel more comfortable.  So even though she was very exposed, I was still more exposed.

What a session!  I was in CFNM nirvana.  Here's what got me going:

  • Me composing a shot, sometimes getting on the floor, just trying to maximize the sexiness.
  • The degree to which we partnered in this effort, she and I both suggesting different angles/poses.
  • At least for me, the lack of shame around a married couple being comfortable with nudity sexiness even though we weren't initially directly engaging in sex.
  • The fact that the photos were intended for "her lovers", and after the shoot was done, she cropped and sent the ones she liked and deleted everything on my phone.  So no, I don't have a copy to share.
  • My personal favorite photo was one including my own erection at the entrance to her pussy.  I would love to have more photos of my own body as well.  Unfortunately, given the intended audience for the photos, I think that one was deleted.
  • After we were done and getting ready for bed, she allowed me to enter her, with a condom.  So hot for her to watch me roll the condom on.
  • As she was readying herself for penetration, she nonchalantly put on a sexy black camisole.  What a rush!  She had just taken several topless photos for her lovers, but for sex with me, she covers up.  I have no idea if she did this to satisfy my CFNM fetish, or she was just cold.  But it was so hot, me still being fully nude.  I believe she had on her stockings.
  • All told, I was fully nude for maybe like an hour?  My cock had varying stages of hardness, but clearly I was at least partially erect the whole time.  It feels so good to be so open and exposed, LIGHTS ON, for such an extended period of time.  What a foreplay session!  It was one of the few sessions we've had where I came before her.

*  *  *  *  *
Suzy has a planned "playdate" tonight.  I can't wait how it unfolds.  As luck would have it, this playmate is open to taking sexy photos of their play time, so it is possible that I will get a snapchat or a text from her at some point... mind is reeling as to what sexy shots I will get!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Her Post Orgasmic Glow & Sexual Role Playing

Our sexy time has been hit hard, for various reasons.  Life getting in the way, as they say.

I'm not sure if I've blogged about this, but one thing I've been struggling with is the dominance/submissive thing in the bedroom.  Suzy has given me feedback that she likes her male partner to take charge, to be more assertive.  I typically ask her if she wants me to do a particular sex act.  I'll say something like, "Suzy, I'd like to go down on you, is that OK?".  The feedback she's giving me is that she would really just prefer that I go for it.  So, I've been trying to do that more.

Except when she resists.  Ugh.  As an example for this week, I wanted her to come, and using the Hitachi is the only option at the moment.  She resisted this pretty hard a couple of nights this week.  Last night I was determined and she paradoxically refused again.  But I kept at it, I was persistent.  I needed her to come.  She was very tired but gave up resisting me and allowed me to hold the Hitachi against her beautiful pussy.  She came hard.  We both loved it.  But what was particularly exciting to me was how sensitive her body was post-orgasm.  I was touching her all over and she gave me the best reactions to the stimulation.  I played with her breasts, armpits, back, side, neck, shoulder.  She was writhing in pleasure and then fell into a peaceful sleep.

This morning, she told me matter of factly that it was one of the most intense orgasms she's had.

*  *  *  *  *
A few days before, I had been getting a pain in my scrotum.  It festered for a bit, so I asked her to take a look at it (it's difficult for me to see what's going on down there, so I needed an expert opinion).  She even suggested that we could "play doctor".  I've wanted to role play more, so I thought this would be fairly exciting.  She was tired, so it wasn't a full-blown session.  But she did come out and examine my balls.  I was fully naked and she was in her typical PJ's.  I held my cell phone light in that area, and she carefully examined me.  Such a turnon!!  This was one of the sessions that she refused an orgasm, but she did play with me, and I was in deep sub-space arranging my nude body so that she could stimulate my various erogenous parts.  No orgasm, but a hot experience.  I'd really like to explore more role playing, especially of the CFNM variety.  Perhaps a more drawn out version of doctor/patient in which she examines and discusses my sex life, asks me how often I ejaculate and how often my wife orgasms, basically getting very personal, but as it turns out, she is a doctor that only sees male patients and encourages sex for the wife's pleasure.  We shall see!

