Thursday, June 18, 2015

Access Denied

We've both had hot and heavy issues at work, so our bedroom has not been hot and heavy.  But we both had some milestones completed, so we had some time to play last night.  Suzy was being very flirty with me, so I figured we would play.

I haven't done a great job of keeping up with my orgasm tracker.  She gave me an incredible CBT handjob that resulted in a fantastic (and very messy) orgasm for me during her period.  She has done this before, where she edged me and then increases the pain applied to my balls to the point where I really want to come just to avoid the pain applied down there.  If you are at all interested in CBT, I recommend you try this, as it is an intense experience for a masochistic sub male.  I really don't know how she stimulates my cock and tortures my balls at the same time with one hand.

After her monthly visitor left, she did allow penetration.  In fact, my Queen has been strongly preferring PIV (penis in vagina) sex to get off.  I think she would prefer me to hold off on orgasming, but I don't have the endurance, especially with the verbal teasing she does (the soft moans, and how she "demands" that my penetration be a certain speed... so hot when she tells me how to fuck her).  However, we have been pretty consistently coming at the same time, which is something she really does enjoy - it's a very intimate experience.  I guess when she starts to come, I get more and more excited and I thrust harder.  At that point, pretty much everything is involuntary - purely instinctual/animalistic.

So she was "in the mood" last night.  She was showing me some skin and I was nude giving her foreplay.  I love it when she assertively tells me, "I need an orgasm".  She did not want oral sex, she wanted to come right then.  I was rock hard and figured she wanted to come with me inside her again. She did not open her legs for me, which I figured meant I would be denied.

I scrambled for the Hitachi (it was twisted around something, and I knew I was "on the clock" to get her off) and I pulled her PJ bottoms down and fingered her pussy with the Hitachi on her clit.  I was a bit surprised how long it took her to come, but it was well worth it.  It sure seemed like it was one of the longest orgasms she'd had.  She LOVED my fingering, and said she had a wonderful climax.

I gave it a good try to get inside of her.  I was rock hard, her pussy was wet and ready for me, but she simply didn't want me to come.  Whether it was to avoid my post orgasm hangover, to show that she's in charge, or she simply was tired and wanted to go to bed or not deal with my mess... not really sure why.  But as a submissive male, I respect her decision and helped her put her PJs on, then dutifully cuddled her as she went to bed.

She implied that I wouldn't come until Father's day.  And since her workload has been lessened, it seems plausible that we will be playing more between now and then.  My guess is she will be having a lot of orgasms between now and Sunday.


  1. I kind of like the "no cumming till Father's Day" idea.

    Hello, LTS, how have you been? I need to start coming over to this blog of yours and do some reading. You provide a very valuable perspective that is not common for blogs in this subject matter.

    Where is a good place to learn about CBT? I don't want to do any real "torture," but I could make good use out of some scary discomfort.

  2. I can certainly relate to many things here. My wife really enjoys my willing service to her when I am kept on a higher level of arousal, unspoiled by any male orgasm. I encourage her to have as many orgasms as possible and I particularly enjoy when she is receiving her pleasure while I am suffering pain or at least tease and denial. The last time she had an orgasm with the Hitachi she told me to stroke myself and pull hard on my balls. Then she finished up while she had me cane myself.
    She does enjoy piv sex, but I struggle so to not come during this while trying to provide her a good fucking.
    No orgasm till father's day is a given. She asked me this morning how long it has been for me. I know at least two weeks, which I told her I considered a minimum time. She said she thinks that she might let me come for her birthday, July 29, "maybe".