Saturday, August 1, 2015

Experiencing her orgasm with all 5 senses

On the last night before Suzy's trip, we had a brief bit of "adult time" in our kitchen, where we could take in a non-whispered voice.

Suzy: So, you gonna lock up tonight?
Me: Yes!
Suzy: Good.
Me: Can I go down on you again?  Back-to-back nights of cunnilingus?
Suzy: Who am I to deny you that pleasure?

Wow.  Suzy is obviously comfortable with her orgasms as being the object of my sexual pleasure.  Very hot!

To put it into context, at that point, my last orgasm was the previous Friday night, so it was over a week since my last orgasm.  This was the night before Suzy went on a trip, and I wouldn't see her for about another week.  Suzy is likely to start her period the day she gets back, so I probably won't get her pussy for three full weeks.

And yes, I am locked in a male chastity device.

*  *  *  *  *

But she chose for me to pleasure her another way that night, and it was super HOT.

We were doing pillow talk and she said that she wanted me to finger her.  Usually when i finger her, we are side-by-side and sometimes my arm knocks her left boob.  This time, I positioned myself perpendicular to her crotch and began fingering her with my right hand.  I had to tease her to get her wet and then I was thinking, why not use my left hand in her pussy?  That seemed to add a lot to her arousal level.  I would have liked to have stroked her G-spot but did not think that I could simultaneously finger her clit and pussy at the same time.  So, I simply penetrated her pussy and left my left finger inside.

That's what was surprising.  During her orgasm, her pussy strongly clenched my penetrating finger in a series of contractions.  I have felt this before, but not quite in this way.  I am interested in how the male and female sexual responses are highly analogous, and essentially her rhythmic contractions are analogous to the pulsation that occurs during a male ejaculation.  I suppose that this is one reason why (if she wants) we have a good success at simultaneous orgasm.  When she climaxes, her pussy grips my cock, further stimulating me to climax.

To close the loop on the title of my post, it was really nice to experience her orgasm from a different angle.  In this case, I didn't taste her (that was the night before) but I saw, heard, felt, and smelled her raw sexuality.  I always watch her come, but this was from an entirely new angle - I was watching her pussy and actually saw the contractions of her orgasm.  It is amazing to me that after having sex with my Queen for 20+ years, there are still entirely new avenues to explore.  Onward to set sail on these discoveries!