Last week, I had done a hasty shave job and I think it was a razor burn.  I don't usually take a lot of time on my scrotum hair, but I did use a razor in the shower and I must have been a little too eager.  What surprised me was that it was a few days after that I felt the pain.  things are getting better now.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

My "unicorn" hotwife

Things have slowed down a bit, due to some stressful family issues, Suzy having her period, and my libido being unexpectedly low (have I lost my "mojo"?).  We haven't been having a lot of sex lately, I think I got a handjob in last week, and used the vibe on her.

In spite of mother nature's "obstacle", Suzy continues to arrange for potential playmates when the time comes.  She had a meet and greet with a younger guy last week.  From what I can tell, it went quite well.  They did not do anything sexual, it was a ~2 hour coffee and I think he kissed her and hugged her.  She gave me the lowdown after the "date" and I was pretty excited (occasionally staring at her D-cups with a shirt specifically picked to highlight the "twin peaks".  Suzy basically said that she could see this guy being a regular playmate.  As most who have entered the hotwifing lifestyle will attest, good communication between the married couple is super important.  And when your hotwife looks you in the eye, unembarrassed, and says, "I'd like to have sex with him", you know you have a good amount of communication.

I am having a tough time keeping her potential playmates straight.  I don't really want to use their real names - it's possible she will let at least one of them on our blogging secret at some point.

Playmate #1 is totally out of the picture.

Playmate #2, "Mike" is still in the picture.  He is a super flake and she has had sex with him a couple of times.  She is open to meeting up with him again.  I kinda get excited at the thought that she needs more "practice" having sex with him.... sorta like she can't quite tell if she likes it so she needs to try again.

Playmate #3 (that is to say, her third extramarital sex partner) didn't contact her for a while after their carnal encounter, then said he wants to play again.  I am not sure how those discussions have gone.  She has said that he is the most likely "friend" to play in front of me (frankly, I don't know exactly what that means at this point - watching/tag-teaming/a full threesome with penetration from one male and her giving a blojob to the other... yes, please!), so naturally I am rooting for him.  Suzy has asked me a few times if I'd "really" be ok watching another male copulate with her.  I really do think I am!

She has a couple of other guys that she corresponds with by email/text/phone.  I believe she has one guy that likes her voice, and jacks off when (or after?) they talk.... phone sex!  At any rate, I don't have a solid understanding of where things stand with the men she hasn't yet met in person.

*  *  *  *  *
What I do know is that even though my sex drive has been down, the thought of her playing hit me today, and I am super excited about it (yes, I have pre-come in my underwear right now).  Suzy has confided to me that things were a little overwhelming with her on the number of men that try to connect with her on her dating site.  She is a bit of a "unicorn" on her dating site, in the sense that a single male can approach her without producing a female partner to "share" with me.  Thus, the many inquiries from single men.  For now, it seems that she is going to stick it out with these 4-6 men for the time being.  Happy hotwifing, darling!

Friday, April 8, 2016

When hubby can't wait for seconds... anticipated "reclaim" sex of a hotwife

As you can see by my hotwife's latest blog post, we are going more and more into the cuckolding lifestyle.  Suzy has so far had 7 playdates with two different younger males.  Most of them were planned; one of the surprising issues we are having is the flakiness of the playmates.  You'd think that a horny guy would go more out of his way to remove obstacles such as girlfriends or work/family schedules to have no strings attached sex with a sexy MILF!

For me as the cuckold, being denied for the dates makes it more intense.  She had one date (with lover #1) that was somewhat spontaneous and we had actually had sex the night before (I'll never forget that orgasm, because I entered her missionary but her legs were completely closed - new sensation for me!)  While it turned me on a lot that she was playing, my balls were pretty drained and I was no longer horny.  I guess what I'm trying to say is that from my perspective, being denied (and therefore super horny) leading up to a playdate is pretty intense.  Our first cuckolding experience involved intense tease and denial and I was practically begging for her to get pounded by strange dick.

