Thursday, December 17, 2015

Desperate Housewife Substitution

Suzy and I used to look forward to Desperate Housewives every Sunday night.  It was our time for sexy play as we headed into the workweek.  I admit, some of the plot lines were pretty ridiculous, but the show was very sexy.  We had developed some rituals around me giving her a foot massage and she stroking me and occasionally swatting my balls.  After it was over, we usually had some quiet time and we would go upstairs to play.  That was a very sexy time!  I loved it!

We never really got a substitute for this experience.  Quite a while ago, I bought two adult DVDs, one an adult version of 50 shades of grey, the other a "love triangle" movie.  I didn't explicitly blog about the time we watched the first movie, but I think it was this post.  The thinking was that Suzy enjoyed the erotic novels and we were (in the bedroom anyway) in a dominant/submissive sexual relationship, just the other way around.  I enjoyed the movie, (which I just found out has a sequel) but got lost in it because Suzy was teasing/edging me during the whole thing.  I do remember distinctly how I climaxed: I was on my knees, ass in the air the Aneros prostate massager in place and I remember her "fucking" me with it, gentle in and out, while stroking my cock, and I ejaculated onto a towel below.  I also remember how wet she was, and I believe she had multiple orgasms that time.  Very sexy day for us!  I'm pretty sure I was eventually tied up and I do remember the use of the Wartenburg wheel on my body.  Wow!

Well, months went by and every now and then I'd mentioned that we have another movie to watch (the love triangle one).  We finally did watch it.  It was a similar experience in that Suzy edged me the entire movie and once it was over, we had sex and I came in just a few strokes, but fortunately she was so worked up that she came with me.

I do wonder what Suzy thinks about all this.  She made a comment about not getting her feet rubbed, so I think that we may be on to something.  Don't know how she feels about watching adult movies.  In both cases, I read through the synopsis to ensure that they were "couples friendly" (e.g., no lesbian sex, an actual plot - basically a Desperate Housewife movie but instead of talking about sex, actually showing the sex).  I enjoyed that experience.  Did Suzy????

Sunday, December 13, 2015

"Accidental" Ruined Orgasm

Suzy was exploring my manliness with her hands and was getting particularly rough with my balls.  She was more vocal than normal (I love dirty talking!!) and as she was pulling on my scrotum, she said something like, "I want to rip these balls off!"  Now, as an aside, I do not think my wife truly wants to castrate me, but the combination of her rough play and her dirty talking was really quite exciting.  I love having my balls played with.  It puts me into "subspace" knowing that my wife can exert the control over me to have me nearly whimpering.  It is almost like an out-of-body experience.  When she tortures my testicles, it is a confusing sensation of pain and pleasure simultaneously.  I love how she alternates between light, teasing sensations on the sensitive scrotum skin and then blatant and painful slaps to my balls or (in this case) pulling on my scrotum, away from my body.  She certainly makes it "hurt so good".

When Suzy and I were dating and started to get physical, she would tease me by limiting the direct stimulation to my cock.  In those days, she would play with the area above my genitals (which I love) and she would "accidentally" glaze my erection.  She would even make odd comments about it being accidental that she touched me there ("oopsie").  Those teases were frustrating at the time, but when she teases me like that now, I think of it as being very hot, slowing down my desires for her at her pace, not mine.

Fast forward to more recent times, Suzy has teased me with limited cock contact, focusing mostly on my balls, the area above and to the side of my penis, my inner thighs, my perienum and ass, and more recently my nipples.  This kind of teasing is maddening.  It gets me so hot.  While I find the pleasure/pain combination super arousing, I do not think I can orgasm with limited direct cock stimulation.  She does glaze my cock every once in a while, to keep me hard, sort of like a maintenance stroke.

Well, I can have a ruined orgasm though.  And that's what happened the other night.  All the sudden, I had a mess on my lower abdomen that eventually run into the sheets.  I did not orgasm, and I was still fully erect.  Suzy allowed me inside her because we both wanted to see if this ruined orgasm would improve my endurance.  It did NOT.  I came within seconds of insertion.  I think my erection was inside of her by the time her orgasm started, but suffice it to say that the ruined orgasm leads to improved stamina experiment was an utter failure.

Ugh.  I think Suzy is disappointed in my sexual performance.  She teased me pretty heavily about it a few days later.  Unfortunately, no sexual playtime for either of us since then.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

A possible "boy toy" for Suzy

Things have been going generally well.  The week of Thanksgiving involved two instances of intercourse, and I have drafted a post about those sessions.  But, as they say, things "just got more interesting".

I searched pretty hard for a true "hotwife" blog, written by a woman, and not much came up.  Mostly tumblrs with hotwife/cuckold captions, which isn't exactly my thing.  I "get" the cuckold perspective, but I was hoping to get some more insight into the "hotwife" relationship dynamic.  I am further encouraged to find a more feminine perspective on this "lifestyle" through the cuckoldingnathan blog, which Suzy seems to enjoy specifically due to the female perspective (although Patty has been absent for far too long).  I found two blogs, both of which are now on my main page "feed".  Bear in mind, that I did not actually read through either of them, I just found them and wanted to add them so that I/we could explore later.

Interestingly, Suzy was browsing my blog and came across the more recent one.  Specifically, she said that this post by an apparently long time hotwife was exciting to her.  It involved an encounter with a much younger male.  Suzy being with a younger, more virile male has always excited me.  Suzy's "friend" has been unreliable lately and I liked the idea of her finding another playmate.

Well, it seems that she has.

Suzy got turned on to the idea of playing with a much younger partner.  She spoke to me about it, and then began pursuing a connection with him.  I don't want to steal any thunder she might have to say about this possible playmate, but I approve.  I'm really quite excited about the idea that she could be having sex with someone so much younger than her.  And he seems OK with me being present (even if she may not be... hope she is OK with that!).  He seems pretty turned on by the idea of a playing with a MILF.

They have been sexting, and Suzy has given me a glimpse into that discussion.  Me likey!  Suzy seems pretty interested in pursuing a physical connection with him, surprising me by saying something to the effect of "I don't need to meet him, I want to fuck him".  Wow.  I'm all for that!

Well, I suppose I should leave it at that.  I await her next "move".  I love you, Suzy!