Sunday, June 21, 2015

"Freedom for me, Captivity for you! I like that!"

I looked through "cuckolding" tag on my blog, and it appears I've been actively discussing this fantasy for at least 3 years.  I distinctly remember an early conversation we had around it (it was at LL's favorite restaurant, Suzy).  She had a hard time wrapping her head around it.  Suzy was clear from the outset of our dating that cheating on her was an automatic, no questions asked, end to the relationship.  So, me being OK with her "playing" with another man, even encouraging it, was something totally foreign to her.

We dipped our toes in the waters.  Suzy created a Craigslist ad.  There were three "suitors" that she pursued.  Guy #1 chickened out on the way to our meeting him.  Guy #2 was very interested, had the advantage that he didn't know a lot of people in the area (helpful for privacy reasons) but he also chickened out at the last minute.  Suzy had been sexting with him and seemed very excited and she was pretty upset about that one.  We actually met Guy #3 for drinks, but he was a no-go from the get-go.

I guess we kinda gave up on the idea.  My fantasies of her being a "hotwife" certainly never went away.  While we were hunting for a playmate, Suzy seemed very interested, but I think that she was put off by the difficulty in finding a suitable playmate.  She would occasionally tease me about it, and I would say the closest we ever came to this was her going out of her way to tell me she thought a guy was "hot" (she sometimes seemed so excited about a stud that she was uncomfortable - kept staring at him, seemed nervous, etc.), and the time that I used a dildo on her with the Hitachi, and literally seeing a phallus "fuck" her (wow, that was very hot to watch her pussy lips move to accommodate the "cock"!).

There is a bit of a backstory to this, but I'm not sure that it is worth going into ("it's complicated", as they say).  Suffice it to say that Suzy had become close to a male that I will describe as a "coworker".  I could tell that they were texting A LOT.  During an argument, she mentioned that she "was thinking" about having an affair.  I had very mixed feelings around this.  Was she just saying that?  Why would she have an affair when I told her that she can have sex as long as she is open to me about it?  But I also found myself turned on by this.  

After stewing on this for a while, I asked her if she had had an affair.  She said no, but someone had approached her about it.  It was "on the table" so to speak.  We had some issues to work through, but to be honest, I was still very turned on by this.  My wife is obviously married.  This guy was obviously pursuing a married woman.

I think it would take a few posts to explain WHY this turns me on.  But in light of these events, my prevailing thought was: a) Suzy's self esteem seems awfully high (and really, what's wrong with that?); b) I found my self esteem to be improving (yes, I do have a HOT WIFE that someone other than me lusts after.

So after we cleared up the issue around her having an affair.... Suzy brings up the hotwifing/cuckolding thing to me.  Instant boner!  She said, "would you really be ok with me playing with another man?"  I was pretty shocked.  I said that yes I am.

As this post is no running long, I will end it there.  We have talked a lot about this.  We have some ground rules, and she actually does have a date set to meet with him.  And it's soon!

*  *  *  *  *

One last word: Suzy did say something along the lines of this post's title.  She was giddy about this crazy double standard that turns me on so much: that I remain monogamous to her, but she can play.  I think she might have said "prison" or something like that, but I didn't want to confuse my readers, since she was not (in that moment) referring to me being locked in chastity, but rather the "double standard".  


  1. Wow, just be careful my friend. That's a bell that can't be unrung. Still hot to think about though.

  2. If you are going online to find partners, let me suggest SwingLifeStyle (SLS). There you will find plenty of people with experience, and you can set your account to accept messages from single males only. (Single in that they are not bringing a partner.) Also, through SLS you can join swing clubs. Find a club that allows single males (some do so but only on certain nights.) Nothing works better for finding suitable partners than meeting them in a club.

    Good luck!

  3. Good luck on your journey in the cuckold lifestyle. Let us know how it works out.


  4. How exciting for you to finally turn your fantasy into a reality! I can completely understand the hesitation with pursuing it further after the dud craig's list guys, even if you already have a loving partner, rejection is not a nice feeling.

    With the new guy, good to hear you've discussed it and set your ground rules. As long as he knows she's not actually going to leave you for him (trust me it happens...) It sounds like you're on your way to getting well and truly cucked! Have fun! :)