And that is our current situation.  Suzy has told me that I cannot have sex with her until she has sex with another male.  She said something to the effect that, "you get seconds, husband".  We had a sexy play time last night - she came out fully nude and fed me her nipples as part of foreplay.  She came nicely from fingering/Hitachi and I played around with her a bit, us both nude.  I was erect, and I asked her if I could enter her, and she assertively said, "no, not until I've had another lover".  What struck me is how confident and assured she was in her decision.

So, I'm practically craving her to get laid, so that I can "reclaim" her with some marital sex.  She has a "meet and greet" tonight, and therefore there is a possibility that she will click with him and possibly have intercourse.  Of course, I am rooting for both of them to have a good time.  Cuckolding is a team sport.

She has a tentative date this weekend with lover #2 ("Mike").  But he has been very flaky, and I'm not holding my breath (or should I say "cock"?  Not sure here).  So if it doesn't work out tonight, it may be a while longer until I enjoy Suzy's warm tight pussy.  She needn't worry, though, because I am more than willing to take care of her physical needs until that time comes.

So, wish us luck tonight!  She does have her sexy top, sexy thongs, and toy bag with condoms packed and ready to go.

Love you Suzy!


Sunday, April 3, 2016

Quarterly Sex Report

We've had some fun times lately, which I've captured in our orgasm tracker page at a high level.  I won't go into details at the moment, but it's fair to say that our sex life has been very enjoyable lately.

At the beginning of the year, I had tallied up our orgasm data from years past and proposed to Suzy that we have a 2016 New Year's resolution of 100 female orgasms.  It seemed like she brushed me off at the time, but it's come up here and there as the year progressed.  We've had a bit of fun with it via texting.  Since the first quarter is officially over, I thought it would be fun to tally it up and extrapolate to see if we are on target for our goal.

She has had 29 orgasms, putting her on pace for 116, well above the goal.  That's awesome!  I'm hoping that we can maintain this pace and find new and interesting ways for her to climax.

As a side note, I have come 12 times and she has been directly responsible for 4 extramarital male orgasms.

Which leads me to: where are we going, sexually from here?  Will we keep pace to accomplish the goal of 100 female orgasms?  Will cuckolding remain a part of our sex lives (she actually had sexted me that the goal of 100 is more easily obtained with additional sex partners... Hot!)?  What fantasies will we explore?  What is the goal for my orgasms?

Sunday, March 20, 2016

The afternoon of five orgasms

Last Sunday, Suzy had a hotel playdate with "Magic Mike".  I've been mulling over the events and in my mind, "The afternoon of five orgasms" is the most appropriate title for the events that transpired.  To cut the the chase, it was a great time for all three participants.

She was to meet him around 3:00 at a local hotel.  She was nervous that he would cancel and demanded that he give a yes/no by 2:00.  He said he could do it, so she left around that time to "setup".  She had fantasized about greeting him at the door in the red lingerie that was on a few posts ago.  She had her toybag ready to go, I kissed her and told her that I loved her and wanted her to have a good time.  Suzy texted me a play-by-play of her feelings and the status of his arrival.  The last text I got was something like, "he's here", and at that point I didn't disturb her.  I was watching our child and doing laundry while she was literally in bed with a younger lover.  I thought about things a lot, but me doing the laundry both kept me occupied and made me feel a little extra submissive.

The details of the playdate are probably best left to her.  At a high level, he came fairly quickly in the missionary position.  Suzy did get him erect for a second round of doggy style sex - he lasted a lot longer for round 2.  She seemed "proud" that she got him erect.  He came a second time; somewhere in the mix Suzy had an orgasm with one of her toys.

I got a text from her around 5:00 and she said to come over to the hotel, "we might as well get our money's worth".  I asked her if she had a good time and she said, "Yep, very happy".  I got there as fast as I could.  Got into the hotel room, kissed her, then got naked.  She was still in her red lingerie.  I was super excited.

Suzy gave me some details of her playdate and I was getting more and more turned on.  I brought our Hitachi from home and gave her an orgasm.  After a while, I got on top of her and she said she wanted me to wear a condom*.  Fully erect, I asked her to roll it on me, and she said no, she wanted to watch me put it on.  That was super arousing for me, getting my CFNM fetish in.  I was fully naked and hard, condom covered, and she was still in her red lingerie.  She did not get fully naked with Mike either.  Hot.  I knew I wasn't going to last long.

