Sunday, June 21, 2015

Things are getting VERY interesting!

I described how Suzy denied me in my last blog post, and she suggested not letting me have release until Father's Day.

Since then, we have had two sessions and no release for me.  I fingered her to orgasm one session and performed cunnilingus on her last night.  Both of her orgasms were spectacular.  I haven't been real great at keeping up with the orgasm tracker, but since her period was over a week or two ago, we had intercourse once where we both climaxed and then three straight sessions where she climaxed but I did not.  She "edged" me last night after I was done "dining at the Y" and she said that it wasn't time for me yet.

Well, a fair amount has been happening around a long held fantasy of mine.  I am actually still processing some of what's happened, but it's all VERY good, and we are both enjoying ourselves.

To set some sort of context, though, I should clear the air out a bit.

I started blogging in order to process my own fantasies, but more importantly as a communication mechanism for Suzy.  I think it served its purpose for a while.

Long story short, my blogging got to be a source of friction.  She told me to stop.  I did for some time, and you can see a several month gap in my post history.

HOWEVER, we still were enjoying femdom sex play during this time.  She still seemed turned on by asking, "when was your last orgasm" in a teasing way (believe me, this turned me on a lot too!).  So, the only place where it seemed reasonable to keep track was in this blog.  So, I did.

In the mean time, I would check out some fellow bloggers and enjoyed the "camaraderie" of other femdom couples.

I broke the silence and began rattling off a few posts - because I was so excited at what we were doing in our sex lives that I wanted to document it.  I enjoy getting feedback from others.  I enjoy writing about our sex life.  Suzy saw that I had still been posting and didn't seem super happy about it.

Up until the very recent past, we struggled with communication.  Things shifted a lot on that front, and when I have time, I will set that up.

Please stay tuned... things are about to get really interesting in our bedroom!  If you read this Suzy, I love you so much!  I wouldn't want to go on this journey with anyone else!  LOVE!


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