Sunday, July 26, 2015

Dining at the Y, Hubby Going into Lockdown

Last night, I was "cock blocked" because we had a guest downstairs.  We hadn't been intimate in about a week (life getting in the way and all) and I was not going to be denied with some intimacy last night (but do read on...).  Suzy was wearing her day to day PJs (which I bought her, they are a unique combo of sexy for me, but warm for her).  She noticed I had the door locked and smugly said, "no sex tonight because of the guest downstairs".

I get her on this.  This is actually how we stumbled onto male orgasm denial in the first place.  Our bed can be loud, and she is very conservative around stuff like that.  But I really had a craving to go down on her.

She would probably never admit it, but I could tell she was horny too.  She was very open to foreplay, and enjoyed it when I sucked her nipple.  There isn't a lot of noise during cunnilingus, except for her orgasm itself, which she can stifle when she wants.

So, I took her bottoms off, and went down on her.  It was great.  I really do feel that "dining at the Y" (my favorite euphemism for cunnilingus by the way) is the best way I can make love to her.  I don't last that long during intercourse, even though we both enjoy that.  But, I like being able to truly make love to her and I feel that I do that in a very loving, intimate way when I perform cunnilingus on her.  She was a lot more verbal with moans during the time prior to engaging her clit.  If I've learned anything about how to increase her to enjoyment of oral sex, it's Rule #1: DON'T GO STRAIGHT TO THE CLITORIS.

She climaxed.  My "success rate" for orally bringing her to orgasm has improved a lot as a result of obeying Rule #1, in combination with Rule #2, MAINTAIN A CONSTANT PACE WITH YOUR TONGUE; my big mistake was that as she approaches her orgasm, I get excited and involuntarily speed up the pace.  She does NOT like that!

Her orgasm was strangely muted.  I guess she did not want anyone to know about the pleasure she experienced, LOL.

She apologized repeatedly for how much "work" it took, etc.  I love it, though.  My worst day eating her out is still better than my best day at work, lol.  During the session, she subtly undulated her hips into my mouth, which was really erotic for me.  I put her clothes back on, as she decided that there was no release for me, and we talked a bit about sex, and then we went to bed.

*  *  *  *  *
Well, I skipped over an important part.  So, I haven't come myself in about a week.  She is going on a trip and will be gone another week.  She told me I'd have to wait until she returns before I can orgasm.  Then, she said that she wanted me to lock up in my chastity device, so that she knows that I will have "behaved myself".  It's been a while since I've been locked, and it will be about a week in solitary for me.

Her acceptance of my kinks has really made me feel closer to her.  I love this woman!


  1. I would like to say that I really have enjoyed this blog over the last 5 years. These last several posts are exciting to read. First you write about her having a hall pass and now you're going back in the cage. My wife and I are real close to starting up again and blogs like this are an inspiration. Thanks for sharing these stories.

  2. Nothing better than a long session of cunnilingus…enjoyed one of those last night!