Entering her felt different than normal.  It did feel like my cock just slide right in.  I don't know if Mike "loosened" her, or if it was a matter of she was already well excited.  But that was hot.  She did some awesome dirty talking and then I came in a matter of only a few strokes.  The ejaculation felt like my semen couldn't shoot out fast enough, like it was blocked somehow.  It was a great orgasm.  She made a few jokes as I was coming (I think she said, "that's the fastest you've every come") and once it was over, I crashed beside her and caressed her body.  It was a hot experience.

One surreal detail that I can't get out of my mind was that after my erection subsided, I walked over to the bathroom to "clean up".  It was a weird experience withdrawing my semen-filled condom and putting it in the same trash can as two other semen-filled condoms from her lover.  So, there was the physical evidence of two orgasms from her lover and one from me; plus the two she had from the vibrator.  Amounts to "the afternoon of five orgasms".

*  *  *  *  *

* <Warning: this may be TMI for some readers>
So, I had read the condom thing wrong.  From our Saturday night play and then on Sunday for the three penetrations she received, Suzy wasn't fully "clear" from her period and was concerned about cleanliness.  I misread that - when she has gyno appointments, she either won't let me come in her, or makes me wear a condom so as to be "clean" for the exam.  I thought that was what was going on with Mike, but it sounds like it was just out of hygienic concern.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Orgasm donor

Suzy's period was over, and she wanted to play last night.  During most of her periods, she will allow use of the Hitachi wand over her pad, but that was not the case this time.  So she was ready for an orgasm, and told me verbally that she wanted one NOW.

She enjoyed feeling the stiffness of my arousal as the foreplay progressed.  I took her PJ bottoms and panties off, but she did not want her top off.  She asked me dubiously if I "could handle" her pussy, meaning would I be able to last long enough for her to orgasm while inside her.  I thought so, and then she gave a clear direction that she wanted me to wear a condom.  I did as I was told and wrapped my cock up with a SKYN condom.  I entered her and then she applied the Hitachi to her clit.  She told me to slow down, she wanted the penetration to be nice and slow.  She came nicely, and I was able to hold off on my own orgasm.

I had a feeling she didn't want me to come, but she realizes that when I am inside her, I get very excited especially during her climax.  She has told me that her own orgasms are better with me inside her, which I appreciate.

So, she was in her post orgasm bliss, and I was still inside her as we discussed her orgasm.  I moved very slowly to maintain my erection, and then asked her if she wanted me to come.  She said "no", she'd prefer me to be denied.  So, I withdrew and took the un-soiled condom off and threw it away, then put her clothes back on, horny and erect the whole time.  We then cuddled as she fell asleep.

*  *  *  *  *
What turned me on about the session was how assertive she was about using a condom and, given my sexual stamina, telling me very clearly that she wanted me to be be denied.  So, I was an orgasm donor, but not a recipient.  Why did she want me to wear a condom?

I think two reasons: I can last longer with a condom.  But, she also has a "playdate" with "Mike" and part of me thinks that she didn't want me to release a load inside her so that she was "fresher" for him.  Only Suzy knows.... but it was hot in that as a submissive husband, I do enjoy being told how to engage with sex with her, in this case, to wear a condom, to penetrate her slowly until she came, and then ultimately to withdraw my cock from her pussy.  

But, as you can imagine, I'm very horny.  In any case, Suzy is preparing for her "encounter" with Mike.  Hotel room sex this afternoon, she will have a couple of hours to spend with him.  I am in the process of doing laundry, including cleaning our bedsheets while she will have some well-deserved play time with Mike.  She may call me over to take more complete advantage of the hotel, for some reclaiming sex.  But of course at that point, I am not sure how long I will last.  And, it's not a given, she may have a bad time, she may be too sore, etc.  We shall see...

Monday, March 7, 2016

Caged cuckold

Suzy's Saturday date with "Mike" was cancelled.  She had planned to only let me out of the chastity cage after she played with Mike.  Bear in mind that Suzy's period is just around the corner.  So I was facing a prolonged period of orgasm denial and/or lockdown in the cage.  I was starting to get antsy.

