Saturday, September 5, 2015

Talking about her orgasm, being silent on his denial

We have missed playtimes this week, because work has been stressful for both of us.  She either stays up very late one night or crashes early the next.

She's also on her period.  I am keenly aware of her menstrual cycle (it's tracked on my "orgasm tracker" page).  If it appears that I obsess over this on my blog, it's that she has always been VERY guarded about it and it definitely does affect our sex life, I would even say our relationship.  She has fairly long periods, 6-7 days (I googled and average seems to be ~4).  That ultimately represents ~20% of the time.  She will usually only say things like, "oh, I hate my period", or "shit, I hate heavy flow days".  I view this as a part of human sexuality. It may not be pleasant (I cannot relate at all) but it's a factor we have to deal with in our relationship.

Well, we played Thursday night.  She basically interrupted me when I was giving her foreplay, along the lines of "you know I'm on my period, right?".  Yes, my Queen, I am keenly aware.  If you weren't my head would be between your legs (OMG, I crave eating her out right now!)!

The fact of the matter is, she comes nicely with the Hitachi through her pad.  I have read, and believe I have anecdotal evidence myself, that the discomfort of a period - and even it's duration - is lessened through orgasm.  I'd like to do an experiment that she comes each and every day just to collect some scientific evidence for that.

In any case, I completed my foreplay while I was fully nude and she was fully clothed (ah, my CFNM fetish!).  She felt my erection against her during the kissing phase, and made some comment about it (the backstory is that just before her period started, the last time we had played, she deliberately denied me penetration by saying, "you will just have to deal with another week without my pussy".  I LOVE this woman!).  I asked her if it was time for her orgasm, and she said yes.  I got the Hitachi out and put it on full power and placed it over her clit.  She matter-of-factly said, "move it a little to my left" and when I did, the sensations overpowered her, it was like a "pleasure jolt".  It was obvious her orgasm would come soon.  She said she wanted "to hold onto something" and I moved so she had access to my genitals.  She grabbed my balls, and squeezed then quite tightly.  During her orgasm, the pain was intense, but I just "took it like a man".  She made a comment that I didn't moan and I told her I didn't want to interrupt her orgasm.

I had produced a significant amount of pre-come, which she "complained" about.  I got something to wipe it off my cock with, and she was like, "hey, I need to clean it off my hand".  Sometimes I can be thick.  In any case, we simply went to bed together, and there was no mention of an orgasm for me.

Silly husband, sex is for the wife's pleasure.

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  1. But then, the husband doesn't need an orgasm to have pleasure and satisfaction when the wife is happy.