Thursday, December 17, 2015

Desperate Housewife Substitution

Suzy and I used to look forward to Desperate Housewives every Sunday night.  It was our time for sexy play as we headed into the workweek.  I admit, some of the plot lines were pretty ridiculous, but the show was very sexy.  We had developed some rituals around me giving her a foot massage and she stroking me and occasionally swatting my balls.  After it was over, we usually had some quiet time and we would go upstairs to play.  That was a very sexy time!  I loved it!

We never really got a substitute for this experience.  Quite a while ago, I bought two adult DVDs, one an adult version of 50 shades of grey, the other a "love triangle" movie.  I didn't explicitly blog about the time we watched the first movie, but I think it was this post.  The thinking was that Suzy enjoyed the erotic novels and we were (in the bedroom anyway) in a dominant/submissive sexual relationship, just the other way around.  I enjoyed the movie, (which I just found out has a sequel) but got lost in it because Suzy was teasing/edging me during the whole thing.  I do remember distinctly how I climaxed: I was on my knees, ass in the air the Aneros prostate massager in place and I remember her "fucking" me with it, gentle in and out, while stroking my cock, and I ejaculated onto a towel below.  I also remember how wet she was, and I believe she had multiple orgasms that time.  Very sexy day for us!  I'm pretty sure I was eventually tied up and I do remember the use of the Wartenburg wheel on my body.  Wow!

Well, months went by and every now and then I'd mentioned that we have another movie to watch (the love triangle one).  We finally did watch it.  It was a similar experience in that Suzy edged me the entire movie and once it was over, we had sex and I came in just a few strokes, but fortunately she was so worked up that she came with me.

I do wonder what Suzy thinks about all this.  She made a comment about not getting her feet rubbed, so I think that we may be on to something.  Don't know how she feels about watching adult movies.  In both cases, I read through the synopsis to ensure that they were "couples friendly" (e.g., no lesbian sex, an actual plot - basically a Desperate Housewife movie but instead of talking about sex, actually showing the sex).  I enjoyed that experience.  Did Suzy????


  1. If you don't want to ask directly, ask her if she wants to watch it again and look at her reaction.

  2. i hope She did! Sounds exciting how She made you cum in your sessions. i'll need to do a little more "research" on these films, lol. Ha, maybe just have one playing when She gets home... She will either get hot, or make your bottom the same! sara