She then got an unexpected contact from her first "friend".  This "friend" is flaky, a bit self-centered during sex, has pretty good stamina, is more dominant in bed, and drives Suzy crazy.  She thinks that she was a "conquest" to him, and once he had sex with her he, became really flaky.  I thought that Suzy was done with him a long time ago.  Nevertheless, he saved the weekend in the sense that they did get together, had sex, and Suzy consequently unlocked me and allowed me to have sex with her.

Suzy seemed to be looking forward to the encounter (she was all smiles) and sprang into action by putting on a sexy dress, taking off her panties, brushing her teeth, and gathering the required materials (condoms, because he told her he did not have any on him).  Her pussy had been freshly shaved for the planned encounter with Mike.  Car sex ~ not my favorite for her ~ and while they went at it, I was locked in my cage watching a Bond movie.  I had not known this tryst was going to take place (he's all talk, so she says) so I had taken a sleeping pill.

So there I was, my cock trying to escape its polycarbonate confines, thinking about my wife getting banged by a dude with a lot of endurance, watching Bond and trying not to fall asleep.  Cuckolding doesn't alway work out the way you plan!  LOL

Anyway, I made sure Suzy had an extra condom, she said she didn't need any toys, and I told her to have a good time.  She looked super sexy.  She left for her "playdate" and about a half an hour later, she came back, her hair a little bit disheveled, and freshly fucked.  Unfortunately, neither she nor he made it to the promised land.  No orgasms.  She came in and I hugged her.  We went upstairs, I disrobed, and she unlocked me.  Photos follow:
Suzy, freshly fucked by her friend with benefits, unlocking her cuckold husband
Bummer I didn't get her wedding ring in the photo!  I was a little preoccupied!

After she unlocked me, I showered so my cock was "fresh" for her.  I had no problem getting hard and inserted my cock into her already fucked pussy.  She had asked me if she was "looser" and I guess she was.  It felt great anyway.  No lube necessary ~ I guess you could say her pussy was "pre-wet" for me.  I didn't last too long because it had been a while since I came and the events of the night were such a turnon to me.  She also gave me the rundown on the sexual encounter she just had.

My orgasm was fantastic.  It felt like I could not pump my semen out fast enough, like my plumbing was backed up (sorry if that's TMI).  I would imagine I released quite a load in her.  This was one of the few times I came first, and after I passed out from the pleasure, I handed her the Hitachi and she finished the job.

She did some pretty sexy talk that I won't detail here; just some possibilities for future play.  For me as her submissive husband, this cuckolding lifestyle/adventure is far more exciting than I thought it would be, and has gotten better.  I love this woman!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Locked and cuckolded?

Suzy has a planned hotel playdate this afternoon with "Mike".  Since my last orgasm 12 days ago, Suzy has had 5 climaxes (last night she said, ,"that's all?") and I've been locked in chastity for 4 nights.  She's been doing a fair amount of teasing via text, especially yesterday afternoon.  Suffice it to say, we are really enjoying our sex life.

I woke up this morning and got her her hot cocoa (with whipped cream this time) and asked if she wanted me to serve her breakfast.  I made her breakfast in bed. I don't think I've fully explained to her how even doing that puts me into subspace.  I like being her slave/servant husband.  Eating breakfast in bed is not really my thing, so typically I will serve her and then make my own and eat it downstairs.  This gives her plenty of time to "phone" and I think as a busy parent she appreciates the time alone.  While she doesn't "make" me eat downstairs, it does make me feel more servant-like to give her that time - along the lines of "the slaves do not eat with the masters" (or in my case Mistress).  Suzy probably doesn't think about that at all, but I do.  When I am not tired from work, it's really fun to serve my Queen.

Suzy is concerned that Mike may cancel.  There's some potential weather around and he doesn't have a lot of time for the kind of play time she wants.  Nonetheless, Suzy is now in the shower getting ready for sex with him.  She's going to shave her pussy and will likely get to the hotel room first and greet him at the door in something sexy but just "for him".  This has become a major turnon for both of us ~ to have certain things like lingerie and sex toys that are not for me but her lover.

