Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Lusting after my wife

The aftermath of the prior session in which she let me in her pussy but denied me orgasm was that I had very strong erections during our evening/morning cuddle sessions.  During my commute to work I had near constant erections with accompanying wetness from the pre-come.  I have had this level of desire for her before, but like 20 years ago.  I am now a fully middle aged male and do not get the kind of spontaneous erections that I did as a younger man.

My Queen was gone for a couple of days this week, and that made the desire for her even stronger.  I don't know if other men do this, but I could practically feel the testosterone flowing through my veins.  My beard seemed to be growing stronger.  I needed her.  She sent me a photo of her and I wanted to jack off to it (but of course I didn't).

During our time away from each other, I "suggested" wearing the chastity cage but she did not go for that.  I guess it was an example of "topping from the bottom" and I should not have brought it up.

She told me after the fact that she wasn't really horny when she came into the bedroom (remember, she's the one that's getting the orgasms!), but that I did a good job with foreplay and after a few minutes of kissing and caressing and groping, she said assertively, "I want an orgasm now".  Obviously intrigued with her decision, I asked her how?  Oral?  She said that she wanted my cock in her pussy, but she wasn't ready for me to come just yet, so she told me to use the Hitachi on her clit and finger her.  When prompted like this, a gentlemen must do these sorts of things!

I carefully disrobed her and played with her pussy, then combined my fingering of her wet pussy with the Hitachi on her clitoris.  She came nicely.  She said it was a "short" orgasm and almost seemed disappointed.  We cuddled extensively after that and I had suggested that I get a few strokses inside her, which she did not go for.  I think she realizes that my horniness is such that I won't last long inside her and she clearly wants to delay my orgasm out further.  My guess is that I won't come until maybe next weekend (which would make it about 15 days).

I suppose one of the hottest things about this session was putting her panties and PJ bottoms back on.  There is almost humiliating for me, when you the husband have not had any direct cock stimulation and you are essentially helping the session to be over.  It is an erotic sensation, because you have full knowledge that your marital pussy is not yours to play with for this night.  So I undressed her and she was gleeful that there would be no more orgasms for the night.

The next morning, I got up before her, made her breakfast in bed and I ate by myself downstairs.  My Queen loves breakfast in bed, and I like to make her happy.  I also picked up a Starbucks for her as I was doing errands for the day.  We've had some nice embraces and we've tried to talk about her hotness.  She has mentioned that she'd like my cock in her during her orgasm, but she "doesn't think she can trust me to hold out".  It is very hot to me how she is so possessive of my orgasm right now.

*  *  *  *  *
We had another session since I wrote this, and I did put my cock in her pussy.  I barely made it through, frankly.

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