Sunday, October 18, 2015

Assertive Wife, Denied Husband

Friday night was a "cuddle only" night where Suzy was tired and did not want to have sex.  We cuddled very nicely, which made me really horny for Saturday.  I had asked her to shave her pussy (because that is awesome) and that I really wanted to go down on her because it had been so long.  She made it seem like it was not a done deal that I would get to eat her out - said "we'll see".  She did shave it, but we had a long day and we were both really tired.  I wanted to come so badly.  I initiated foreplay and I just thought I was too tired for pussy eating.  I wanted her to come RIGHT THEN, and fortunately she was on the same page.  After she was aroused, I slipped her PJ bottoms, then her panties.  I fingered her and placed the Hitachi on her clit.  She had a FANTASTIC orgasm.  I got on top of her, still erect, kissing her, and asked if I could penetrate.  She was clear in her response, no, she didn't want me to penetrate her, she was done with sex and wanted her clothes back on for sleep.  Play time was over.

I've blogged about this before, but it is so HOTT when I am denied and I dress her.  I have a thing for clothes (Halloween's coming up, hon, can we play with sexy costumes?).  It is so sexy when she moves her hips to help get her panties and PJ bottoms on.  Such a sexy site to watch.  But I suppose the reason it turns me on so much, when I am super craving to be inside her, is that it is a clear acknowledgment that we are done with sex play and that I am going to bed horny.  It just really hits my submissive buttons.

This morning, I broached the subject about last night's session and she seemed pleased that I was still very horny, and she clearly said that she was "sexually satisfied" from her orgasm last night.  As she was leaving, she said, "Husband, I have a few errands for you".  It turned me on the way she said that, it was not mean but laid out clear expectations.  I will get to it shortly, but I have already started the laundry, emptied the dishwasher (which I loaded the day before) and will probably do some more clean up.  I got her a Starbucks this morning.  It's the Oxytocin from my denial, I suppose.  Horny energy that makes me want to serve her.

*  *  *  *  *

Prior to that, Suzy mentioned that she had a new playmate in mind.  I really enjoyed the openness of the conversation.  She told me that she was surprised herself that she is interested in him, since he is the same age as us (we both are turned on by her playing with a younger stud).  She is actively trying to find a time to meet with him, and what really surprised me was how direct she was that she is going to meet him by herself.  I had thought that she wanted me to be there (for protection?  for evidence that she is not cheating behind my back?  not sure really why I thought this, but I did).  Again, assertiveness.  My wife's confidence seems to really be accelerating.  A confident, sexy wife makes for a very happy husband.  I love you sweetie!! I realize this is a bit unorthodox, but it is working for us, and I am really enjoying the journey.



  1. I really love your blog and how adventurous you both are. My primary fear about diving into this lifestyle is the thought of her liking her stud a little too much and deciding a subby hubby is not what she wants.
    Everyones journey is their own but what about your relationship makes you feel so safe in her lifelong loyalty? I can admit that I am naturally an insecure person, so maybe that's all it boils down to for me.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. That is a key point, and I think my wife was concerned about that as well. Please realize that getting to this point was a journey of several years. I have read a lot of couples involved in this lifestyle and I agree that communication is very, very important. In a weird twist of fate, I believe our communication has increased exponentially since she has cuckolded me. I really do enjoy hearing about her adventures, and I believe it has increased our intimacy in the fact that we can tell each other anything. My wife used to be really reluctant to talk about sex - she won't even say the word 'sex' in public; I order a "sex on the beach" for her. She's actually much more open to me about it. And for me, her accepting my crazy fantasies/fetishes makes me feel much closer to her.

      I am curious to how Suzy would answer that question.

      I would say that we have too much of a history for her to leave me. Too many inside jokes, funny moments, memory lane type of things. We've agreed that if she feels she is getting "too close" to any playmate, she will talk to me about it and we will reassess.

      Yes, we are on a journey, but it's a very fun one right now!
      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Gotta have that conversation being open! It's so vital to a healthy relationship.

    We hit some speed bumps this past weekend due to some miscommunications but got past them, as we typically do. And we've had more sex in the past couple weeks than I can remember for some time... so hey, communicating must be turning us both on! :)