Assuming this goes forward, this will be the first time she will cuckold me while I'm locked.  So after she finished breakfast, she sent me this text:

Suzy can really hit my submissive buttons!

The "situation" is that if he does cancel, Suzy will be very upset, and I most likely will not get sex, and potentially will stay locked.  The rub here is that Suzy's period will start soon, so this may be the last time she can play for a little while.  So, our interests are aligned: we both want her to have sex with Mike!

I love you Suzy.  Hope you have fun!

Your submissive locked cuckold husband

Thursday, March 3, 2016


Suzy decided to lock me up in my cage Tuesday night, after she had an amazing orgasm.  She didn't want to play with any of our newer toys, but was open to some play.  I fingered her in that special way with the Hitachi on her clit and she came in buckets.  It was awesome - she even made a comment about it to me the following morning!  YES!

So after that, I was fully erect and asked to penetrate her - access denied.  Since I was going to be home, she told me to lock up.  I whipped that cage on in no time, and Suzy snapped the lock shut.  She teased called me her "dear locked sub" when I snapchatted her a photo of my caged cock; she complimented me for being "a good boy", which made me fill the cage.

My last orgasm was Feb 22, and it seems like she is going to deny me a bit longer.  She had some talk of a playdate with Mike but it's not 100% and her period is coming up.  Don't know what she has in mind, but I'm in full blown oxytocin fueled courtship mode right now.  In any event, I'm super horny.

I suspect that we will have some play time tonight, and perhaps I will get a little more info on when I might be unlocked and/or allowed to come.  Perhaps.... not holding my breath!

Suzy seems more open to posting sexy photos, so here's my contribution to illustrate my current state:

Locked sub ~ proof I've been a "good boy"
We are certainly having a lot of fun!  I LOVE that woman!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Hubby Denied All Day

We had a very lazy day Saturday.  Didn't really get going until the afternoon, although I did make my Queen breakfast in bed.  I love serving my Queen, trying to figure ways to be loving towards her.  I don't always eat with her, but while she was eating breakfast in bed, I wrote my prior blog post.

We had a lot of communication around our sex life.  I feel that we are really connecting as to what pleases us.  We had an engagement - just the two of us - yesterday evening that involved a 1.5 hour drive.  As I was driving, Suzy started stroking my genitals in no time I got fully erect.  She then undid my pants (making a point of telling me how I still can't undo her bra with one hand) and stimulated me with skin-to-skin contact.  It felt great.  She's occasionally stimulate my balls.  I was a hot, horny mess.

After the event, we got home really late.  She came out and I began giving her foreplay.  She turned on her back and said, "are you going to penetrate me now"?  So, she got up in doggy position and I entered her.  She was fairly wet already.  She told me to slow down, I was pumping too fast.  I get so turned on when she TELLS me how to fuck her.  She also told me not to come.  So, I did as I was told and she was enjoying it.  As we had discussed, the downside of doggy is no face to face.  I really do love holding on to her hips though.  Anyway, I was getting close to orgasm (remember, I had been teased for probably 30-40 min earlier in the day), so we changed to missionary.  It was great to kiss her during the penetration, but she reiterated that I was not allowed to come.  I then pulled out and began applying our new toy to my wife's wet and eager pussy.

That was a case of trial and error: getting it insider her comfortably and then realizing that the speed could be increased.  She finally came.

I tried to get back inside her, and she said, "you had your chance".  Which isn't exactly true, because she had told me NOT to come.  But basically, she did not allow me back inside her and she was clear that I was not going to orgasm, that I had to wait.  She had worn thongs during the day, and told me that she wanted to wear "regular" panties to bed.  So I got those out, and put them on, and her PJ bottoms again.  I was rubbing on her the whole time, maintaining my erection, which I think we both enjoyed.  Then she said, OK, it's time for bed.  I cuddled her to sleep, then took some sleeping pills (I was way too excited) and phoned for a bit until they took effect.  Finally, I got to bed, my now flaccid cock coated with her pussy juices, but remaining horny and wanting.

