Sunday, December 13, 2015

"Accidental" Ruined Orgasm

Suzy was exploring my manliness with her hands and was getting particularly rough with my balls.  She was more vocal than normal (I love dirty talking!!) and as she was pulling on my scrotum, she said something like, "I want to rip these balls off!"  Now, as an aside, I do not think my wife truly wants to castrate me, but the combination of her rough play and her dirty talking was really quite exciting.  I love having my balls played with.  It puts me into "subspace" knowing that my wife can exert the control over me to have me nearly whimpering.  It is almost like an out-of-body experience.  When she tortures my testicles, it is a confusing sensation of pain and pleasure simultaneously.  I love how she alternates between light, teasing sensations on the sensitive scrotum skin and then blatant and painful slaps to my balls or (in this case) pulling on my scrotum, away from my body.  She certainly makes it "hurt so good".

When Suzy and I were dating and started to get physical, she would tease me by limiting the direct stimulation to my cock.  In those days, she would play with the area above my genitals (which I love) and she would "accidentally" glaze my erection.  She would even make odd comments about it being accidental that she touched me there ("oopsie").  Those teases were frustrating at the time, but when she teases me like that now, I think of it as being very hot, slowing down my desires for her at her pace, not mine.

Fast forward to more recent times, Suzy has teased me with limited cock contact, focusing mostly on my balls, the area above and to the side of my penis, my inner thighs, my perienum and ass, and more recently my nipples.  This kind of teasing is maddening.  It gets me so hot.  While I find the pleasure/pain combination super arousing, I do not think I can orgasm with limited direct cock stimulation.  She does glaze my cock every once in a while, to keep me hard, sort of like a maintenance stroke.

Well, I can have a ruined orgasm though.  And that's what happened the other night.  All the sudden, I had a mess on my lower abdomen that eventually run into the sheets.  I did not orgasm, and I was still fully erect.  Suzy allowed me inside her because we both wanted to see if this ruined orgasm would improve my endurance.  It did NOT.  I came within seconds of insertion.  I think my erection was inside of her by the time her orgasm started, but suffice it to say that the ruined orgasm leads to improved stamina experiment was an utter failure.

Ugh.  I think Suzy is disappointed in my sexual performance.  She teased me pretty heavily about it a few days later.  Unfortunately, no sexual playtime for either of us since then.

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