Thursday, July 23, 2015

The good, the bad, the ugly

The events of the past week have been pretty breathtaking.  My Queen was very much aware of my posting, and seemed interested to read my perspective on the whole thing, but I doubt she has.  We have actually had a pretty busy summer lined up.  So, for now, I'd like to reflect on:

The Good
I am no less excited after her "tryst".  BTW, she usually refers to him as her "friend", please note the italics.  I know exactly who she is speaking of when she uses that tone.  When we are alone, she will be a little saucier and say, "my lover".  During penetration a few nights ago, as I was about ready to come, we were looking into each other's eyes, and I was thinking, this is a sensual woman that enjoys sex.  The thought that she has a bit more sexual self awareness, a bit more refinement in knowing what pleasures her sexually, crept in my mind.  I quickly ejaculated after that thought.

I enjoy the teasing.  She basically said to me that she was thinking of every Monday being "sex with her friend" day (alas, see below - "The Bad").

When I think of her being interested in other men, I get excited.  I am a middle aged man, and need a bit more attention to get aroused sometimes.  But no joke, I was busy at work, pretty focused.  On my way to take a leak - maybe 30 yards - I started thinking of her playing with her friend.  I was erect by the time I got to the urinal.

The Bad
She is having "boyfriend problems".  That really sounds weird to say.  During our pillow talk, she will lament that once they had sex, he stopped "pursuing" her.  She seriously seemed agitated.  They hooked up again, and it seemed like she enjoyed it.  She wanted to go for a third "playdate" before our recent trip, but it didn't work out.  He is having some personal issues, and thus was not interested in sex.  Weird, because I am always interested in sex.  Barring a death in the family, a 9-11 style tragedy, or some other truly earth-shatteringly bad event, I am open to sex play.  At any rate, she is pretty open to saying, "what do you think I should do"?

The Ugly
Well, she rescheduled play date #3 for this Monday but he "flaked".  Wife was seriously mad.  I was very tired from our travels, and so I went to bed early Monday, with the knowledge that my wife was going to be having sex with her friend (I had to take a sleeping pill!).  She told me her friend had flaked and she was pissed.  I mean really mad.  So that's the ugly part.

We have not had a lot of time to communicate about this.  My Queen in general is not that forgiving for things like this.  My suspicion is that they had some sort of "fight" and she's probably not going to approach him again right away.

*  *  *  *  *
This may be the end of "hotwifing", or we may resume it again.  I suppose I'm OK either way, as long as we follow our "rules".

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  1. He may have lost interest in the hunt after catching the prey.

    I'm like you, always interested, but I have another cause to add. I can't get an erection when I have a fever.