It was a fun day.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Exploring Female Sexuality

Suzy and I were playing this week and she said, "Didn't you just orgasm, husband?  I don't think it's time for you to come yet."  That kind of clarity is something that I appreciate as a submissive.  While I think she likes the idea of using my cock to enhance her pleasure, I don't think that I would have the stamina to avoid an orgasm, so there was an unspoken realization that I would not penetrate her with my cock.  It has been a long time since I've performed oral on her - and in spite of her control of my orgasms, she seems to like the idea of her sex partners being more "dominant" (more on this in another post).  Plus, I've read articles that discuss that a woman's probability of climax increases with the number of positions (while that was specifically talking about penetrative sex, it seems reasonable to me that could be applied to cunnilingus as well).

So, I wanted her to start the session with her on her knees and me underneath her, with the idea that we would switch to the classic woman on her back, husband between her legs.  She didn't like the idea at all.  Maybe next time.

I asked her if I could use a dildo on her.  I've used it on her before, but she seems a little skittish about penetration with non-human objects.  It is the feeldoe strapon that I bought years ago with the idea of her "pegging" me.  Anyway, it's a pretty large phallus, - much bigger than me - and she was a little concerned that I would hurt her.  I lubed it up and slowly entered her.  When I've used in the past, it turned me on a lot to watch her labia stretching to accommodate the thrusts.  In this case, the lights were very dim and I didn't see that, but she did have a fantastic orgasm.  Her pussy seemed to close up during her orgasm - what's that about?  She didn't talk much about it specifically, only that it was a great orgasm.  I wonder what she's thinking....

Well, there was a giant wet spot on the bed.  I think it was because of all the KY lube I used.  It is a huge turnon for me when I am denied to "clean up" after sex.  My Queen was only nude from the waist down and had even covered up her chest with the comforter.  I got my CFNM fetish in.  Then the clothes fetish.  i washed the dildo and wiped up the excess lube and loving put her panties on.  I really get turned on how she moves her legs and hips to get the panties on her, and I love how it's a team effort.  Then her PJ bottoms.  This was a slow process, with some sexual banter about our ongoing sexual activities.

The next time we played, she didn't come but she teased the shit out of me.  OMG, it was an intense session.  She would stroke me and then firmly grab my balls.  It turned my mind to mush.  I literraly felt paralyzed.  When she thought I'd had enough, she simply stopped and we cuddled.

*  *  *  *  *
Lastly, she had wanted to go to a sex shop for more toys.  It was fun going with her.  She wanted to buy some toys "for her lover only".  We spent a shitload of money.  We got two high end vibrators and I can't wait to try them out.

There was a heavy-set female cashier at the store, and I was wondering what Suzy was thinking about the interactions we had with her.  As Suzy was looking for some toys or outfits, I asked the employee: "do you have a vibrator that can go inside her but have enough room for me to do oral on her?"  She helps us get this toy.  It seemed weird - even to me but I think more to Suzy - to be so open with a complete stranger; it felt like she was our sexual consultant.  Well, I guess that's her job.  The other vibe we got also came recommended by her, "that's my favorite one".  LOL

LASTLY, I found an article that pointed to this website about female sexuality.  Interested Suzy?

Sunday, February 21, 2016

What I get from being a hotwife/cuckold husband

We still are enjoying the "hotwife lifestyle".  I thought I'd post a note about what I get out of my wife having sex with other men.

Validation - I think my wife is super sexy.  I think her face is very pretty.  Plus, she's got D-cup breasts that even after 20 years of marriage still make my heart beat faster when she wears a revealing outfit.  Her ass is super hot too.  And her pussy.... Fuck it, I think everything about her is sexy.  But here's the thing - I'm the husband.  Of course I think she's sexy.  But other men admiring her, getting hard for her, climaxing with her.  Just as it is a validation of her, it's a validation of me.  I have a sexy wife, and other men think so too.  What husband does NOT want other men turned on by his wife?

Variety - I made the varsity basketball team, but did not play much.  I could not claim that I was the best player.  Likewise, I don't think I can claim that I am the best lover for my wife.  There are likely other men that are more skilled at sex than I am.  That have better "attributes" in terms of youth, sexual stamina, cock size, six pack abs, etc.  I don't want to deprive my wife of those experiences.  I am equally "jealous" of that than I was over ball players that were better than me.  Some are just gifted with more ability.  Not everyone can be Michael Jordan.  I do expect that her increased experience will pay dividends for us, will improve our intimacy.

Voyeur - Hotwifing is a team sport.  I really do get turned on when she tells me how many "suitors" are pursuing her and her telling me which ones are turning her on.  A major hump to this lifestyle was when she felt comfortable verbally telling me which men turned her on.  First, it was Brad Pitt, her celebrity crush.  Then, it was "Cory" the young, studly, tattooed waiter.  I would swear she skipped a heartbeat when she saw him.  I admit that I was a little embarrassed about this due to it being in front of our kids, but I value her raw sexual reactions.  I do not feel bad about myself if she is attracted to others.  But being a part of the story is extremely exciting.  Rather I value the honesty.  She is a sexual being, and can be aroused by other men.  I like her being honest with me and telling me about it.  

Compersion - Dangit, not everything starts with a 'V'.  I enjoy her being happy.  "Compersion" is defined as "an empathetic state of happiness and joy experienced when another individual experiences happiness and joy".  Basically, I'm happy that she's happy.  Her being pleasured sexually does not threaten me.  Rather, it's exciting to me.  Think about when it's someone you love's birthday.  Are you happy when they enjoy a gift they receive?  I sure am!  Basically, I'm happy when my wife is sexually satisfied.  When my wife denies my orgasm, but she is pleasured, I still am happy.  I love it when she enjoys sex.  I think her orgasm gives me more pleasure than my own.  I want her to be happy.

Well, here she is.  Enjoy!  I LOVE this woman!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

"Now that's three for me and two for you; maybe I need a fourth"

Sex partners, that is.

I lost my virginity in high school - I wouldn't say it was the greatest experience.  I had no clue what I was doing.  When Suzy and I met, she was a virgin and this time last year, I was the only sex partner she had.  In June of last year, Suzy evened the score with her "friend".  She and her "friend" had three total sexual experiences.  It seemed to Suzy that once he had made his "conquest", he was no longer interested, so they no longer play, although they do still communicate.  I guess they're still friends.

Last week, Suzy met who I previously called "Guy #3".  Now I'm calling him "Mike".  He is in his late 20s and is in a sexless longterm relationship.  They previously met for a coffee date and Suzy decided to pursue it further.  They had their first sexual experience last week.

I would like Suzy to comment on her own blog about that experience.

I was a bit struck by her comment that now she now has had more sex partners than me, thus this blog post.  Suzy does not seem to be actively pursuing other playmates, but the thought that - being the "hotwife" - she can really put me in sub-space.  She seems to like (appreciate?) that the three of her lovers are all "different".  I'd like her to better explain that - but she had a big smile on her face when she said that.  Perhaps she will go for lover #4.  Variety is the spice of life ;-)

It is likely that they will play again.  Originally, he was available for tomorrow and Monday but it now seems more likely they will play on Monday.  She had a big smile on her face about the prospect of playing with him at our house.  Yes, the plan is for her to host.  Anyway, I can tell she is very excited by the idea.  We shall see.

So how do I feel about this?  Jealousy?  I would say I had "angst" not knowing how things were going during their encounter.  And I wanted her to have a good time.  But not really jealousy.  I don't regret that she has had more sexual partners then me - it turns me on a lot actually.  I'm excited for her to have an even better experience with him for encounter #2 or any other men she would like to play with.  As I said before, cuckolding in reality has been more exciting than the fantasy.

*  *  *  *  *

But I am very horny.  I checked our orgasm log, and I haven't had an orgasm for two weeks.  So, I'm going pretty batty.  During one of our recent sexual encounters, Suzy agreed that we should shoot for a goal of 100 orgasms for her in 2016.  She's at 11, so we need to pick up the pace a bit.  It just seems like she has more opportunities for climaxes now.  We shall see....